Agent Gunn: Vulkanite [Saxxy Awards 2017 :: Best Overall]

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DaFuq!?Boom! : I believe its the best entry ever been given on Saxxy yet. There, you can see tons of new models, additional content, and work on environment (which is outstanding). This is literally looking so well, that i had a feeling of watching SFM made by valve. Respect to you guys, there's no doubt that you're visiting Valve HQ this year.

Ani's Trash Can : Rubber ducky is the best weapon.

VezonZone : I just LOVE the subtle Pulp Fiction reference with the golden glow in the suitcase without actually showing us what's in there

Scarecrow : This is totally, 100% the BEST saxxy entry I have EVER seen!!

ZentageHD : Who else couldn't stop smiling when they saw the TF2 guys

Spudnik : Bruh he made this and I can't even make a decent poster with SFM.

Matheus : This looks like something straight out of "The Incredibles".

Amos : I feel bad for the guy

Indubitably_Taupe : While everyone is just smiling that our 9 favorite mercenaries are in this beautiful entry.No one ever cared about the dog that was trapped inside that safe,and I don’t see the “No pets were harmed during the making of this film”.

Twet Twet : Is it just me or did this remind me of The Incredibles? Actually, all of tf2 now that I think about it, reminds me of The Incredibles.

Haunting Spook : Demo was about to bury him in that soup can


itsthatfox : This is like.... incredibles level animation.. holy shit

kratsa : The ending was kinda sad


Fenris Wolf : Holy shit, literally the best I’ve ever seen, honestly, better than Valve

Windoge 10 : 2:52 He had a gun all this time?

un.X.pected : This us OUTSTANDING! The new models, the action, the idea of the story kinda, it looks like something from valve! And most of all! It looks like its own game! Within tf2! When tf2 does die eventually (yes all games die) this would make a great tf3

HELL SPOON : Another master craft

DrFaceplant : This is some universal studios shit right here, are you sure you aren’t working with a major film company or something?

Sieverts : So there is an Elon Musk Space Program in Team Fortress’s universe too! The resemblance is uncanny!

YoBoiKevo : My brother legit just played with the guy that made this, everybody was killing everybody with golden saxton trophies.

Somedude1343 15 : I kinda feel sorry for him

Mlg pro player 291 : *Sharks with lasers!!!*

Zaktot1357 : So I guess the agent is one of the better mercs hired by Mann Co. Not to say that the nine are bad, quite a contrary actually, but like. This assassin actually uses a silencer on his gun.

Duck Rectum : I love how you Added smoke to his Gun This is animated perfection

Mior Akif Mior Farid : Lol that Oddjob moment was a nice touch

HELL SPOON : 0:48 The music on this part is orgasmic.

Erik Mounier : ;-; i feel so bad for agent Gunn

theGoldenmotion : If I could vote on this more than once, I'd do it faster than a spy stealing a brief ca- oh wait Anyways, excellent use of original models, maps, animation and story telling! I would be *very* angry and disappointed if this didn't get awarded the best overalls a man (or woman) could wear!

Vinicius Brito : RIP Doggo, no one took him out of that little wardrobe

Holy Roman Empire : Am i the only one who noticed that Goldfinger hat-throwing reference?

SmittyManJensen : I thought I was watching a Pixar short for a second

Xaviikinz : This is freaking _amazing_ holy crap.

Ajax Blair : Its beautiful and its ass kicking. 10/10

The African Chap Called Zingwagwa : This and Turbulence are my favorite

Artemiy Karpinskiy : Oh the plot twist! xD

The Hash Slinging Slasher : The fact that they trawled on up in a rental boat is the best thing and very "them." Nice touch.

Noobil : guard dog is confirmed next tf2 class

SpakwiPlayz : THIS IS AWESOME! its the best entry yet! i subbed

Toma : im voting for this 100%

The Pootis Man : My god, this beats end of the line! This has got to win!

Pupper of the Crusade : 1:35 nice "Meet The Sandvich" reference there

Toa from Sibeia : Congrats on victory!

Raisin the Recorder Boy : Is that Commissioner Gordon from Batman?

styloVR : Love the meet the sandvich refrence

Smikke : ive been watching ur videos since 2013 and you have been a part of my childhood, congratulations!. First video i saw from you was "America SFM", keep up the great work!. <3

Vander Salad : Dude I feel so bad for him at the end! Honestly though, absolutely THE best SFM animation I have ever seen on this site.

RuFusTheUnicow : Who would win: A sophisticated spy that has professional training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat and has taken down a villan super power by himself. Vs. A bunch of bad bois.

PiT3rSsSonic : It is a pity for me that this spy made so much, and so TF2 took it so badly. And still a good job bro.