360 degree video: Fly Eurofighter Typhoon!

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Nacho 04 : 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸. spanish air force :)

nacho 789 : Impresionante. Viva el ala 11 y viva españa

happy I care : Impresionante

John Hall : Regardless of what you think of the airplane, Typhoon is a disaster under many points of view. It is taking ages to live up to its promises, a lot of its capability will continue to exist only on paper for many more years. It has sucked the MOD budget dry over decades, swallowing billions of pounds. And when the deliveries are completed, around 2018, the RAF will have taken 160 Typhoons without, on current plans, ever having more than 5 frontline squadrons. That's a combat force of 60 aircrafts, from a total order of 160. For each frontline Typhoon squadron of 12 airplanes, if the retirement of the Tranche 1 between 2016 and 2019 goes ahead, the MOD will have procured and paid for 32 aircrafts. An abomination.

nguyen hoang khang : my dream


Fabrizio Vásquez : Give it a like if it seemed amazing to you!!!!

Jettro : la musica rende il video ancora più bello sapete il titolo?

happy I care : I love this vídeo!!!!

VR 360 TV : Wow this is an amazing 360 :-)


MfourMike : Great video. please can you tell me the type of 360 camera you used? thank you.

Harald Schevik : Incredible!!!

happy I care : Fascinating! I love fighters😀😀😀😀

Flavien Volken : The refueling is awesome!

QAVEA SPACE : QAVEA 8 Millard Years SPACE EXPERINCE Thanks costumer

manuel maßmann : waiting for 2035 to fly eurofighter in dcs world simulator. Or 2045 X(

TB 100 : Brilliant!! Watched it on Oculus Rift using "Virtual Desktop" app

DorthRitos : Al toro jose luiiii

Sérgio Magalhães : Great! I love it!

Pedro Assis : legal. gostei showww

COASTERCREW Germany : Love this vid - check out our channel for more coaster 360 action :) #discoverthethrill