Oats Studios - God: City

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kmlkmljkl : Funny how he says his own name at the end.

Desert Clockwork Films : Does this mean Oats is making good profit with this? I really hope so. Neill Blomkamp has been my favorite director since 2009 and I wish him and his team to succeed with these projects.

Retrograde Beats : Oats Studios its been so long overdue. Y’all are the best!

I am Perfection : Plot twist, God is the butler with with their memory erased and Lucifer is pretending to be God ordering the real God to do his dirty work.

luKe : Been waiting a LONG time for something new! WOOOHOOO!

Convoluted Concepts : When you get bored in City Skylines

Dangard : I feel like Geoffrey is getting extremely pissed off at God and might do something about it the next time we see them again

petev23 : Now, do one of the Satan, the opposite of God. A kind being who does not kill anyone

Jumpoff theboat : Is god played by Sharlto Copley?

Commander Shepard : Just swept up 134 people, I think I'll have marmalade toast

KKrisist : Wow the graphics on the latest Sim City game look great

De La Tara Vin Si Domnii : Just when i thought this channel is done.

Shareef King Jr : More Zygote please 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

YouTube User : God did 9/11. God melted the steel beams! IT ALL MAKES SENSE!


RedHorseAgenda : I don't blame him. Marmalade on toast is pretty good.

Vincent : This actually makes more sense than the bible

Adrian Seyer : is this Jeffrey a reference to darkmatter2525?

thelastalbumbender : Most accurate depiction of God/Jehovah/Allah.

Max Fer : I mean... what's the punchline? I didn't disliked it nor liked it either.

Usernimi : That's Sharlto Copley right?

Bipedal : That's amazing. I want more of these series. I like how at the end he says "God". Maybe that's just a joke but i think he says it because there is someone higher than him. That's why Geoffrey is so humble and wants to help humans. Because he knows his creator could do the same thing with him.

wrectum terror : Is this the story of Lucifer before he rebels from God?

ghanditw : why did this feel like a repeat?

IceRook : Good but not as good as the first.

chuiv : me playing sim city

Brain Stem Soup : Well God Damn.

anonym : I mean i get it, i just expected something more. Like wouldn't it have been interesting if god goes "Ok, let's skip a few million years" and then the landscape changes to where it's just a huge block of metal. Complete and total efficiency within the space to house the humans, and by this time they have ascended, and they end up getting their own revenge on the god. Or something like that. Or say skip a few hundred thousand years. Or god says skip ahead to their most important moment in the species history, and we seem (not physically the humans themselves as i'd imagine there'd be many shaped and sized humans and many that are like cyborgs) and they ascend reality. God jumps up out of his chair and looks over the land and asks the butler guy where did they go. Then they imprison the god, or mabye the butler suddenly becomes a part of the plan with a line like "i have communicated with the creatures, it seems i am apart of their plan". Or something like that. That's why i'm a bit disappointed, something like that off the top of my head could have potentially been interesting, mabye more interesting than this. This feels a bit pedestrian for the production quality, and especially a short, where the writing and ideas should be high/higher quality. And you have a huge length of time to refine the script/story/characters. Seriously what i said earlier i came up with off the top of my head, and it wouldn't have been so much more expensive or much added time if you incorporated that kind of idea. Plus it would have shown a higher concept kind of plot, and mabye it'd engage people in conversation about the short for a while. Or if you make it longer and more vague mabye there'd be theories. Will people be discussing this short for long?. I think there'll be a post on reddit and it'll have a few short generic comments, mabye a few short replies to those comments. No conversation or debate except mabye disappointment and my type of comment . And most youtube comments are just small comments. And with t being 9 months since the last short. I bet there'll be a lot of disappointment with this. I mean i liked the visuals for the most part. I thought the story was ok, but not that good. And the characters were ok. I could go on for more but i'll just leave it there.

Allan O Castro : DUMB

slaction : These are pretty dumb, go back to the live action stuff.

BigK : If I had a horse, these are the oats that would nourish it.

Greg Brockway : So glad that Oats is still grinding out the good stuff. 741 likes and 30 dislikes, the bible-thumpers are quite upset...great job Oats!

James Brent : Jeffery may be planning to usurp his employer, and take up the mantle of responsibility.

deloreandmc85 : This is how (((they))) manipulate and control our society.

Jonathan Gibson : You been watching Darkmatter2525?

Conor Dyer : this is low effort BS, what are you even doing and why does it take so long to make these?

Luke Feistamel : Wow, that was stupid.

حسين إبن علي : We hope to produce more series of God and Gabriel

citi24 : World dosnt revolve around america. So sad yall r fujed

V for Vegan : hahah I love this!! it's like when we were kids playing with bugs, burning them with a magnifying glass or watching them fight and kill each other with such excitement and curiosity.

The Artist : It's rather strange that we call natural disasters "acts of God" lol. It doesn't exactly reflect well on the big man :P

Jon Scarcetti : The globalist elite act and view themselves as God. They love looking down and controlling the plebs with Left wing lies.

박경채 : I need korean language please I love oats

TERMINATOR-SSD : God is Sharlto Copley :-D

Guy Gai Ma boi : First, hey after 9 months. Second, this is twisted but funny and I love it. I hope they keep making stuff, even if it takes years.

Foxtrot DEVGRU : Me in every simulation game

De La Tara Vin Si Domnii : I could do without the anti-christian propaganda though...

Sakarin Tannoy : When you get bored in Sims City

urkel san : Interesting

B O L T Z : why dont you finish Adam and Gdansk