Incredible Propane Truck Accident

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Kyle : I could die filming this, maybe I should drive away. BUT IM GETTING SUCH GOOD FOOTAGE ON MY IPAD.

Cc gaming : thanks lets play for showing me this

Tacticalsniper32 : im sure this was just a set for a Micheal bay movie

smithy smith smith : that's strange? @5:18 the truck alarm finally goes off... well, that's Russia.

Tipsie4u2 : 2:17 when that guy sped off in that car had me dying laughing 😂😂😂

LeBraum Jamez : I wanna scream and shout and let it all out

Juan : God dammit bobby

tember1988 : coolest video I've seen in awhile

The Angry General : 3:52 A UFO taking off!!!😃😄😂

Aqua Serpents Galore! : When Propane Tanks go full rocket...

Master Link : 3:51 propane tank said bye

TRX VLOGGER : MURICA!!!!! Oh ohhhhh Nope not.. Nevrmind. This is just our normal day

mariostellas : ΒΟΟΜSHAKALAKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SupaTrending Daily : Propane tanks need a reengineering sit down. They should have relief valves that stay open.

jinglebells55 :

hockeytrent1995 : so like, that truck driver died right?