Mortal kombat Acapella

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fineos : I want him and his 3 clones to sing at my wedding

Depression Session : This is the content YouTube was made for.

VMiguel Gonzales : The quality content we NEED and DESERVE.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : In a sea of late night talk shows, I'm glad stuff like this still exists.

FromHyrule : Can you make an Africa by Toto cover? Asking for a friend.

Elzeta : *The next Backstreet Boys*

Wholesome Lad : Fake you have 3 identical brothers

Kim Jong Un : Ladies and gentlemen what you are witnessing is something few see in there lifetime. This man has reached the final form of pure alpha

Mcmilleee : Why isn’t he on the Ellen Show yet?

Pyro Is A Nazi : I wonder how his mum managed to afford 4 headsets for her quadruplets

Mari Panditas : Do darude- sandstorm please please please

sugarmilk : god has entered the server

TΛBBY : *_t e s t y o u r m i g h t_*

Dank Matter : Petition to make this the default Mortal Kombat music

Chris Compositions : Okay. Who disliked? This is gold.

rad! : I want this kid's level of confidence.

Capitão JOOJ : Holy shit...this is actually really good 🤔

MaysikGames : Тоже ищешь русские комменты?

Principal Skinner : Wait... this isn't the original version?

Level 100 Luxtra : Dududududududududuudud Ksssksssksssksssksssksss MORTAL KOMBAT DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU

Ally • : **Opening Mortal Kombat XI**

Real Craig : Please be at my grave Bring your clones to!

Filthy Fuze : If you don’t enjoy watching this there is something wrong with you

Yoshimaniac : Underrated stuff

Dr. Royalty : God this is cute af. lol

Hunted Client : Watching this for the last 9 months straight. No regret, i still love it

Mava Greek : левый нижний явно халтурит.

Marcos Janderson : 0:45 the best part is the "Pororom pom pom" at the fourth square

JTsuits : Mankind has officially peaked

FriedChicken44 : Do you do weddings I neeeed to know

Никита Шустинский : Шикарно

Otis Ranz : Do you do funerals or weddings


Die FooL : Ааааа)

Бодя : Блин, реально круто 😂

Bread With Toast : Quality Content.


69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Now this is content

zimny_ kokos : Go opentało XD

•_• : I offer you a cheseburger if u sing me a song

Awesome Gaming : Research shows this is the creation the human mind makes before it dies. Could this be god himself?

polski noobek : Jakiego on musi mieć kutasa może 50cm o_O

LeeTheNPC : Truly a god amongst men.

ASDF 1 11 : Why isn’t this in the music category? Seriously, if this kid brings this into the studio it’ll go to number one.

Eyewack : my four braincells while 1v1ing my friend

YouRvzn : this makes me a little bit Angry idk why ..

not Empty : AMAZING

leetlebob : 0:28 that beat drop...

Adryan MDGM : Now i know why black pink made song du-ddu-du-ddu :v

Hyper : Mortal Kombat 11 Theme sounds good