D2F Ratio- Silicon Valley Season 1

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A throwback to one of the most memorable moments in season 1!


William HM : It’s hilarious how it implies that they were talking about the jerk time for 2 hours

Kim House : There's nothing worse then wasting great strokes on a guy thats already busted

Destro 964 : Did they solve the problem

Mark Matusiewicz : What's the intro song? Lol

Max Martin : complimentry shaft time

Fisho D : They didn't take several factors into the account. People being embarrassed and especially if you are tip to tip then busting means you go all over another dudes junk and the dudes hand. That in theory drastically increaases the busting time for the other dude.

Anti-Federalist 1776 : This show seems like it was built around this single joke & has never even close to being as funny again

MarvelDcImage : This is why women are not good engineers - they would never think of problem solving like this.