Mortal kombat Acapella

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FromHyrule : Can you make an Africa by Toto cover? Asking for a friend.

Dank Matter : Petition to make this the default Mortal Kombat music

xBreadBoi _ : This is art lads.

Thatcher Himself : Even tho its a bit cringey, this is wonderfull and pretty well made cool!

CenTz : very cool

Yoshimaniac : Underrated stuff

Nico Marquez15 : How can someone dislike this piece of art??

Yuki Terumi : Dang kid leave some roblox gfs for the rest of us.

Radic Tyle : I pay internet only for this....and i dont regret it

Rleetz ! : *Ks ks ks ks ks ks ksssss*

LeeTheNPC : Truly a god amongst men.

Speedy : I think this is the kid who called me the N word on Xbox

Radic Tyle : FATALITY

Cody S : Leaked footage of Mortal Kombat 11 Soundtrack.

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Now this is content

daniel wks : 0:34💦

Adrian Nader : *high pitched voice* MORTAL COMBAT

party quackas : *Honey? My Hostess donuts are singing*

strawberry cream . : you have 1:01 minutes left to live.. me

JTsuits : Mankind has officially peaked

KINGVIPPER TK : Ladies and Gentleman............ Now THIS is MUSIC

AlaxH : To all of you who think this generation is screwed, watch this and think again.

Sander Paize : Why would you dislike

Joshua Helton : du du du du du... MORTAL COMBAT (duing intensifies) DU DU DU DU DU DU DU

Principal Skinner : Wait... this isn't the original version?

Nicole Bourlier : Me home alone

Steven Saltos : This is god in his purest form

PeterTheDeath : O_O nice to know that humanity has learned to go backwards

Leighton Petty : I love this more than I can describe

TheRealSullyG : Ladies and gentlemen, my next cover.

Kingpin : A R T

ApesixGod 9x16 : Who also cringed so hard

joseph james : Thank you YouTube.

Haziq Wan : This is one of those things that are so bad, it becomes very good.

Asap Animation : Du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du

Cornflake Comando : Did you eat everyone from the franchise?

Jai Brown : And the world has given up on its self

XXX Exodus : Here before *1 milli*

LaffinHyena : The reason I live

Chainbrain : Keep at it man!

CrustyyBoi : He hasn’t even begun to peak

joke stars : Rip my brain

That Oak : Who else noticed the cheeto dust on his lips?

IM-ICON : What thare hell did I just watch

Paranormally Correct : Lol this kid is adorable.

Duglet Gaming : is that.. is that a a living meatball?

Ferdia O Nunain : If you turn your sound right up at 0:30 you can hear a baby laughing!!

Novern Flare : Do do do do do-do do do do do kill me do do do do do-do end my life plz

goku yt : El niño con sida

_ Dojo _ : please do more :)