Rockstar, Post Malone ft 21 Savage

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Johnny Dee : My wife and our Little Johnny Dee have started their own channel. Take a look and subscribe. Please help them reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time to get them started with monetization. Thank you for your continued support. --- Johnny Dee

Tech Phase : Johnny i have a request for a track. Please make cover of "MIGOS - Versace"

Savvy Dude : 1:32 wait for it 🔥

thetinygangsta * : Wow! Johnny, great moves. Keep it up! Proud of you.👍

Fable Book : Post Malones lyrics are tough

M 98 : Absolute mad lad

Avalancheofhappiness 402 : He's old, but feels trap, nice

O.D : 1.25x 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

Joshy_Dev : He killed this better than post

SixNine Six : Trap grandpa 🤘🏻

tooshortusername : 1:33 that was tight

One Random guy. : This is what I live for ❤

KDGAMING : Wow dude ur actually good i subbed

Stealthvo : Why is this on my recommended

MasterNupus : Champion

Jack Meagher : Nailed the 21 Savage verse!

Kylie Jenner : I love it 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 better than the original. Can you do Shane Dawson- superhero

Sany Meow : I know you from Pewdiepie. Its so warming that you are feeling better and you do covers. Thumbs up ❤❤

Omnivale : i fucking love this so much and you upload so much that it never ends

n0rmal-iwnl- : TOP 10 ANIME INTRO COVERS


iaN : Gangsterr bruh🤙🏽💵💵💵

Youngbronico : Grandpa gettin lit🔥🔥🔥😂

Gordon Pirie : I think if you released this as a single it would chart higher than the original. Do you take requests over youtube comments Johnny?

Melinda Smith : Thank goodness you're doing better I was so worried!! This is one of my favorite covers yet 💖

KockulHun : So glad you feel better Jhonny

Squeker siege : Such a positive man

Prod.DCCLXXVII : Sippingteainyohood cover? That would be awesome

Michael Potts : 1:57

Josh Huff : Just look at this man he's the best thing you will ever see in your life time

ohkay : When the teacher picks on the kid who cant read to read out loud

Golden Moonlight doge : Try sing the original song while johnny is singing, it is HARD!

Ruck Afella : Idk how this got on my recommend videos but I love it

ElectroAliens : You Are The Best Youtuber I’ve Ever Seen I Really Like Your Smile Tho ;)

megamase : Hey johny dee quick question (please respond) could we be friends?

Andrei_Cruz 99 : Heyy Jonnyy! glad you feel better now!!

Q man : Keep it coming you're vids are awesome

Yoga Rovendi : sounds very good😀

Erik Brunnberg : Legit best cover i have heard, best youtuber man <3

Aca Faca : You destroyed it bro

Kartik Dobhal : Just found out this channel.dude you are awesome

The Almighty Loaf : Meme review incoming

Patrik Oreb : That donkey in the back seems impresed

That one annoying piece of hair on your screen. : Why is this in my recommended list.

Nekan11 : I like your glasses, Johnny!

RaiSx WooPs : Amazing


kostas_v7 : 😂😂😂😂😂

King Salty : Shit fye👌😍

Raquel Silva : Como eu vim parar aqui?