unappreciated vines i thoroughly enjoy

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good night moon : *that's tourette's*

tragic : 2:49 Serial killer be like:

Music Hotspot : There's only 1 race........ The human race WHAT ABOUT NASCAR!

catie jule : *my name's ChakaOOFka and my dad knows GOD*

Škÿłā IIV : You better buckle down and do your work or you’ll end up at McDonald’s wE gOiNg To McDoNaLdS iF i DoNt Do My WoRk

Starchelle : 1:07 welcome to _bath_ and *Body* works

Timi : *hi my name is Chelsey, whats ur favourite dinner food?*

D a n i i : *Dude, why is that guy so good at bowling..?*

idek : *is that a real dog*

Emily swan : Because stepmother, ball is life. *dances randomly*

Blue Sir : 2:42 I wish that was how it was during my family dinners

killjoy ARMY : *were going down down* *INAEARLIERROUND* *Patrick those arent wOrds*

Tokosho sox none : 1:47

Kaiya Thomas : 1:12 when my parents try to walk in my room

LochNess 64 : I can't believe there's vines out there I still haven't seen! 6:45 fucking killed me!

Lili Becerra : “My urine is purple”😂😂😂😂

mama thiccy : *bEeP BeEp bOoP mOtHeRfUcKeR*

Marlene Moreno : 7:04 omg is he okay😂😂😂😂😂

Silent Psycho .ExE._. : 1:37 that guy is so stoned

Caca_ Fangirl : 2:01 the fact that he always laughs at his own jokes is the most wholesome thing. I find it so attractive when people laugh at themselves haha.

IVoRy : 4:29 my favorite lmao 😂

andrea : 5:05 i have so many questions

Aggravated Weeb : *t h e r e s t h o t s e v e r y w h e r e*

Super Bad : 6:13 one time, I was walking with some friends at night and there was this Lady walking her dog. I said "Wow, that's a big cat" and she actually aimed her flashlight at it to check 😂😂

aw biscuits : *whats your favorite dinner food*

•dia• : *sHes G0NnA bE vApiNG fOr tWo fRoM nOw oN*

Generic[] Youtuber[]69 : This is true though 5:43

Lochlyn Ramsey : Who says we should kill Tiktok and use its life force to resurrect Vine?

Squishy Rock : " *THOES AREN'T WORDS PATRICK* " (6:45)

Thunder 9501 : What about NASCAR?

Suyaiba Samah : Stepmother: Cinderella why do you wanna go to the ball ??? Cinderella: Because stepmother! Ball is life *dance*

Kara Frierson : were going down down INAERLIAROUND THOSE ARENT WORDS PATRICK

Dior Lee : 0:35 that laugh though 😂

LaviiLuvii/Stee : 0:25 As a massive Sonic fan, I can now officially say that this is my favourite vine. All others are inferior.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : 0:56 *B E G O N E T H O T*

Little Skyy : tHey"Ll TRy tO tELL yUo hE's NOt REAL.

Sheep :\/ : 3:13 I thought it was a banana 🍌

hizy : *that's tourettes*

quackwuars warz : My names shafaoofkaand my dads knows God. I done out er😂😂😂😂😂😂


dank_ dance : 6:08 the guy on the right kinda looks like finn wolfhard but i’m an uncultured swine so someone correct me

crankthatfrankandemo trash : I love the hi I'm Chelsea what's your favorite dinner food.. Idk why

DIANE BURSFORD : 7:28 this is a reminder for me to got back to this vine no one approach I repeat no one approach

426gh0st : Yoooooo “I AM NOT SCARED! I AM NOT A PUSSY!” 😂😂😂😂😂

Starchelle : 2:42 Ah _AHHHHHHHHh_ *_aaaAAAAAAAAAH_* -Uh-

TactilePvP : These vines are Still better than tiktok tbh

Hannah Johnson : Supposed to be asleep and thought watching this was a good idea. I was wrong. At 7:04 I died of laughter and my mom comes in and yells at me. Her and my dad are talking over my punishment. Send help and like. 👍

James Firth : 1:28 so relatable

karlee coverdell : Naruto is not an anime it is art!😂

good night moon : sAY SOY!!!!