Shredding the Girl and Balloon - The Director’s half cut

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James Blunt : 0:17 holding the hot end of a soldering iron? 🙄

Small Bore & Two Wheels : "The director's cut". What a perfect name

daniel nogueira : 0:45 “yeah so the artist put the frame on as well. We get that quite often with Banksy, you know. He quite likes the romanticism of, you know, having a very ornate, national gallery-esque frame” 0:55 HAHAHAHAHA

The Dark Power : At 00:16 the guy is holding the hot bit of the soldering iron....!

Ysocrate : Pranksy 🤭

Matt Paruszkiewicz : i think its even cooler that its still halfway in the frame, i hope the new owner hangs it exactly how it is

Jacob Cacho : Director’s *_Cut_*

John Ta : God level trolling. Brilliant

Grant's Gear : 1:05 "That's the fun of auctions, everyone's got a chance" Followed by a cut to the estimated price of £200,000 - £300,000.

noisyturtle : 00:58 did anyone else see that alien creature extend its appendage and quickly snap up that bit of meat from the platter going by?

Luca Discacciati : Very good marketing idea. I am sorry banksy, but you are part of the game.

P.O.S. : *your finger ok though? after burning it on the soldering iron*

Odiseo : That fake scene with the controller tho 2:04

Joop : I just painted a boy with a kite, looks almost the same.. Anyone interested? I can cut it for you as well..

Martin Andersen : Not sure what to make of this whole stunt, but I like it! In the end, it doesn't matter if Sotheby's was involved or if parts of the video was faked, or if it was meant to stop half way; as a stunt and a prank and as performance art, it worked remarkably well. People who call him a street artist miss the point that while he's used street art, and started out that way, he moved well beyond that years ago, even if he employs art on the street still and use the medium of stencil prints and spray paint at times. "Pure" graffiti artists may hate him for selling out, or just for being successful, but then he was never a graffiti artist. The whole Robbo thing was hilarious to watch. His mockumentary "exit through the gift shop" raises more questions than it answers, and is fascinating on multiple levels, seeming to prank the viewer, as it gets increasingly bizarre. These two clips are mere pieces to a puzzle he chooses to show us with what appears to be deliberate red herrings, perhaps to see who pays attention, such as the knife blades laid flat on the back as seen in the first video and briefly in this one which appear to have no function, and in this video holding the soldering iron wrong. He never claims to have built it himself, though clearly somebody did, so he could easily have filmed whoever did, as clearly a degree of engineering and workmanship has gone into building it. The new owner could easily open it up to see how it is put together, but that would devalue a now extremely expensive work of art, which is both a visual and performance piece now. To that end, stopping halfway worked in it's favour, and seems designed that way, even if this video claims it wasn't. It's become part of art history now, whatever it's intention. Of course, while it is said it was bought from Banksy in 2006, who is to say that itself is not a red herring and is a recent piece, the filming is professional and digital. As others have pointed out, it is unlikely a batterypack that size hooked into a wireless receiver could last 12 year on standby. Then again, the video claims it wasn't meant to stop halfway. It doesn't really matter, it all adds to the mystery, and people love mysteries and following clues and spotting red herrings. Great art makes you think and question, and this piece certainly did that, whatever the truth of it's creation is. I wouldn't be at all surprised if years from now a group of people came forth admitting that Banksy is not one person, but a composite character used by all of them as one giant performance piece, hence outwitting anyone trying to figure out who he is.

Ciccio Pasticcio : Cool, really impressive! Just a thing, that's not the correct way to use a Soldering Iron :p

J. Romero : So this is whole thing was obviously a set up with Sotheby's knowledge: (i) when you pick the frame up, there must be a big slit in the bottom for the painting to come through, through which the cutting blades and shredding mechanism would be visible. No way you miss that when inspecting the frame. (ii) the painting was made in 2006 and given away and we are supposed to believe that after TWELVE YEARS it has a battery that has enough power to receive a radio signal AND actually shred the painting - no chance, unless someone (i.e Sotheyby's...) let him replace the battery from time to time. (iii) if the shredder was triggered by a standard radio remote control, surely in 12 years it would have picked up a stray radio signal that would have set it off? Unless he made a bespoke encrypted transmitter or something (which seems unlikely).So no way it would have lasted 12 years. (iv) the painting was hung on the wall at the auction - normally Sotheby's put paintings like this on a stand. Why treat this "ordinary" painting any differently? (v) the painting was sold at the end of the auction. Coincidence? Maybe...but slightly suspicious. Also the "making of" video is also fake, given that: (a) at 17 seconds in he is holding a soldering iron BY THE HOT END (b) this video was allegedly made in 2006 and filmed in 720p resolution....again not impossible, but cause for suspicion.

Randyy1 : Well this just confirms that Banksy is a collective, rather than just a single person.

Agnello Figueiredo : Laughing all the way to the bank, see?

Harrysound : I also have a shredder that refuses to shred a complete piece of paper....bloody thing.

Dominic Rawle : He must have asbestos hands to hold a soldering iron like that. @0:16

Harm Hoeks : Reliable Engineering is hard! Be proud of your local engineer/craftsmen!

Paco's Tacos : plot twist: banksy bought his own painting back at 860k thru someone else, shredded it immediately to prove a point about auctions, 4x his investment and gets a good laugh while increasing his fame... genius.

lukeschillin : Does highlight how ugly the character of the "art world" is. Smug, greasy, rich trash.

jamielondres : This is a recent video. That is a JMT Lithium Motorcycle Battery, which was only released in 2014. The picture is supposed to have been created in 2006. Either this video has been created for 'demonstration purposes', or the original picture was swapped out with the one in this video. Discuss.

Darcy Bhaiwala : 1) how do you edge so much 2) why 3) is there other footage of this auction because I want to figure out who was filming

Serai3 : Brilliant. Instead of destroying the piece, it turned into a completely different work of art. I LOVE THIS.

rockguitar2012 : Ha, so that's what was meant to happen! I bet you were gutted it didn't work on the day. It still caused quite the reaction anyway though. Such a cool idea!

Adlin Ling : When something is rare, people will pay a lot of money for it. Unless it is a medical condition.

momagraf : The "same audience" that appears in the video where Sid Vicious plays My Way

Roy Murray : Clearly Sotheby's were in on this stunt along with Banksy. Either that or their auction house security procedures are a disgrace. Imagine if it had been a remote controlled IED inside the frame instead of a shredder!

ᴴᵃᶰˢ ᴮˡᵃᵃᵘʷ : For some reason all i want to know is why the shredder stopped half way

Liz Blue Bandit : I love it so much, that i hate it. ♥️

leokimvideo : The anti art industry leader has surrendered his position in one push of a button

Nick Bernstein : Couldn’t think of a better way to troll the bourgeois. Well done.

Shaun Hughes Hand Engraving : You persuaded me. I thought it was a bit fake at first.

dartsma464 : What British upperclass needed

F : Destroying something people currently appreciate only to have it cost even more afterwards? Banksy must be from L.A. 😂

Zombie Rhythm : And another brilliant piece of art from Banksy :D

Unimprezzed McLastname : Do you think the motor seized up or did the device just have a low battery?

- : The incomplete shredding just makes it even more valuable. Doh! 🤦 But seriously, this seems so staged. It seems unbelievable that they got it somehow, authenticated it, but never inspected it to find the shredder which isn't exactly thin. ¬_¬

RobbyJHope : There is no way that the auction house wasn't suspicious of the weight and thickness of the frame. Shredders of that size are VERY heavy, especially if you have to add a battery. Use to be my teenage year idol, now he's taking us all for a spin.

Lucid Taeke : man *DIES* after finacial crisis everyone belike *STILL RESPECT TO BANKSY*

Paranoiasnfm : Amazing!!! <3 This is spectacular! What you did with that was special! The best play I have seen !

Paul M : Worldwide response to this with regards to the shock/surprise & bewilderment “Was/Is The (living) Art” - As usual with Banksy...Genius👍

Sébastien Kauffmann : yeah right that Sotheby's wasn't aware of the prank. The frame is about a foot deep. And the frame must have weighed a ton compared to a frame holding a sheet of paper .. And at the amount of art they carry per day, they for sure knew something was fishy with this frame ...Nice Prank Sotheby's

Mike Kleinsteuber : I love Banksy's work and think the group has some truly original ideas but this was so disingenuous a gag it's truly dented their credibility....

ludovic cruchot : Love that ! Thanks Bansky for this moment !

Ramon Brant : Quero ser parceiro aqui no Brasil com ações para combater o fascismo. Como fazer? Podemos conversar?