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Official video for "Die By The Blade" from BEAST IN BLACK's sophomore album, From Hell With Love, out February 8, 2019 via Nuclear Blast. Order: SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: / SUBSCRIBE to BEAST IN BLACK: ORDER ALBUM Nuclear Blast: iTunes: Amazon Music: Google Play: LISTEN ON Apple Music: Spotify: Deezer: Video recordings and editing by Nikos Stavropoulos: Berserk fanart No1 by LazyRemnant: Berserk fanart No2 by DemariDraws: Band photo by Timo Isoaho: Animation & Editing by the Chris ---- LYRICS: In total absence of light we meet again Equal in strength, my nemesis, my only friend Abysmal oceans roar with immortal hate Imbued with blistering rage you will ride the wave Fight until you Die by the blade of the one you hate End of reason, end of the game Die by the blade of the one you love to hate With all your heart Eviscerated soul, maimed sanity All sacrificed to the eclipsed reality The abhorrent beast has revealed its ugly face You can smash all the mirrors but there's only one true escape Fight until you Die by the blade of the one you hate End of reason, end of the game Die by the blade of the one you love to hate With all your heart Gtr solo – Kasperi Fight until you Die by the blade of the one you hate End of reason, end of the game Die by the blade of the one you love to hate With all your heart Fight until you Die by the blade of the one you hate End of reason, end of the game Die by the blade of the one you love to hate With all your heart Spill the vengeful blood Screaming in the dark --- FOLLOW BEAST IN BLACK: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:

Comments from Youtube

Guitar MAX : I can't get enough of this band.

WJxReloaded : Didn't know Kane from Command & Conquer could sing so well! Wow!

Marz Q : This is like Bonnie Tyler - I need a hero, but on a LOT of steroids

Wernher von Kerman : And yet another proof that 80s Synth Pop and Metal may very well sound awesome together if done right.

Alfonse Dente : 1980's movie final boss fight song!

Marcos Vinícius : wow, its just like a disco ACCEPT hahaha

Juanma Ledesma : Griffith did everything wrong. Keep scrolling

류가나 : Starcraft ASL Season 7 Main BGM

Hasan Wake The Dead : I wish Kentarou Miura see this. So that he know that people love his manga so much.

Komi-San Must be protected : *notices Gutts in thumbnail* *notices entire album about Berserk* Best modern metal band ever 12/10 no question

Oliver Koivisto : Se on sitten tätä biisiä Radio Rockissa seuraavat 4 kuukautta..

Donovan Puricelli : Sounds like Judas Priest, Powerwolf, and Primal Fear mixed.

Celtos Antikos : That's the kind of metal I could listen to all day long. I'm waiting for the album.

Warner Hsieh : I really do enjoy how heavy metal combines with catchy synth fusion

TheCrashingbear : Damn I knew Kane from Command and Conquer would do Disco Metal in his freetime. Awesome = )

Дмитрий Филимоненко : Yannis is awesome! I like his voice very much.

TURBOKILL : WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SINGER! And Kasperi rocks hard - great work!

StivenSforh : Guys you need to start bringing keyboard/electronic operator with you on stage for live shows. I enjoyed your live performance but all this playback sounds make it looking incomplete.

Nurse Valentine : Guys, I think the band likes Berserk.

SithEmperetor : Greetings form polish Berserk fans! ^^

Kael : im not a metal fan at all. a friend send me to this... tbh.... this reminds me of the 'glorious' stuff from the old times.

Eduardo Ayerve : does someone is here 'cause to ASL7?

SPower s : Beast in black nearly as many views as the latest inflames song, thats impressive imo

Jan Novak : Would it be too much to ask for a new Beast in Black Album every single year from now on?

Yeah Sure1488 : Makes me feel like i need to go into a barn and exercise.

Colossal Crash : This is actually pretty amazing

Weozet : Beast in Black The Berserk Metal Band

emiliator haclier : A Berserk anime with this group in charge of the ost will be awesome 😎

Jarmo Pettersson : I think I've listen to the first album a million times and I never get bored. And the new album I think will be even better!! Best band in 20 years....🤘

WindRider : Beast in Black vs Battle Beast, - 2019 edition: 1-0!

Miguel Gzz : Its a great band, but have a lot of refference of HEAVENLY (french banda). Do you think like me?

Bára Činčurová : My first association was Does Your Mother Know by ABBA. Such a kickass song though, love it!

Irena Beruashvili : Keep hearing Bon Jovi's "Runaway" in some moments XD

Matthew Pappas : Best band I've heard in a LONG LONG time. Can't stop listening to both albums. Well done guys, keep the amazing tunes coming.

Ronaldo Skyhunter : Holy shit, this guy totally rocks on vocal.

Larion Pucánková : i just saw Casca betrayed by Grifith, its so epic

Lucius Faust : *INSTANT CLICK* BERSERK !!!

Claupier AP : asl season 7 brought me here

Xaniyo : I want a new C&C game

T. Eli Ahrens : I wondered where Battle Beast went after hearing the new single and now listening to this, I have found where it went. :)

Leonardo Andrade : ASL Season 7 brought me here

Dilshaan Ravendran : If Berserk ever gets that Netflix adaptation can we have this song featured? :D

Miguel Gzz : Es una gran banda, pero tiene demasiadas referencias de HEAVENLY. No hay dudas.

Stefan Böcherer : This band is the best🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

Wyldcard666 : This guy has a great Metal voice,brings back some 80's Power Metal vibes to me.

Awesome Metal Bands Official : I love how most of the tracks have an 8-bit game sound to the intros I'm sure not intentional but absolutely fantastic. Totally brilliant exceptionally powerful instrumentals and vocals.

squifurgie : I want to push Griffith's eyes into his skull with my thumbs

Jesse Mulock : That was not the voice I expected from that face *not disappointed*

Michael : The intro song before every Starcraft ASL game in 2019 brought me here.