Deadliest Catch Man Overboard Rescue
Older video but profoundly raw and moving Captain Jonathan and the crew of the Time Bandit deserve a ton of credit for saving this guys life

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A deckhand who fell into the sea is rescued by the crew of the Time Bandit on the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch.


Wyatt Erp : This is the most dramatic thing to ever be caught on network TV. The best part is they caught the biggest pot in Deadliest Catch history shortly after this.

Chiann Daley : This is not fake or BS.. This really did happen. God bless TIMEBANDIT

Ali Zabian : And they call bruce jenner a hero?

Tim England : I've watched this a few times and what I thought was really heroic was the guy that suited up and was probably willing to jump in and get the guy in the water if he couldn't handle the life preserver. That is balls of steel!!

Bazil : You can see how terrified he was when he looked at Jonathan hugging him, and then afterwards when he covered his face with paper towels. He just looked like he was bawling his eyes out into those towels.

James Dick : these guys as well as those in the military are FAR more deserving of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award than bruce jenner EVER was.

s a m p l e t e x t : "I wasn't gonna let go of him once i got hold of him." If i ever had the nuts to be a crab fisherman, i'd want to be a member of the Time Bandit crew.

m.g. rogers : the way jonathan and the man were hugging and holding each other you would thnk they were blood family..brought tears to my eyes to see that under that tough and rough exterior, the crews of the ships truly have each others backs..its good to see..they should be proud of themselves that in an emergency everyone goes into a team with one objective: save a life no matter the danger or the loss of money and their jobs.

Marine McCord : When grown men that hard are so scared and then relieved that they’re in tears...that’s how you know the real life these men lead out there!

Osman s : Wow, I cried when he hugged that man. These men are good men.

bundycamp : I love how fisherman look after each other like this.

iwatchvideos : Not gonna lie, i teared up when they embraced. The guy squeezed the captain's coat tight as long as he could. God bless them both ❤

Daddy Deadlo : Time bandit crew just secured them a permanent heaven ticket

Dutchess550 : This is one of the most affecting episodes after the Captain Phil ones, for me.

james lilly : it is not fake at alll

Klaus G : God Bless Time Bandit !!! They are true heroes !

Cody Levinson : 4:29 Has got to be the most emotional thing ever caught on television. Not going to lie, the tears flowed down my face watching that as the reality of the situation set in. Those are massive boats, they do not turn on a dime and people who go overboard are often brought on deck dead. They were well over 200 miles away from Dutch Harbor and happened to be close to another boat and were in rough seas. Had they missed him that pass, he would have been dead. If the Time Bandit wasn't there with Captain Jonathan keeping a close eye on him and his only chance was his boat having to circle around in order to get him, there is a very slim chance that he would have survived. Dolphins circled the Time Bandit after the rescue and seemed to lead them to the largest numbers of King Crab ever caught on Deadliest Catch. They were having terrible luck and then went on to get massive pots of crab after the rescue. If that isn't Karma or some sort of sign of a higher power, then that's proof of some unbelievable coincidences. Oh, and it was the man's birthday who fell overboard....

TheYouTubeNoob : Made me tear up. That man is more grateful than humanly possible.

OberstGenosse : time bandit crew do his very best to save this men...well done...

Sean O'reilly : What an underrated and breathtaking piece of footage. Makes me proud to be human.

thegriffin88 : 10 years later this still tears me up.

james lilly : thank god of the time bandit crew

Jlovereality doe : A captain with a golden heart... God bless you brother

Moose004 : Their faces on the bridge at the  No way that's fake.

Randall Gyebi : Gets me everytime

FBomb : That fella getting suited up to get in the water has titanium balls man. To think he was ready to risk his life for a guy he probably either didn't know, or only knew from passing by on the dock. That takes some bravery right there, and for the Capt. to shake like that hugging him really shows the bond those guys have just being fisherman. I'm a trucker and we used to have that kind of brotherhood but it's been diminished over the years. I wish we could have that kind of brotherhood again. Good Job Time Bandit. Curios question though, how did they get him back to his boat? I know they couldn't have made the journey back to port just to transfer one guy, that would have taken days out of both boats trip. Is there a protocol for transferring a man from one boat to another?

767enigma : Simon Sinek

Kyle SoSik : But are the crabs ok?

thegriffin88 : How many years later and I still tear up over this.

Cipher Oceanus : True bravery! Can you imagine the take a knee NFL communist doing that job, I can’t! I don’t care if I ever watch the NFL again!

Lafeel Abriel : I still remember watching th is episode to this day. That was some amazing good fortune right there, bordering on divine intervention. And this is coming from a atheist.

Diocletian : Cant even imagine how good it must have felt knowing you saved that guys life. Love the Hillstrand brothers

Megan Powers : And them commenced the most epic number the Time Bandit had ever seen :)

Great Daddy : No matter if you catch another crab this moment and your children being born should be the proudest moments of your life. Proud of you guys Good eyes Captain what a great crew and boat.

Jeff Walton : Love that man to man tear when he said u saved my life and hugged Jonathan those are real Men hardworking soldiers for their family’s

Cesar Lopez : Well Done captian John Hillstrand...👍👍🙏🙏

Ryno 9906 : Man Hillstrand is a frikn HERO! Best dam captain ever on this show! Love ya Big Jon!🙏

Newf Ie : talk about apreciating your job holy. you never know how good you got it til you see that look in a mans eyes that almost met his maker. great job on being aware .

leftymadrid : Holy crap!!! That guy was lucky!! The captain of the boat that saved him was constantly watching!!! Good thing too!! His own boat that he was working on would have not saved this poor guy in time, incredible really, he certainly was very appreciative hugging the Captain and thanking the other deck hands. Thank God for a happy ending!!

Major MajorMajor : 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' This is about as apt as the saying gets. In sailing people drop their shit and risk their lives for other sailors in an instant, it's amazing to see. This mentality has saved many a sailor and may save their own life in the future.

ericson yahya : simon sinek brought me here! this is really amazing actually

jayr122001 : whoever say it's fake need to go in dutch harbor and watch how we work

Drew B : A few others have mentioned what I also find exceptionally awesome about this video: The genuine courage of everyone involved and the emotional response Johnathan had to meeting the man down below. This is quite simply an example of the best of humanity. Genuine care for the life of a stranger!

Bad Andy : Probably the best catch the Time Bandit had that season.

David Buschhorn : I hope this dude's mom never watches this. That was too close.

LK : Bloody fantastic! very well done!

GMEOK : AMAZING RESPONSE! Obviously these guys trained for this, training pays off. Great job guys.

Kalle W : I’m a grown man, and I got goosebumps watching this!

mattc941 : The realest moment on the entire show. Wow you can see the emotion in Jonathon. Stunning..... Absolutely stunning. Real human emotion with man caring about another man who he's never met before but knew what he had to do.