Infamous Gamers Who Cheated, Were Caught And Humiliated

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Mr. Mustache : To punish a cheater, restrain them and make them listen to an endless loop of Never Gonna Give you Up.

Itsthatkid10 : Those who dislikes is a cheater

David Harrington : make them play e.t. Atari for a year

cornballport 596 : Hmm... how would I punish a cheater...lets see....1st they will get a warning 2nd. Banned for 24 hours 3. 24 day banned. 4.24 week banned. And if they don't stop there... they had to make a public apology in order to ever play that game again and their IP address will be remembered THAT WAY they can't even make a new account or get a new console to play the game

Chris Adams : I honestly hate cheaters. I think that if your caught cheating, it should be a three strike rule. First strike, you lose online play for a week, second is you lose online play for a month, and the third is your console should be banned off of online play for a year. Extreme, but we've got to remember it's all about honest sportsmanship, whether it be COD or Mario Kart.

David Johnston : I would have an in game wanted board listing all suspected cheaters, and any confirmed transgressions would be punished based on the degree of influence implementation had. Minor cosmetic/non-enhancement alterations, I would confiscate a percentage of owned value and make the account invisible to all other players for a period of play time. A minor adjusted rewards cheat not changing the game play of the community would have a full possession removal and reduced reward tables for a while, but if the cheat effects all party members or it stole from other players, the account responsible for activation would be banned for a moderate period and willing beneficiaries punished as before. Any malicious action or unbalanced power cheats targeted at the player base will have all holdings liquidated and shared with effected accounts, plus permanent ban on all known accounts and IP addresses with a unannounced temporary stat/ability nerf for consenting associates.

Jasyboo : i would punish them by melting their consoles and pouring the melted console all over their head C: im not -crazy- uhhh not normal C:

Rolethen's Gamers : I would humiliate him on all video platforms like twitch,youtube, and more and then take his console like a parent would

Nintendo Girl : I would punish them by deleting their save file and have the first new file call you "CHEATER" throughout the entire run.

TudBoatTed : I would put cheaters in jail, because it ruins the game for others

Super Luigi Odyssey : How would I punish cheaters I will make them Do the whole game over again on the hardest difficulty and make sure that they don't do it again

DOA HITMAN : Ban them from whatever they were caught cheating in so speedrun cheaters banned from speedrunning and the like

Fastest Killer : A decade of *NEVER* on his/her console/game. Nice video love it

Vonverna : holy crap i got a shout out

Itsthatkid10 : I'll punish them by making their account offline only. Or Ban their PC / Console from playing games or downloading anything

Mama Kangaskhan Videos : Cheaters should have their games erased and any future files from their consoles for that game should be slowed to half speed.

Zali Ogden-Booth : i think it depends on what actually happond

TheTechBoy : I will slap their butt and tell them to go to their room!

Denis : Walk them naked down the streets of Kings Landing with a megaphone to pronounce their shame! People can thrown rotten vegetables if they like. :P

hi I mess life : I would contact Nintendo to send mercenaries

StratosXDgr Greek Gamez : They got what they deserved!😛

Got Somethin’ That Might Interest Ya. : The way I’d do it if I was calm is that I would first ask them if they cheat at anything, pretending I don’t know. If they say no, continue on. Then I’d mention whatever they cheat at and ask if they cheated at this. If no, continue on. If yes, punishment earned early, but due to confession, it would be less worse. Then I’d show exactly where they cheated at and ask if they cheated at this point. If no, continue on. Then I’d get what thing they were using and show it to them. Then I’d tell them that I deleted his save files and humiliate him. Then ban him. Simple as that.

Mr Gamer : I would punish a cheater with a belt

Menatra : I would punish a Chester by Destroying their reputation

HossXoX X : i beat cuphead in 2 days without cheating :3.oh wait its not a nintendo game....

Shalom kitty : I will ban those people from all those games and come to their house and arrest them for life


TriggerGiggles : Lol I love the shout out. Has your love life improved since the last video?

CastleKingMe : Online, the cheater should just be frozen in place, and not be able to move or shoot as his kills to deaths ratio drops lower and lower and lower.

Instinct Zettó : When i see cheater, i will hack their hack engine to turn against them! Damn cheaters!

Xd DudeBro : I would punish them by braking their console and/or pc in front of them

The Satyr : Billy Mitchell may have cheated at donkey Kong but he is a legit master of Pac-Man.

Shaymin Skyer : Billy Mitchell and Todd Rogers. The shadiest cheaters of all.

kingchup specialist arrogant : Cheater should play whit other cheater, then the game is fair and they gona just rage quit.

Someone From The Internet : I will tie them into a chair in an empty room with a tone deaf singing baby

Nigeltime Vlogz : Can I get a shout-out or a girlfriend

Lavecrazy : No, they shouldn’t have smashed his wii console with a hammer They should have SUPER smashed it with a MELEE

Instinct Zettó : Hah! Mario without moustache looks like a monkey, Sayian in my opinion


The sodding Tic tac : First pin me

ArcadeRay Gaming : I would punish them by forceing them to play the game with there hands tied behind there backs, blindfolded.

Instinct Zettó : Cheater! Highscore:9999999 Me:🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Daniel Wheeler : I would force then to give me there hacks and cheat codes XDDDDDDD

ChimpManZ1264 : Force them to play test Buggy Games for free and see how much they like glitches then!

ITZ SANJAY : I would punish them by letting them win by cheating and instead of the prize I'd give them a trophy saying best cheater

Ali Arab : water boarding for the cheaters

CaptainPorkChop : Mafia deals, drug deals and any illegal deals have NO shade on video game cheating!!!

EE : I would punish video game cheaters by forcing them to fight an unfair Minecraft game against a 12-year old that would be so embarrassing

WilliamtheSilent : Who else watched Apollo 's video on Billy Mitchell