Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire (from The Battle Of Mexico City)

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YoshCNS : If you are a Trump supporter and you are a fan of RATM you clearly have missed the point of pretty much everything they stand for.

Mitch Lake : Michael Moore directed this video, he threw in the Trump for President sign (1:03) because he thought it was the most ridiculous and over the top thing he could think of...

Al Wallace : How this video has only 20M views compared to the 813M for Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" is beyond me. I'm terrified for the future generations.

Sharko J : Zack de la Rocha for president, make America rage again

BlackSympathy98 : 1:03 "Donald J. Trump for President"....*15 years later*

Jeff Albertson : Tom Morello is the best.

Matthew Kagan : I am 35 now. But every time I listen to Rage Against the Machine I remember what it is like to be young, angry, and full of energy.

EricOn2Wheels : For those asking about the legitimacy of the video, from Wikipedia, found with a 5 second Google search: The shoot for the music video on January 26, 2000, caused the doors of the New York Stock Exchange to be closed. The production had attracted several hundred people, according to a representative for the city’s Deputy Commissioner for Public Information. New York City's film office does not allow weekday film shoots on Wall Street. Moore had permission to use the steps of Federal Hall National Memorial but did not have a permit to shoot on the sidewalk or the street, nor did he have a loud-noise permit or the proper parking permits. "Michael basically gave us one directorial instruction, 'No matter what happens, don't stop playing,'" Tom Morello recalls. When the band left the steps, NYPD apprehended Moore and led him away. Moore yelled to the band, "Take the New York Stock Exchange!" In an interview with the Socialist Worker, Morello said he and scores of others ran into the Stock Exchange. "About two hundred of us got through the first set of doors, but our charge was stopped when the Stock Exchange's titanium riot doors came crashing down." "We decided to shoot this video in the belly of the beast", said Moore, who was detained by police for an hour and threatened with arrest during the shooting of the video, as Moore had a permit to film on the steps of City Hall but not in the surrounding street. The band was escorted from the site by security, after band members attempted to gain entry into the Exchange.

thatoneguyfromNH : 1:04 we were warned , why didnt we listen?

Bornagain Pagan : I am the Nina ... the Pinta ... the Santa ... Maria The noose and the rapist, the fields overseer The agents of orange, the priests of Hiroshima The cost of my desire to sleep now in the fire

Kirk Boo : Can we all just admit this all happens whether Democrats or Republicans have control? It's not a one sided issue, and if you do you're crazy.

FindYourWay Chucky : Telling these guys is forbidden to play somewhere is more like an invitation than forbiding it

smokabababylon : More than 20 years have passed, and nothing have changed. It only got worse.

BaconAnddEggs : can we just all agree this is a good music video

SUCCY SUCCY : This is a band we need right now

Ho Lee Fuk : Rage against the machine vevo? Isn't that completely against the point?

JACQUELYN KISZEWSKI : Directed by Michael Moore and filmed on Wall Street.  Miss them...

rob ganley : can't we all just sacrifice 1 day to get Rage Against The Machine back together again?

Sarah Riedel : "A BAAAAAAND, called...'the Machine Rages On,' is anti-family, and it's pro-terrorist'" 😂😂😂

Dan : Liberal: "We can only hope to change through teeny-tiny reforms because revolution just isn't possible." Leftist: "A revolutionary rock band was told they couldn't play in NYC, but they played anyways...and then they shut down the NYSE."

Без СМС и Регистрации : Workers all over the world strive for a life without war, exploitation, inequality, and poverty. They strive to build a bright future based on democracy, peace, justice, equality, cooperation!

Rachel Moon : 1:04 Oh my god, they predicted the future.

vjohn2000 : Bandera Argentina 0:33

Melchi Zedeq : Donald Trump president....HA!....dat will never happen....but let´s put it in the video....will be fun! :D

Ivan Klemetsrud : I can't believe the comments of this video have turned into Trump vs Hillary. Is there really no hope?

FURinTeeth : This needs to happen today! Make America Rage Again!

Le Beurrichon : Yeah! The world is my expense.. The cost of my desire.. Jesus blessed me with its future.. And I protect it with fire.. So raise your fists and march around Just don't take what you need I'll jail and bury those committed And smother the rest in greed! Crawl with me into tomorrow Or I'll drag you to your grave I'm deep inside your children They'll betray you in my name! [Hook] Hey! Hey! Sleep now in the fire! Hey! Hey! Sleep now in the fire! [Verse 2] The lie is my expense.. The scope with my desire.. The party blessed me with its future.. And I protect it with fire I am the Niña, the Pinta, the Santa Maria The noose and the rapist, the fields' overseer The agents of orange, the priests of Hiroshima The cost of my desire...Sleep Now In The Fire! [Hook] Hey! Hey! Sleep now in the fire! Hey! Hey! Hey! Sleep now in the fire! [Verse 3] For it's the end of history.. It's caged and frozen still.. There is no other pill to take.. So swallow the one...that makes you ill The Niña, the Pinta, the Santa Maria The noose and the rapist, the fields' overseer The agents of orange, the priests of Hiroshima The cost of my desire...Sleep Now In The Fire! Yeah! Sleep now in the fire! Sleep now in the fire! Sleep now in the fire! Sleep now in the fire!

Daniel kaiowá : Fuck da system!!! #Elenão from Brasil

Art Best : Zach dela Rocha is a time traveller

13th Spiritual Warrior : Did anybody notice the Donald trump for president sign

Afredo Mondragon : We need RATM now more than ever

John Titor : Am I the only one who finds the way he pronounces maria awesome?

Irakli : These guys were last of Mohicans. Name one active mainstream band with actually something to say! I can't

Luca Vincent : *"the machine rages on"*

Mike Fargnoli : Still so unbelievably relevant.

94Dza : man, im ashamed to say ive only just discovered RATM from being a die hard hip hop fan, this shit is so on point its unbelievable! so relevant, it seems like they represent everything i stand for

Matthew Stewart : Of RATM is pro terrorist them I’m in a RATM sleeper cell 🤘

JustusGregorius : 1:04 Trump for president...OMG...

moldycheeZ : Who noticed the Trump president sign

The Ben Shapiro : It’s awesome to think they actually shut down the capitalist government for a very short while by getting the stock exchange to shut their doors they guy getting apprehended was Michael Moore all he said when the drummer looked back was “take the New York Stock exchange” and people rushed for the doors only a few made it in there but it caused them to shut it down so amazing and powerful

Yesnog05 : We need Rage Against the Machine...now more than ever

Torneiro 10 : These songs of RATM show the situation in Brazil in 2018/2019...

Patito Ybarra : 0:32 why is there an argentinian flag? re loco boludo

Ariskouk Kouk : It s everywhere the same sociaty guys .Capitalism over the planet . 1% are thiefs of our wealth.. 95% slaves and make them rich... I am from Greece by the way

dizzybynature : i wish the numbers of impoverished peoples were that low... we failed you RATM.. we failed us all..

Danimal : R.A.T.M. biggest balls of any band and/or most intelligent? Damn I miss these guys

Hallucination Collective : Michael Moore, love for this man

Shoot The Moon : rage against the machine is pro communist? Ironic

gomezlakade : A Bernie Sanders likes this band so much.

MeatVision : Maybe the only commies I allowed myself to love