Two lynx screaming at each other on the road
Two Canadian lynx having a scream off

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Fricken' Fox : They sound so much like real people.

Zorin the Lynx : This is hilarious because domestic cats do exactly the same thing, just with a different voice. They just stand nose to nose and yell at each other at the top of their lungs for five minutes or more. I'm guessing it's a territorial dispute, but I almost never see it turn into actual fighting, usually just a quick swat and one of them runs off.

Crystal M : Imagine if you were camping out, and heard this at night! I'd have a heart attack!!!

visiblemode : New from Dreamworks studios, a tale about two Lynx twin brothers on a cross-country adventure. Starring Gilbert Godfrey as all the characters, just everyone.

Jeff Worth : can't we all just get along

Jax The Disintegrator : Probably talkin about formula 1, it explain the sounds they were making.


Barry Harkins : Sounds like kin fighting over the last sip of shine

upstart1234ify : Sounds like my wife in the morning!

William Pupo : Thank you Dan and Stugotz.

Sara Brothern : A visual representation of my relationship with my husband 😂

Carlos S : When thugs cry

Euphemistic : I somehow got here from the video of Tatum dunking on LeBron in game 7...

Matthew Sarfo-Barimah : When you wake up in the morning be like: 0:06

Tabby Catt : Thanks for sharing that was wild, almost surreal.😼😼

Denise Servais : Real audio footage of me on Monday morning

Mind Of An Empath : 😂😂😂😂

DanZam9 : Sports Car

Jamvo Enaje : Imagine hearing this in the woods when u hiking out alone.

david charles smith : I've heard weirded Sounds like this in the bush before! This could be it.

Marcus Lee : 10/10 Bes video


Mike Forti : Amazing. If you close your eyes and just listen... you'd swear you're watching "The View".

TheFangirlMusician : Sounds like my parents arguing

The Holy Mackerel : Is this a clip from “Drunk Girl Fails vol. 4”?

peacelord : They sound like Frank Oz as a cat.

enfelice : Time for phones to only have the landscape feature for filming as a default setting, other than that interesting video

Will Kriski : My Maine soon cat does something like this when other cats are outside, it sounds almost human

Joshua Lewis : 0:10 sounds like a child screaming "roar"

Ender Xanderion : I do not imagine 2 Nazi officer in call of duty ww2 fighthing over a donut I do not

slinkers111- IR UFOS CANADA : Obvious territory battle.

AuraOfTheQ : This just in, two teenage anime girls are powering up to fight in an epic battle!

That Random Encounter Guy : Every conversation on 4chan ever.

Fragile 72 : Sounds like my siblings arguing 😂😂😂

Catherine Diaz : My internal monologue at all hours of the day

AColonDashSix : Reminds me of the crowd right before kickoff

Mamma Dragon : I swear they’re saying ‘bruh’

strawberry redz : Mating season ? The female probably hiding lol!

garrett toney : They kind of sound like my grandma

tolpacourt : No wonder our ancestors believed in spirits, daemons.

Lynx DeVries : Sounds like me!

Anna K : >:-O O-:<

johnny b : This is Spart-RHAAAA!!!

Emma R : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

purplehaze743 : Yeah I've heard them at night and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up

KS 29 : They’re arguing about Yanny VS Laurel

The Coffey's : Lol!😂😂🤣

icywolfpaws36 : That’s not real. Yes most of it is. But the sound was altered

Adam Chopstick : Laurel all the way