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Komi-San Must be protected : *notices Gutts in thumbnail* *notices entire album about Berserk* Best modern metal band ever 12/10 no question

Guitar MAX : I can't get enough of this band.

Alfonse Dente : 1980's movie final boss fight song!

Pedro Calmon : ABBA and Judas Priest's long lost love child has been found.

Jan Novak : Would it be too much to ask for a new Beast in Black Album every single year from now on?

Dilshaan Ravendran : If Berserk ever gets that Netflix adaptation can we have this song featured? :D

SPower s : RIP battle beast. They are nothing without Anton imo

WJxReloaded : Didn't know Kane from Command & Conquer could sing so well! Wow!

T. Eli Ahrens : I wondered where Battle Beast went after hearing the new single and now listening to this, I have found where it went. :)

me0metal : Is it me or does Yannis looks a bit like Rob Halford?

광태랑 : Greetings from Korea. For me the only BTS is BeaST in Black.

Only : I am pretty sure that if From Hell With Love does as good as Berserker, Beast in Black is gonna pretty much define modern day Power Metal. They're doing a really great job.

WindRider : Beast in Black vs Battle Beast, - 2019 edition: 1-0!

Tanel0rn : Modern Talking goes Power Metal <3

Anna : Great band+ great vocal= great song. I love these guys❤️ greetings from Poland🤘

Nurse Valentine : Guys, I think the band likes Berserk.

Vladimir Ostojic : I still prefer Blind and Frozen, seems like no new song can beat that one

Tibor Rostás : Happy birthday to me :) The new song is a great gift. Thanks Beast In Black :D

Lucius Faust : *INSTANT CLICK* BERSERK !!!

KaraNoKami : Damn, so Anton really made a whole album about Berserk again. :D Awesome lyrics!!!

Liam Summers : I thought it was going into "Does your mother know?" by ABBA at first!

Kryštof Blacha : G R I F F I T H ! ! !

Oliver Koivisto : Se on sitten tätä biisiä Radio Rockissa seuraavat 4 kuukautta..

SPower s : Beast in black nearly as many views as the latest inflames song, thats impressive imo

FellVoice : Sounds like Lordi influence in there.

Juanma Ledesma : Griffith did everything wrong. Keep scrolling

TURBOKILL : WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SINGER! And Kasperi rocks hard - great work!

WaaDjooNoBoutDa : ASL brought me here , glad i discovered this band !

Donovan Puricelli : Sounds like Judas Priest, Powerwolf, and Primal Fear mixed.

Some Kind of Master : И кто дизлайки ставит? Есть тут вообще олды, которые застали Бонджови?

Jukka Piirainen : Best band this moment👍

Davealf Der Graue : All hails to Guts, the Black Knight! Die hard, Griffith! 😁😎

Marz Q : This is like Bonnie Tyler - I need a hero, but on a LOT of steroids

MaggiWürze : mhh something is missing for me in these 2 new songs. I don't know what exactly, but they sound a bit flat. I hope for a few faster and less cheesy 80s tracks.

Вадим Чумаков : Just imagine him at VOICE's blind audition when he is singing with female timbre. lmao...


Victor Orduña : Grettings from México. I loved the song

Cho TheRedFlash : Greets from Germany! Can't wait to see you live again in March 🤘 Awesome song! Amazing lyrics!

Alessia Masten Official : This song is Metal .. you guys are the new age of Metal

Nosferatu Zodd : Absolute banger as always. The Hype for this album is absolutely real.🤘🤘

GlitterAndMetal : So catchy and so 80s. I love it!

Ronaldo Skyhunter : Holy shit, this guy totally rocks on vocal.

Tim Baker : Anton never disappoints.

Pumpkinhead77 : This singer's brilliant. I love his hand gestures.

Jonas tingström : Amazing. Great vocals. Great riff. Great bridge. Great everything.

Сашка Верхотурцев : Красава Кейн, ебашит как божинька! Куплю альбомчик чтоб поддержать !

Никита Жуков : Да это же просто охуенно!


Pasi PAM Moisio : Proud to be a Finn🤘Creeks and Hungarians you should too😎

Jack Kastor : Ghost + Judas Priest + Early 90's boss battle theme = Beast In Black. Seriously. This is bloody lovely.