Infamous Gamers Who Cheated, Were Caught And Humiliated

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Infamous World Record Gamers Who Were Caught Cheating You might have seen Billy Mitchell from the popular Donkey Kong documentary King of Kong. He was the all time leading high score holder for the Nintendo arcade game. But due to recent events, some of his records have come under fire as being unfairly recorded. Being caught cheating is a serious offence, and even though he is a great Donkey Kong player, he will never be taken seriously again. There have been other times where Nintendo cheaters have been caught too! And we plan on showing you the most brutal and embarrassing ones. Want to see more detailed stories on these and other cheaters? Make sure to check out these videos: World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating! - The Biggest Cheater in Gaming History? (1700+ Scores w/ no Evidence) - This is TheGamer’s list of Nintendo’s Most Infamous Cheaters Caught And Humiliated. What do you think: Have you ever cheated in a video game to win? Have you ever caught any of your friends cheating? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE NOW to The Gamer! Click here: Have the next amazing video idea? Submit it to us here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script by: Wesley Beach Voice Over by: Wesley Beach Edited by: Wesley Beach Our Social Media: Our Website:

Comments from Youtube

Sunix MKA : I honestly hate cheaters. I think that if your caught cheating, it should be a three strike rule. First strike, you lose online play for a week, second is you lose online play for a month, and the third is your console should be banned off of online play for a year. Extreme, but we've got to remember it's all about honest sportsmanship, whether it be COD or Mario Kart.

Shaymin Skyer : Billy Mitchell and Todd Rogers. The shadiest cheaters of all.

David Harrington : make them play e.t. Atari for a year

cornballport 596 : Hmm... how would I punish a cheater...lets see....1st they will get a warning 2nd. Banned for 24 hours 3. 24 day banned. 4.24 week banned. And if they don't stop there... they had to make a public apology in order to ever play that game again and their IP address will be remembered THAT WAY they can't even make a new account or get a new console to play the game

Denis : Walk them naked down the streets of Kings Landing with a megaphone to pronounce their shame! People can thrown rotten vegetables if they like. :P

Mr. Mustache : To punish a cheater, restrain them and make them listen to an endless loop of Never Gonna Give you Up.

Zali Ogden-Booth : i think it depends on what actually happond

i Zetto : Cheater! Highscore:9999999 Me:🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

ChimpManZ1264 : Force them to play test Buggy Games for free and see how much they like glitches then!

TriggerGiggles : Lol I love the shout out. Has your love life improved since the last video?

Elusive - : I would punish them by braking their console and/or pc in front of them

Mario TV : I'm not surprised about Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong scores, although he's great at PAC-MAN, on Donkey Kong, he cheated a lot in the documentary and even sent in a tape with the left screen going static every once in a while. The score was strangely accepted and did become the first 1,000,000 in Donkey Kong.

NIGHTCORE HITMAN : Ban them from whatever they were caught cheating in so speedrun cheaters banned from speedrunning and the like

Builder Bumpers Gaming : Well, you know what they say, cheaters never prosper!

Itsthatkid10 : I'll punish them by making their account offline only. Or Ban their PC / Console from playing games or downloading anything


Fastest Killer : A decade of *NEVER* on his/her console/game. Nice video love it

Vonverna : holy crap i got a shout out

Lavecrazy : No, they shouldn’t have smashed his wii console with a hammer They should have SUPER smashed it with a MELEE

Rolethen's Gamers : I would humiliate him on all video platforms like twitch,youtube, and more and then take his console like a parent would

Jack The Octoling : Hey The Gamer I Have Submitted A Submition For a Video!

ArcadeRay Gaming : I would punish them by forceing them to play the game with there hands tied behind there backs, blindfolded.

Sceptical Pickle : Billy Mitchell may have cheated at donkey Kong but he is a legit master of Pac-Man.

Jude Caudill : I luv ur channel

StratosXDgr Greek Gamez : They got what they deserved!😛

Gaming with Creppster : The king of Kong more like the king of con Silver the hedgehog: they have a video on YouTube called that Me: it's no use Silver: shut up

Itsthatkid10 : Those who dislikes is a cheater

kingchup specialist arrogant : Cheater should play whit other cheater, then the game is fair and they gona just rage quit.

Jasyboo : i would punish them by melting their consoles and pouring the melted console all over their head C: im not -crazy- uhhh not normal C:

Hunter Gill : I would punish cheaters by taking their Roblox account and making them suffer

aaron pare : let me at them cheaters your's truly tinky winky

Rex Apis : Billy Mitchell is sketchy AF

Albou1 Gaming Roblox : “Well I guess they could of smashed his wii system..” WELCOME TO BOARD SMASHING!! A WII!

DontMockMeImOnly4 : I would punish them by making them play Sonic 06 GLITCHLESS! and on 2frames per second, those evil loading screens

Ezekiel Tantoso : Slap 90 times

Nintendo Girl : I would punish them by deleting their save file and have the first new file call you "CHEATER" throughout the entire run.

_UnMute.exe_ : Who else watched Apollo 's video on Billy Mitchell

Gumball Fan : 1ST VIEW AND FIRST LIKE !!!

WhoStoleMyChips : notification squad !

Lars Algera : I would punish Them by trilling them

Mama Kangaskhan Videos : Cheaters should have their games erased and any future files from their consoles for that game should be slowed to half speed.

j t : Send cheaters to the pit of misery, dilly dilly

i Zetto : When i see cheater, i will hack their hack engine to turn against them! Damn cheaters!

The thot Slayer : First pin me

Wilko : I really enjoy these vids you can hear alot of stuff about games thay are really interesting😀😀

TheTechBoy : I will slap their butt and tell them to go to their room!

Get yeeted /-.-\ : ayyy its Wes again! :)

Murder 16 : Mario games (parkour) you can find cheater they voice because km/h you can provide

Ender Ocelot : Lose all cheats/points