unappreciated vines i thoroughly enjoy
Abunch of vines for the karma

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rip vine i wish you’d never left


Lochlyn Ramsey : Who says we should kill Tiktok and use its life force to resurrect Vine?

Lauralie : No thank you *AKAKIA.* I hope I look just like _youu~_

Squishy Rock : " *THOES AREN'T WORDS PATRICK* " (6:45)

KaniKat : _i s t h a t a r e a l d o g ?_

Hannah Johnson : Supposed to be asleep and thought watching this was a good idea. I was wrong. At 7:04 I died of laughter and my mom comes in and yells at me. Her and my dad are talking over my punishment. Send help and like. 👍

Super Bad : 6:13 one time, I was walking with some friends at night and there was this Lady walking her dog. I said "Wow, that's a big cat" and she actually aimed her flashlight at it to check 😂😂

Peace & Gratitude : "Hi my name is Chelsea, what's your favorite dinner food " 😂 😂 omg 1:47

Ema Auer : 1:22 is a whole mood and a half for me

Bella Hackett : 4:35 me at school

Luchi H. : 6:52 I forgot how to breathe

Celcvi Xox : 0:35 that laugh though 😂

Fupa Goofa : 7:17 I'll hAvw an omletttttttt

LilPurpp : You better buckle down and do your work or you’ll end up at McDonald’s wE gOiNg To McDoNaLdS iF i DoNt Do My WoRk

zyza : 6:45 fall out boy < 3

0011000100110100 : These vines are Still better than tiktok tbh

DIANE BURSFORD : 7:28 this is a reminder for me to got back to this vine no one approach I repeat no one approach

Suyaiba Samah : Stepmother: Cinderella why do you wanna go to the ball ??? Cinderella: Because stepmother! Ball is life *dance*

catie jule : *my name's ChakaOOFka and my dad knows GOD*

King CAS : james charles when theres a straight guy @5:18

AmyTheSinner7 : *6:45** YESS!!! I actually love him. It took me ages to realise what Patrick actually sang (In an earlier round) 😂✊*

lindsey : 4:59 OH MY GOD ITS SPOCK

Frankiero fangirl : I love the hi I'm Chelsea what's your favorite dinner food.. Idk why

Fraise le King : 3:18 - That song is an absolute masterpiece

Sophie Green : 2:41 whatever that was I want to be apart of it

ShaMaunie : 0:37 BEST MF VINE EVER!!!!😂❤️

426gh0st : Yoooooo “I AM NOT SCARED! I AM NOT A PUSSY!” 😂😂😂😂😂

guega bonsai : “there’s only one race: the human race” **slaps face** “WHaT aBoUT nAScAr?!”

The Cringe Master : 0:58 *beGONE THOT*

Brisky : 3:52 the mockery kills me

Sips Tea : "If u don't do the work you'll end up at McDonalds" "If I don't do my work were going to mcdon*Laughs*" "No-*Laughs*"

-Aesthetic Azy- : 1:58 *We going to McDonald's if I don't do my work?*

Danara De Jong : 6:44 I knew this Vine before I knew Fall Out Boy and you have NO idea how much I laughed when I first heard Sugar We're Going Down lmao

nonverbal•communication : *THOSE AINT WORDS PATRICK*

sad boy : i need the chords for 3:19 lol

v i e n n a h : 6:46 gah dah arh rah

Music Hotspot : There's only 1 race........ The human race WHAT ABOUT NASCAR!

I͙n͙f͙o͙-c͙h͙a͙n͙ : *Welcome to bath and body works*

YeetPotatoCheeks929 : I throughly enjoyed all of these vines


Roy/Rose x Mitsuke : 5:31 this girl knows! PRECH GIRL!!

Caca_ Fangirl : 2:01 the fact that he always laughs at his own jokes is the most wholesome thing. I find it so attractive when people laugh at themselves haha.

Emo Wannabe : 1:47

zeinawali shaheera : Yall don't mind me this is just a reminder to myself just in case I come back to this video cuz I have a habit of remembering vines in the middle of my day and re-watch all the vine compilations to try and find the one that I quoted all of a sudden lol then I fall into the black hole of videos on YouTube: *Zeina you've already watched this vine compilation go and study for the Chem final you have on Tuesday*

muffinette! gaming : 5:43 ....mines Vegeta... *I guess ya can't trust meh!*

Ally J : 3:39 is a mood 5:24 is so funny oml 😂😂(it’s also really offensive but still.)

Timi : *hi my name is Chelsey, whats ur favourite dinner food?*

Max Crossman : Was anybody else extremely excited when Fall Out Boy was mentioned? (6:44) Edit: I totally *didn’t* like my own comment 😂

Jason Knapp : "Hi my names chelsea whats your favourite dinner food?"

Wladilson Martins : 00:37 "Go away Tate" "You're all I want. You're all I have." "Awayyyyyy" "Aaajajdjjejwkwjwjs"