Stone Temple Pilots Plush Cover: You Won't Believe This Kids Voice!
Stone Temple Pilots Plush Cover You Wont Believe This Kids Voice

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Everyone deserves a shot at a moment in the spotlight. Elijah Vanecek deserves a career on stage! Watch him cover STP's Plush! check out Elijah's Interview! Thanks to Deby Gurley Moehnke for recording this video!


Brent Mena : Man I am so picky with covers but mannn. Yes man. Yes.

david bailey : they are looking for a singer, you should do it

Mage Sentron : Scott would approve. :) STP needs a new heart.

Dimension7 : He can sing but he needs a new guitar. Get a Martin dude. They're expensive but theyre worth it. You get what u pay for.

Erin Scott : his voice reminds me of  the dude in seether

CKyBpUk : omg similar voice

Adam Arsenault : Very hard to compare Scott with anyone but this was good

Shelby Vandruff : You know stone temple Pilots is doing auditions for a new lead singer. ;)

Jay Ayers : Was like "Meh" until he opened his mouth. Then I was like "Holy Crap"! Unfortunately he never got to the hook :(

M CS : I would stop in my tracks wherever the hell I was to hear this.

Dom P. : Nice played !... That's what kids should do with their free time. (+ good music, - violence = better place to live).

Johnny Lopez : fucking awesome! do a pearl jam

girlhappy2u : your are amazing! Scott would be proud

Fabrício Freitag : sounds a bit like seven mary three

shamik bhattacharya : great voice

itsyaboyitsyaboy : He even looks like young Scott, nice cover bro very fucking nice

Francis E Salazar : Young man needs a new guitar, but he’s got a lot of talent, job, well done

Kati lynn Keyser : I have goosebumps now. I love his voice!!!!!!

Kevin : Nice! That's a hard one to top bro.

Arif Azad : And the guy really got the flavor... That grunge smell...!!! Oh I'm loving it... Wishing you a very good luck...

Joseph Rodney Cervantes, Jr. : maybe he's really scott weiland in disguise?

Al M : Wheeeeere the dogs do find her...

John : Beautiful performance. Well done!!!

Joe : Its 2019, why haven't i heard you on the radio yet?

Dexter Lives : Im digging this! Live. Recorded on a cell phone. No edits. No producing the crap out of the live video. Really enjoyed this.

Carlos Henrique Noronha de Aguiar : Sounds like the original! But he needs some voice reinforments in the "strong notes"

Troy Alexander : Awesome

Jonas Menapace : Powerful voice. Outstanding!

Joshua Torres : Nice job bro!! We should jam someday? But why no chorus?

VACJ : He has a GREAT voice!!!

thewhiskeyrebel77 : Damn dood wanted to hear you play the bridge. Good job though.

Emanuel Nunes : Que voz ,parabéns!!!!!

melonhead34 : And I feeel ittt. And iii. Feeeeeeeellljt

Zebulon Swearingen : Scott Weiland, not Layne Staley, may these excellent vocalists Rest In Peace. Layne is formerly of Alice In Chains, not Stone Temple Pilots. Scott Weiland would be proud.

pochinucho : amazinggg, more videos of you can you sing interstate love song?? your name for look for you on youtube more videos

snuggs101 : Best cover of that song ive heard yet

JD Acosta : If you want to be famous then you already are. Great job. Bring it back to the good ol' days.

Luca Balestrieri : Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes !!!!!

Blank Canvas : woww... awesome !!

Donovan Alessander Balbino : Esse cara tem uma voz agradável. Muito bom.

Moon Man : He sounds great

Fabio Garcia : Great voice dude!!!! Keep on studying kid!!!

YouTube_Nick : Kinda sounds like Darius Rucker a bit in the beginning

Manuel Esayas : damn... he dig it the voice of Scott..

Ron Monkey : Incredible dude

Brenda Guerra : Well I'm a amazed! Just love it

AJ Hill : Bro... 🤙🏻

Lou Palmasano : Nice Job ... screw the haters

Falkreath Guard : Absolutely beautiful! Wow