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William Delany : The race is based on your theory that white people have a headstart in life because there parents stayed married and they had a father figure in there lives, who worked there socks off to pay for there education and to put food on the table , why not line up 100 black people and ask the same questions , but instead of telling the front group to turn around, tell the back group to look ahead and see wats possible with a solid foundation built on trust and security from having parents around and to put ur education before sport , being fast will only win you a Race at the end of the day. Im Irish we've had as bad and worse adversaries than the black people and feel strong connection with them, but if I could give them any advice it would be to stop looking for an excuse and someone to blame for every hurdle put in your way in life because you'll always find one and just tell yourself everyday you are good enough, you are better than people think, you will work hard every god giving day, you will set examples for those who look up to you, you will stand by and love your family no matter wat, YOU WILL WIN YOUR OWN RACE.... Much love.

Alexandra Nickole : He never said the video was about “white privilege”.

Drue Hale : Sad that so many people -- in the comments below -- edit: *and above* -- clearly missed the whole point of the exercise! Instead, they prefer to cling to their simplistic, knee-jerk miss-conceptions and rationalizations! Ignorance must _seem to be_ 'Bliss' for them!

Nicholas Shah : it moves me so much, I am happy that there is this person who brought this to this young people

강서원 : You shouldn't take this as an attack, if you're privileged. Take it as a message. Help the people around you, don't leave good people behind, fight for everyone, not just yourself. Not everyone has the same opportunity, and you could help them get closer to what you have.

Ghostdoctor : I'm black, and I would have taken every step forward. Not because I had any of those things, but because it would have put me ahead. That's what you have to do when you're disadvantaged in life. You play the game and you get ahead. You don't wait for white people to look back and pity you.

Abc Defg : Wow this was really deep but a really good way to open eyes to those that are given many opportunities from the jump so they had no reason to see things from a different view

Bruklyn A : The best visual presentation of what ppl mean when they speak about white privilege. I would just like to further point out that yes although there were a cpl white kids in the far back never being able to step up...in reality they still posses privilege. Their white skin will get them a job that a more qualified or as qualified black person is refused (base solely on color), often helping them in court to not receive as harsh a sentence as a black person, qualifies them for services not even offered to black ppl by social workers, school admin., justice system, etc., and gives them a pass when a police officer is out to find a criminal with no description. Basically if two black and white males r standing next to each other the officer most likely will presume the black male is the culprit.

Live Like Layla : Ok but who ended up winning?

Anthony Harvey : all i ask is change the scenario slightly. what if the race was 100miles instead of 100m.

David Ellis : The privilege I see in this video is not the colour of their skin, it's the difference of hard work and dedication their parents put into giving their children the best start. Didn't you notice the kids at the back come from broken homes, and ues it's a damn same majority of them have more pigmented skin but for me what is realy sad is the lack of acknowledgement of the lighter skinned kids standing there. I don't know if it's because of the trick photography that only gives a breif glimpse instead of focusing on their pain as they do other's or it's just plain ignorance because their skin colour give the false impression of privilege / oppressor.

XclusiveChiq : Im a black woman who wouldve been at the front of line lol but my college was free due to merit not athletic ability... idk what he meant with that line

Boxhawk : I wonder how many of the people in that race actually said to themselves: "I am going to be a loving spouse and a parent to my children and give them every advantage I possibly can"

Danny Fullilove : Privilege is not what is shown in this video. Just because your parents make good decisions, plan their futures, work hard and stick together for a common goal is not privilege. The fact your father could keep his dick in his pants and does not cheat on your mum making the marriage/family unit stay together is not privilege.

Maikel Parra : Now this is a funny video .

ramon torres : Let’s shame white people for having responsible parents...

Andria Gaskins : I am a mother with two black sons, and they would have been at the front of the line and won that hundred dollars easily. This video is not about white privilege.This video is not about race, It's about life. Life isn't fair, and it is up to each individual to make the best of whatever circumstances they are handed. You can't give up just because you don't have, and you can't judge just because you do. You can't disregard the validity of this video just because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

EdwinFc YTube : I need a answer to mt homework. What is thia video about?

Jim Miller : Almost every thing mentioned, parents staying together through hard times, parents working to educate their children, and so on, are the results of parents working hard and sacrificing for their children. So in the final analysis privilege is due to better parenting. I thought of this while I watched a mother and her young daughter dance on the hood of a police car during the recent St. Louis riots. I'm damn proud of my privilege and hope to also privilege my children. REPLY

Sylvester Morgan : Must watch video response from a guy who started at the back of the race. A different perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rONeWUSeAyg

Keith Burley : I think the biggest life lesson to be learned would be for those kids who maybe chose not to race, or chose to run hard as hell after they saw the leads that the other kids had gained. There is a message that should have been particularly given to them.

Malcolm X : Anyone noticed the whites in the back? However, it is important to note that the number of whites in the back only represent the small percentage of most whites (meaning a greater percentage started at an advantage compared to most non-whites).

AmericanGoonerMax : This is a study/race of who is the richest kid is out there.

kraftpr : WOW!!! Nothing I can say.

sevenzdown : Good parenting benefits the children receiving it. In 2017, this is a powerful and insightful message. *sigh*

TheSithTrooper : So good choices made by your parents count toward your privileged life. My parents that didn’t get divorced and both went to college didn’t have any of my so called privileges. They worked their asses off with two jobs to pay for college, med school and law school. Just because you are gonna be the first to work your ass off to get to be where my parents are and leave your kids as good as i have it make you a victim. Get to work, keep working, don’t stop.

Art Moves Everyone : point of this video: Help those who are less fortunate.  Not white privelge, not anything divisive.  Just help those who are less fortunate.

BT Murica : Notice how they highlight the black kids in the back but not the white kids. Being disadvantaged doesn't discriminate. I know quite a few privileged black people. It's a two way street Asshole! stop the race baiting pity party.

dichromatism : i've been abused, used, sold, traded, broken, threatened, left for dead, poverty ridden all my life, & homeless. i've had to scrap, tear, & fight my way off the streets that want to keep you there. competition is the way of the world, it will never change. prayers don't help for shit. videos won't change anything. i've also given my time, my ill health, my money, a listening ear, friendship, & help. but the biggest lesson i've learned in life is that there is no such thing as karma, & u don't get back what you give. even better than me ended up sold into human trafficking or dead young. the biggest lesson in life is everything is for sale. why? b/c everyone's gotta eat and resources are scarce around the world. fact. and not enough jobs for all humans who need to eat. fact. not really any solutions yet for humanity, despite evolving from homo erectus and homo neanderthalensis. some evolution, eh? worse international crime now than ever. more poverty now than ever. & talk about privilege? we have access to books, computers (most, at least libraries), grass, trees, & running water in the U.S. do we practice enough what even some groups try to teach of giving back? not really. mass overpopulation & rising means more people to help. with less resources. are u going to give up your last of anything as you get poorer when you get extremely old and healthcare/medical care is a wasteland? who actually is going to volunteer to die first? because isn't that the real issue at hand? money buys time. money buys less fear. money will never buy equality. even anthropologists now know our ancestors had a class system. it's how we evolved to survive the extremes of planet earth. you really think this think tank has done their research to reach people on a deeply cellular psychological level to bypass our fight/flight survival response of Millennia? no. they are appealing to us on an emotional level, using an elementary school tactic. hoping that they can trigger a childhood, emotional response. i suggest not watching this and actually listening to someone's pain on social media or a support forum or doing your own volunteer work. if you carry any guilt at all about how we are all treating those in a lower social class than us. because there is always someone lower who suffers worse in the world. at least if you're reading this, there is.

NekoToshio : This video lacks nuance. I see what they're trying to do, but the message falls short.

BShynaz Legacy Movement : ‪ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 6 YEAR OLD? https://youtu.be/GJY4ULZicc0 ‬

meow017 : Solid. I know this guy and this place.. solid as they come.

Sunny Day : I bet usain bolt could have won't his race

dfctomm : You have to love the way the coach instructed them to disregard an advantage bestowed by athletic ability. You white people and your advantages are wrong and evil, but the advantage that black guy has? Let's just disregard that.

DRN : If you need the government to make laws giving you an advantage and making it law that a company had to hire an equal number of non white and women in order to get ahead because you are not capable of doing it on your own merit and abilities please take two steps ahead. There now only white males are in the back.

yidy1 : The general idea is that this reveals how racial disparities in society are the result of people starting out with unearned advantages. But is that what this clip is actually showing? The commentary is explicitly racial but the questions are all about having a two-parent family and a steady income to pay the bills and put food on the table. The coach is correct that the young people themselves aren’t directly responsible for any of these advantages. What he doesn’t say is that all of these advantages nevertheless come from someone’s individual choices. Whose fault is it that some people don’t have married parents or a father figure in the home? That’s the father’s fault or maybe it’s the mother’s fault or maybe both of them are at fault. You know who is not at fault? The fathers and mothers of the other kids on the field, the ones whose parents got married and stayed married. As for private education, tutors, cell phones, tuition and the next meal, all of those advantages are far more likely in a two-parent home. And here I’m not claiming marriage itself is some kind of magic, but having a home with two parents means more money and more time for kids. As we’ve already said, neither subset of young people on the field are directly responsible for those advantages, but their parents are directly responsible. You know what else helps with those financial issues? Parents who finished high school and went to college. Again, that’s not up to the people running this race, but it is (or was) up to their parents. Did they drop out and get a dead end job? Did they go to night school and get a GED or a college degree? It makes a big difference when it comes to the advantages their kids will have later in life. When I see this video I essentially see someone glossing over all those hard choices and difficult experiences that made it possible for many of those kids to have advantages in life. And yes, it also glosses over the poor choices of the some of the parents who didn’t stick around for their kids. One commenter on YouTube suggested you could do this same stunt with just black participants. Or you could do this with just white participants. Either way, you’d have some people with advantages and some people without them but it would be clear those were the result of individual choices made by their parents, not pre-determined by race. https://hotair.com/archives/2017/10/14/100-race-really-tell-us/

Kourtney V : Wow.. this was a pleasure to watch and pointed out a truth that we know exist. For anyone who is nit picking the video apart, they truly just don't get it. We're all in a race, we all have to run, but some of us have privileges that others don't. Whether it be racial or financial privilege, it doesn't matter... it exist and it's a real issues.

Jeff Hays : if you are privileged this does not mean that you will not make it in life and what does "not make it life" actually mean? what if said person was content in achieving goals other than joining the rat race? This video makes no sense actually.

newbirthanswers : This is a great video to show all single people considering living a promiscuous life. It is a testimony to what single parents do to their kids because of immoral choices. What fathers do that desert their wives. We should celebrate the advantage given to these who had the advantages because their parents made good decisions.. and those who did not have that advantage to learn from their mistakes, rather than shaming those who are ahead. We need to help and be sympathetic to everyone. Absolutely. However the lesson here is the value of someone is giving a child by virtue of a two parent, stable home with a father.

DenmarkRadar : Take as many steps forward for positive or backward for negative as you are granted on your SAT score... How about that question? Show the actual true systemic racial discrimination.

Moocyfer 2.0 : I absolutely love this because I have met far too many people who say they've done it all on their own mean while mommy and daddy co-sign their mortgage paid for their education paid for their car all they did was show up meanwhile I'm working at the same job paying off tens of thousands of dollars of student loan paying a small fortune to rent and being told by these spoiled entitled people that clearly it's my fault because I've made poor decisions when a 22 year old who owns a home is looking at a 35 year old who still paying off a student loan clearly it is not about decisions it is about privilege

TheDaftySage : This video is so stupid. This is the kind of crap you get when people who think they are intelligent try to make a point. So many false premises here in this "lesson".

Anna Myllymäki : I live so not unfair life. I have all. I have family and home together. I have food, water, everything. If you live like me think how you can help peoples who live in chaos. Sorry my bad english but i just want to say that you can chance the world, you can chance others lifes, and you can make good happens. Please think now, not tomorrow.

Bruh Nigga : My YouTube name is a name I shouldn't have. I am a white boy but I'd still be at the start of the line with people in front of me. What I'm trying to say is that not always is it race that can distinguish us apart.

Just Briana : "I'm white and I'm not privileged". Having a bed to sleep in and water to drink is a privilege. Don't feel attacked, be grateful. White people are offered more opportunities and a better life then any other race. I've literally seen it as I grow up.

MrDaffysci : His statements are about privilege in general. Access to money, 2 parent household, lack of hardship, adequate education resources.He only mentions race because in many african american communities or impoverished neighborhoods these are some of the critical things which cause people difficulty in reaching their own finish line. Don't get all in your feelings because you choose to not see your privilege.

K Walling : Hilary did it. Lock her up! Lock her up!

ArvelDreth : Literally none of those advantages came from being white or black. It has to do with how they grew up. It isn't a black thing to have divorced parents. It isn't a black thing to be uneducated. It isn't a black thing to be poor. All of those things come from growing up in a single parent house-hold. That's a decision individual people make because of how they feel. But it has a huge impact on how your children will do in the future. If you get together and have kids and then separate, especially early on, and you leave one person to take care of the kids by themselves, they immediately have a massive disadvantage in their life going forward. If it really was just about race, and that by itself had such an influence on your chances of success, there wouldn't be Nigerian immigrants -- who came to the U.S. not even knowing English -- in colleges like Yale. In fact, when you tell black people that the odds are stacked against them from the outset and there is nothing they can do about it, that is going to set them up for even greater failure. Obviously everyone needs to know that racism is out there and it's horrible. But telling any group of people that the vast majority of the people who have control over their chances of success are out to keep them down, what do you think that does to their motivation and ambition? It's awfully ironic that these people talking about racism and trying to be virtuous by recognizing that black people aren't doing as well are actually contributing to this self-defeating mindset that a lot of young black people have that puts them in this position of disadvantage.

logan mantz : You have to deserve what you want

Ree Prodigy : Reminds me of a Jane Elliot exercise . Clutch! Smoke all of u!! Factssss!