Stone Temple Pilots Plush Cover: You Won't Believe This Kids Voice!

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Dbd : Well, kids got some serious pipes. Naturally gifted there for sure, but that fiddles pretty beat up. Love to hear this kid sing with a nice guitar in his hands.

Dimension7 : He can sing but he needs a new guitar. Get a Martin dude. They're expensive but theyre worth it. You get what u pay for.

Brent Mena : Man I am so picky with covers but mannn. Yes man. Yes.

Mage Sentron : Scott would approve. :) STP needs a new heart.

Erin Scott : his voice reminds me of  the dude in seether

david bailey : they are looking for a singer, you should do it

Al M : Wheeeeere the dogs do find her...

Dom P. : Nice played !... That's what kids should do with their free time. (+ good music, - violence = better place to live).

CKyBpUk : omg similar voice

Adam Arsenault : Very hard to compare Scott with anyone but this was good

Shelby Vandruff : You know stone temple Pilots is doing auditions for a new lead singer. ;)

MrSh4des : butchered it... skipped the best part of the song

shamik bhattacharya : great voice

Kati lynn Keyser : I have goosebumps now. I love his voice!!!!!!

Tobunshi : Forget to learn the bridge of the song, did we? ;)

Sköll Devours : Yeah his voice is crazy good and just perfect for this tune. Although he butchered the chords. And he didn’t do the end cuz he was covering the official acoustic version that can be seen an unplugged video performance and released as an audio track on I think it’s called “thank you” it says that on the cover of the album anyway. The problem is, the acoustic version has several extra chords in it that aren’t in the studio version even if the chords were right. But I’m just being a dick. He’s a young kid with amazing potential. I should stop being such a pretentious critical bastard when it comes to these things. Good job. And he doesn’t need a new guitar. I’ve taken beaten up literally unplayable pieces of shit given to me for free cuz the owner thought they weren’t playable anymore and made a few adjustments and now they sound great. All guitars can be brought back to life as long as there’s no structural damage and even then, if sentimental or valuable enough, with enough cash, anything’s possible. I like the guitar. You can tell it’s got life and it’s been though a journey. It gives it character. Anyway, nice job again.

Fabrizio Freitag : sounds a bit like seven mary three

girlhappy2u : your are amazing! Scott would be proud

Mo 2k : Lovely

Francis E Salazar : Young man needs a new guitar, but he’s got a lot of talent, job, well done

mikerafone music : that was cool bro lets blaze..

VACJ : He has a GREAT voice!!!

Joseph Rodney Cervantes, Jr. : maybe he's really scott weiland in disguise?

Kevin : Nice! That's a hard one to top bro.

Blank Canvas : woww... awesome !!

reeger mun : Holy Shit!

Garrett Ramsey : Get that kid a Gibson or a Martin

Arif Azad : And the guy really got the flavor... That grunge smell...!!! Oh I'm loving it... Wishing you a very good luck...

pochinucho : amazinggg, more videos of you can you sing interstate love song?? your name for look for you on youtube more videos

thewhiskeyrebel77 : Damn dood wanted to hear you play the bridge. Good job though.

YouTube_Nick : Kinda sounds like Darius Rucker a bit in the beginning

Luca Balestrieri : Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes !!!!!

Troy Alexander : Awesome

carlos colon : awesome

Andrés Salas : Awesoma!

Tyler Mckinnon : Looks like Scott has a long lost son 😮

diezeled : Nailed it with soul

Ryan Herrera : Brother..... \m/

Noah Drui : Scotty, where are you?

Marcus Wright : Dope!

David Altamirano : YO THIS DUDE IS PERFECT

Lou Palmasano : Nice Job ... screw the haters

Carlos Guardiola : Excelente voz y muy buena canción que me recuerda esos bellos tiempos de mi infancia

domtron88 : Chills

Allison Burwell : So dope

PublicWifi : Keep singing brother!

Bryan James Briones : How you do that growl?

Matthew Budz : Better the Jeff gutt

Zebulon Swearingen : Scott Weiland, not Layne Staley, may these excellent vocalists Rest In Peace. Layne is formerly of Alice In Chains, not Stone Temple Pilots. Scott Weiland would be proud.

No Budget Productions : Good stuff man