When an item doesn't scan

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j : What are you...

Bravo Charlie : Lmao this is fantastic

DonDon9000 : Lmao the part where she rolls up her sleeves and she suddenly has jacked arms, it plays out like a spongebob joke

Vkmies : Enjoy becoming mildly youtube-famous this year.

Jose Varela : Have not laughed this hard in a while. Thank you.

Amber Rose Siereveld : This one is my fav. That girl makes it from a 9 to 11.

6foottallAardvark : lmao that ending

thedonstandsalone : 4011

Adrian Penchev : This has some Renny vibes. Subbed

SpaceFlye : Gold.

Lê Toàn : Hi reddit. We suck but let's make this guy famous, he's good.

Frydon97 : It really should be free though

Halal Milksheikh : wtf these videos are amazing

scorpn69 : Dude for real.. you about to blow up. Good work, good timing, and characters. I'll be seeing more of you on other social media

Thomas Pham : this is incredible

Zakke A : The arm bit was fantastic!!

Migslayer101 : lmao

el dogenstein : what is that music lol

Jacob Sonatore : Whats the song?

Gerald F : You are great! Keep it up, I subbed.

Devin : You comedy is good. One thing to work on is not crossing the axis of action. Its a cinematography term. Its very important to not cross it because it can confuse the viewer as to where each character is actually standing in relation to another