Deadliest Catch Man Overboard Rescue

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chris sprenger : talk about being in the right place at the right time

James Dick : these guys as well as those in the military are FAR more deserving of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award than bruce jenner EVER was.

Ali Zabian : And they call bruce jenner a hero?

Tim England : I've watched this a few times and what I thought was really heroic was the guy that suited up and was probably willing to jump in and get the guy in the water if he couldn't handle the life preserver. That is balls of steel!!

Wyatt Erp : This is the most dramatic thing to ever be caught on network TV. The best part is they caught the biggest pot in Deadliest Catch history shortly after this.

Chiann Daley : This is not fake or BS.. This really did happen. God bless TIMEBANDIT

m.g. rogers : the way jonathan and the man were hugging and holding each other you would thnk they were blood family..brought tears to my eyes to see that under that tough and rough exterior, the crews of the ships truly have each others backs..its good to see..they should be proud of themselves that in an emergency everyone goes into a team with one objective: save a life no matter the danger or the loss of money and their jobs.

ᏰᏗşιℓ : You can see how terrified he was when he looked at Jonathan hugging him, and then afterwards when he covered his face with paper towels. He just looked like he was bawling his eyes out into those towels.

Dutchess550 : This is one of the most affecting episodes after the Captain Phil ones, for me.

767enigma : Simon Sinek

David Buschhorn : I hope this dude's mom never watches this. That was too close.

Kyle SoSik : But are the crabs ok?

Kathy Emerson : I couldn't help but cry for this poor man.. God truly was with him.. Praise Jesus. .

Klaus G : God Bless Time Bandit !!! They are true heroes !

craigheadalastair : So what happens now? Does he have to swim to the other boat when the water warms up?

OberstGenosse : time bandit crew do his very best to save this men...well done...

Osman s : Wow, I cried when he hugged that man. These men are good men.

thegriffin88 : 10 years later this still tears me up.

Great Daddy : No matter if you catch another crab this moment and your children being born should be the proudest moments of your life. Proud of you guys Good eyes Captain what a great crew and boat.

james lilly : it is not fake at alll

thegriffin88 : How many years later and I still tear up over this.

Randall Gyebi : Gets me everytime

Hehdhchrydhd Duunhdjrjdjdj : Not taking away from what the time bandit did, but they wouldn't consider themselves heroes. They did what they had to do. By maritime law, you are required to give assistance in an emergency if you can

ericson yahya : simon sinek brought me here! this is really amazing actually

james lilly : thank god of the time bandit crew

Major MajorMajor : 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' This is about as apt as the saying gets. In sailing people drop their shit and risk their lives for other sailors in an instant, it's amazing to see. This mentality has saved many a sailor and may save their own life in the future.

Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography : good save Time Bandit Boys even though you did not catch a crab you saved a life.

Nunyas Bidness : Champagne and roses would be at that Captains house every year on that date if that were me. Brass balls on those guys

Megan Powers : And them commenced the most epic number the Time Bandit had ever seen :)

L P : Heroes

melanie harper : good job


A Jay : My Heroes.

Mrclean mr.sandman : Omg he yelled man over board that's really bad never do that if one is not over because the boat will go in lock down and panic will strike

LK : Bloody fantastic! very well done!

Ervun Gaming : 4:30 that’s as real as reality TV will ever get fellas

Brogers Gaming : him quick

Emmet O Driscoll : Truly amazing human beings

Joseph Cingrani : Ok no more clips. I'm starting this show from the start.

Winston's Engines & Remanufacturing : Is this the Navy? Sure as hell seems like it!

Doctor Sirus : Great job, John. A lot of great karma right there for you.

Amber Sikorski : Simon Sinek brought me here, and I lost it...

Frederick Venturi : Simon Sinek sent me

russc2 : All those cameras and there's not a single shot of the deckhand in the water. I'd like to be wrong but this seems to be staged. When he supposedly falls off the ship, the camera just cuts away at a crucial point.

pokbo86 : Fake??? Try to jump for 1min in bearing sea..stupid people always popup in youtube..

Bushcraft NE : They should be wearing wet suits underneath I know I would especially in cold water like that

Jean White : I'm Josh's mom.Josh falling overboard was not fake! It happened on his 31 first birthday.A good article about it is in the Seattle times May 25 2007,an interview with Josh and Johnathan. It tells it like it is!Josh is still fishing,mostly on seiners and coming to see me every winter, really so he can play golf! Many thanks to Johnathan and crew for saving my son.(felt I needed to post this after reading that many thought it was fake)

Eric Peraza : BEAUTIFUL MOMENT🙏🙏🙏🙏

scopes99 : That water is friggin cold fell in for 3 minutes in 1979 in the Bering sea / 20 yrs old coastie was wearing a wet suit but still man oh man not a good sight seeing the ship go away . Thx to a great boat crew ... Thx BM1 Brubaker were ever u are ...XO said I was trying to swim on 2 diff days. Cus we were right near the International date line.

Melissa Walker : The panic in Jonathan's voice said it all. Hell, Im in tears watching this. So happy for the overboard guy that he gets to go home to his family thanks to the amazing crew of the Time Bandit.