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BaraZulu : I'm black, and I would have taken every step forward. Not because I had any of those things, but because it would have put me ahead. That's what you have to do when you're disadvantaged in life. You play the game and you get ahead. You don't wait for white people to look back and pity you.

강서원 : You shouldn't take this as an attack, if you're privileged. Take it as a message. Help the people around you, don't leave good people behind, fight for everyone, not just yourself. Not everyone has the same opportunity, and you could help them get closer to what you have.

ZGM_ Solace : I had no father figure, constant worry of bills, some nights i went to bed hungry, and did not have access to a private education and tutor like this man said. I am white, but told i have a headstart because of my race. This man is clearly stating things based on wealth and not race, heck if you notice near the end of his list you can see one white guy still at the back.

Andria Gaskins : I am a mother with two black sons, and they would have been at the front of the line and won that hundred dollars easily. This video is not about white privilege.This video is not about race, It's about life. Life isn't fair, and it is up to each individual to make the best of whatever circumstances they are handed. You can't give up just because you don't have, and you can't judge just because you do. You can't disregard the validity of this video just because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Ben's Boring Videos : As well intentioned as this is, this is actually really patronizing and assuming of a stereotypes toward black people. First, clearly it's rehearsed and this man has done this same teaching exercise with other groups of kids, which makes the line "If this were a fair race and you were all back at the starting line, I guarantee you some of these black dudes would smoke all of you" off-putting. So what is he assuming here? The people that are still at the back of the line, essentially the ones that come from broken homes, must be the black people? And of course they must also be the fastest runners of the group? Also the line "take 2 steps forward if it wasn't because of your athletic ability that you don't have to pay for college" is equally offensive. Getting a college scholarship due to athletic ability is actually a pretty big deal and doesn't happen to very many people, so it certainly shouldn't count as a disadvantage in your life if you were able to get free college tuition because of it. It was just a really obvious line he threw in there under this horrible presumption that the only reason a black person would get free college tuition was if they had a sports scholarship. This is just completely tone-deaf in its presentation. It's clearly about race but it seems like he was too scared to just come out and say it, so he beat around the bush with a lot of offensive stereotypes about black people and didn't recognize he was over compensating and being offensive in the process. And no I'm not saying that white privilege doesn't exist, but this just reminds me of something Michael Scott would do. Just watch the Office for any interchange between Michael Scott and Stanley Hudson or Darryl Philbin and you'll know what I'm talking about.... "Dinkin' Flicka"

Drue Hale : Sad that so many people -- in the comments below -- edit: *and above* -- clearly missed the whole point of the exercise! Instead, they prefer to cling to their simplistic, knee-jerk miss-conceptions and rationalizations! Ignorance must _seem to be_ 'Bliss' for them!

William Delany : The race is based on your theory that white people have a headstart in life because there parents stayed married and they had a father figure in there lives, who worked there socks off to pay for there education and to put food on the table , why not line up 100 black people and ask the same questions , but instead of telling the front group to turn around, tell the back group to look ahead and see wats possible with a solid foundation built on trust and security from having parents around and to put ur education before sport , being fast will only win you a Race at the end of the day. Im Irish we've had as bad and worse adversaries than the black people and feel strong connection with them, but if I could give them any advice it would be to stop looking for an excuse and someone to blame for every hurdle put in your way in life because you'll always find one and just tell yourself everyday you are good enough, you are better than people think, you will work hard every god giving day, you will set examples for those who look up to you, you will stand by and love your family no matter wat, YOU WILL WIN YOUR OWN RACE.... Much love.

Madeleine Martinez : A lot of these statements dont have anything to do with race.

Matthew Charles : Take two steps forward if you grew up in a two parent household. Take two steps backward if your parents fought almost every night. Take two steps forward if your father didn’t abandon you. Take two steps backward if he set forth unreasonable, unattainable and demoralizing expectations. Take two steps forward if you never had to help Mom or Dad with the bills. Take two steps backwards if you never saw your parents because they were too busy working their asses off. My point is I’m never going to criticize your issues and rationalize your failures, so don’t sit there and assume that just due to the color of my skin I didn’t have a few of my own.

Lebron James : Let me share what I took from this video, This video is about showing that some people get head-starts in life whether it be because race or not, it’s showing that you shouldn’t take those head starts and privileges for granted. No there is nothing wrong with having happily married parents or wealthy families, but what is wrong is for you to turn around and talk about how hard life is for you when there is people out there going through something a lot worse, life is one big race and just because you’re at the back of the line doesn’t mean you can’t win. If you work hard for what you want and believe you can achieve it guess what it is possible. I hate how some people think it’s cool to “be from the hood” that doesn’t make you cool, you know what does? Getting out of the hood and wanting a better life don’t always listen to what people can tell you if you believe you can do it then it is possible, the only person on this planet you should ever worry about letting down is yourself because if you don’t respect yourself no one else should either.

ArvelDreth : Literally none of those advantages came from being white or black. It has to do with how they grew up. It isn't a black thing to have divorced parents. It isn't a black thing to be uneducated. It isn't a black thing to be poor. All of those things come from growing up in a single parent house-hold. That's a decision individual people make because of how they feel. But it has a huge impact on how your children will do in the future. If you get together and have kids and then separate, especially early on, and you leave one person to take care of the kids by themselves, they immediately have a massive disadvantage in their life going forward. If it really was just about race, and that by itself had such an influence on your chances of success, there wouldn't be Nigerian immigrants -- who came to the U.S. not even knowing English -- in colleges like Yale. In fact, when you tell black people that the odds are stacked against them from the outset and there is nothing they can do about it, that is going to set them up for even greater failure. Obviously everyone needs to know that racism is out there and it's horrible. But telling any group of people that the vast majority of the people who have control over their chances of success are out to keep them down, what do you think that does to their motivation and ambition? It's awfully ironic that these people talking about racism and trying to be virtuous by recognizing that black people aren't doing as well are actually contributing to this self-defeating mindset that a lot of young black people have that puts them in this position of disadvantage.

XclusiveChiq : Im a black woman who wouldve been at the front of line lol but my college was free due to merit not athletic ability... idk what he meant with that line

Leland Kinsella : I didn't see any Asians on that field! Asians who used to live in a grass hut in Cambodia come here alone and penniless still manage to become MORE successful than white people in this country! Quit teaching our youth all this victimhood crap!

jclen49 : Cultural Marxism as taught by a Social Justice Warrior.

BShynaz Legacy Movement : If you didn’t learn anything from this activity. You a fool!

Eric Adam : It's funny how racist this is, not living in a two parent household, not having a father, having to sacrifice childhood just help your single mom, having to worry about your next meal or phone, not being able afford college expect for being an athlete, and other things a loving parent should do but did not than equating all that to black people. As a black man pretty mad a this video basically saying the black people make terrible parents. Because both my parents in instill love and discipline in to me and my siblings and taught us that with out working hard your not going nowhere. Pretty much I'd be standing in the front next to the people who had actually loving parents.

FreezinFury : YES BUT WHO WON THE $100 ?

Kourtney V : Wow.. this was a pleasure to watch and pointed out a truth that we know exist. For anyone who is nit picking the video apart, they truly just don't get it. We're all in a race, we all have to run, but some of us have privileges that others don't. Whether it be racial or financial privilege, it doesn't matter... it exist and it's a real issues.

JusticeCracker : So I'd be in the back to and im white. Also i see people taking different lengths in steps. People taking long and wide and some who are in the back that move take babysteps. And people taking this serious when all you need is a group of people that are in on it. Acting like videos cant be faked or something. For some of them would i take steps back? I never had a cell phone until this year.

rd0676 : Life can be hard if you're white, but it'll never because you're white

Ninja Dilly : The guy who was setting up the race (camp counselor?) and giving the instructions is the purest definition of a racist. What an idiotic comment he made at 2:59. Foolish, unnecessary, inappropriate, ad racist. He just destroyed everything he was trying to accomplish with that inane remark. At the end......"If you didn't learn something from this,'re a fool". SAID THE FOOL.

Deus Ex Machina : This is classic Marxist propaganda. He artificially creates a victim/oppressed class versus the elite/oppressor class. That's straight out of the Karl Marx handbook. All of those people were on the same starting line before he started segmenting them. All of those people had an equal start for that $100 until he decided to create a victim class. In the end, he made everyone feel bad and/or ashamed. He left the people on the starting line with the impression that no matter how hard they try they'll have to have an 'elite', someone further ahead, help them to achieve anything meaningful...which is absolutely FALSE. He left the people in front feeling ashamed for a GIFT their parents WORKED HARD to provide them. The announcer could have said that's the kind of privilege that they should ALL be working toward for their kids and everyone else.

TJ RICHTv : I' and I don't need a athletic ability to go to college all the knowledge is in my head

sevenzdown : Good parenting benefits the children receiving it. In 2017, this is a powerful and insightful message. *sigh*

Abc Defg : Wow this was really deep but a really good way to open eyes to those that are given many opportunities from the jump so they had no reason to see things from a different view

Anoop Kumar Narayanan : Its simple propaganda to make those people who have a better life feel bad and/or psychologically manipulate them to back down because some other people didn't have a similar life. Also, how many of those people standing in the back were Native Americans ?

c dubya : So because my parents and their parents before them, chose hard work at jobs they didn't necessarily enjoy, motivation, living BELOW their means and making personal and financial sacrifices in order to save enough money so that I could live a slightly better life, I somehow am "privileged" as a result? I'm doing the same for my daughter. If those of you who like to complain about the "privilege" of others want more for your children... choose hard work (even at jobs you may not like), motivation DAILY, live BELOW your means (that means less nice things for yourself and saving ALL of your extra money for your kids' future), and making personal and financial sacrifices (i.e. NOT signing up for a loan you CAN'T afford on the Car or Home of your DREAMS and settling for a reliable and sturdy vehicle or home) so that your children can benefit from the PRIVILEGE of YOUR SACRIFICES and HARD WORK during their lives. Excuses are just that. Break the cycle, and be the change you wish to see in the world, because blaming others and pointing fingers for the sins of your parents won't ever benefit you. Your life will have to SUCK for your children's lives to be better. Now... can you get over yourself and what you think you need and want so that your kids can benefit from a lifetime of your blood, sweat and tears? Or will they wonder what the hell their mom and dad did with their lives? If you have kids and your every THOUGHT isn't about preparing for THEIR futures... then you're doing it wrong.

vampuricknight1 : I'm a white guy who would have taken two steps through all of this... where is my privilege again? This isn't a racial issue... this is a financial wealth issue. A black woman who comes from a rich family will likely take most of the steps forward. While a white man who comes from a poor family will likely take few or no steps forward.

iBatman : This video is insulting to its audience, because it assumes that you, the viewer, are too stupid to understand the nuance between “access” and “possess.” Every single American teen should have been moving to the majority of those questions. Supplant in a teenager from Venezuela, and then you’d see real privilege. Privilege is not based on physical traits you can’t change, it's based on traits that you can change...such as location. Which is why you have hundreds of thousands of people trying to immigrate into the USA every single year.

Bruklyn A : The best visual presentation of what ppl mean when they speak about white privilege. I would just like to further point out that yes although there were a cpl white kids in the far back never being able to step reality they still posses privilege. Their white skin will get them a job that a more qualified or as qualified black person is refused (base solely on color), often helping them in court to not receive as harsh a sentence as a black person, qualifies them for services not even offered to black ppl by social workers, school admin., justice system, etc., and gives them a pass when a police officer is out to find a criminal with no description. Basically if two black and white males r standing next to each other the officer most likely will presume the black male is the culprit.

NekoToshio : This video lacks nuance. I see what they're trying to do, but the message falls short.

VRoll Roll : Christ taught us ALL about personal responsibility!!!

Shadow_the_wolf Olive : In school we watched this. We watched it bc of this book called "The Outsiders". We also did an activity. The Socs had all the advantages. All of them. The Greasers had all this disadvantages. If I was in this race, I would've taken maybe 2 steps. But that's right now. Now in the future, I probably won't be taking any steps. I do not have a job yet but I know that in the future I will be having to help my mother with the bills. I never met my father. This race, in my opinion, is very touching. Society is still very racist.

Sola of The Dawn The Dawn : You see how everyone at the beginning of the video were exited and happy for the experience, but when they saw what it was about the atmosphere changed 360 degree, it's when they realized how cruel life is

logan mantz : This shows how people are ignorant nowadays You have to work to be successful it doesn’t matter what your parents did Ignorant ass people I swear

TJdontplay : Does a long dramatic video on who is further than who in life via “privilege”..... using students who all attend the same exact university.. Any one else see the irony? It seems obvious to me that they all ended up in the same place (college) regardless of start.

TechnocraticDreadnought : Am I the only one that has an eerie hunch that the people that shot that clip have a sjw, communist, etc. agenda? It seems to me, that they are also trying to essentially brainwash people into guilt and self hatred. PS. Life is NOT a race(pun somewhat intended). PPS. Although it seems to me that they want to turn this whole thing into a "whites have more privilege than everyone else-thing"; Look at 3:18, etc. ...there seem to be more "whites" at the beginning of this "privilege-race" than others ...well it's just an observation i made.... think of it what you want.

jambi : leftist bullshit

Michael Gutierrez : “This Race called Life?” Message to this imbecile that is speaking, what you are portraying as life is NOT LIFE. You are damaging all of these kids and everyone who listening. You victimize the minorities and guilt the others. This is a very sick ideology that has infected our society with this poison! If your idea was to point out that the diversity of the human experience being different but the same. Or even that lives are all connected through our (journey)race, I could grasp that! You find this powerful, to pose a paradigm where you manipulate the rules of life? I would have started at the finish line as well by your standard I had no chance at this race. The picture of life as you put it! You are foolish to think that because these kids did not have a picture-perfect home life it dictates their future. You are foolish to think that because these kids with a picture-perfect home life they don’t have any struggle and all of the opportunity. You’re wrong and our history proves it! Today we have many examples of this, Michael Jordan. MJ is the iconic symbol of perfection and skill of excellence. Many examples of this exist today. Your standards of life did not apply. These standards do; hard work, commitment, positive attitude, no drugs, practice, education, never quit and fight for your dream! We all have the life we accept because we won’t fight for the life we want! Young people do not become victims become victorious, fight for your life, dreams, and inspire others!

newsmthjoke : So Asian American students should be punished by Affirmative Action because their parents worked hard to give them good education? Insane.

Zapata Rockinton : I saw my BEST FRIEND IN THIS VIDEO AHHHH BOOOOSSSHHHHHH that my best friend

Done Bopped : I’m Black and I stepped forward on every question

Sunny Day : THIS IS FAKE!

Shadowhunter : Okay, so what if one of the African Americans at the back is, I dunno, good at athletics, isn't that privilege as well? Of course people are not equal, that's an indomitable fact of nature. The best you can do is allow everyone to race, the second you start penalizing some forms of privilege over others, you artificially create inequality, thus contradicting your own initial moral position

alfarom101 : Humm, so what if this was just what it was , a race? Would we then also call men privileged over women, just because on average they are stronger? What about people who grew up at high altitude, whose bodies can transport more oxygen? Are they privileged? This is the lottery of life. Second item that is completely missed here, is that of the successful people I know, most had to really fight to get there ...not getting an easy ride often builds character, determination, work ethic ... to be honest, this is really just giving people a guilt trip, because their parents made hard choices and sacrifices ... and giving others an excuse instead of motivation.

Myke D : It's interesting that he ignores the fact that over 80% of the highest paid athletes in the World are black and Hispanic. This guy is saying that making money and being wealthy is what it means to "win this game called life". Encouraging black kids to think they'll never succeed in life because they are nothing but victims. Gee, what a great video.

Garrett Lees : This type of cultural Marxist indoctrination is so psychologically damaging to all these kids. First of all, it's a vicious lie what this man is teaching our kids. He should be jailed for child abuse. At the very least he should be fired. The damage caused by this type of vicious lie is, in most cases, irreparable. It gives all kids, both white and black, a complex. Here is what SHOULD be taught instead: "Ok, everyone, you're racing for $100, but what I say next will determine how many steps forward you get to take. Ok? Here goes: (1) If you go to class everyday and pay attention, take two steps forward; (2) If you do your homework every night, take another two steps forward; (3) If you don't smoke marijuana, take another two steps forward; (4) If you obey the law and don't hang out in a gang of troublemakers and cause problems, take another two steps forward; (5) If you have an after-school job -- whether it's baby-sitting or making corn dogs at the Corn Dog Hut -- where you learn personal responsibility and to show up on time and to learn basic business practices and ethics, take five steps forward; (6) If you eat right -- lots of heart-healthy veggies and not fried fatty foods with high poly-unsaturated oils and fats, and you drink water instead of cola, take another step forward; (7) If you don't smoke cigarettes, take another step forward; (8) If you're not pregnant or planning to get pregnant until you're married, take three steps forward; (9) If you clean your room and make your bed everyday, take another step forward; and the number one MOST IMPORTANT thing: (10) If you completely understand that your actions are your own, you're responsible for your own actions, and that the previous nine items listed above have absolutely NOTHING to do with your skin color, where you came from, what community you live in, how your father treats your mother, what your history is, or what society is trying to tell you who you are like this piece of shit teacher is trying to do -- and EVERYTHING to do with your own mind and your own personality and your own character, and what you do to develop it, then take 100 steps forward!"

D WILZ : It's not about just you... it's about the majority... everybody keep saying I grew up like this or I grew up like that... it was set up to be like this.. conditioning, drugs, projects, prisons for small crimes, those help divide the families but all you see in the end the results of...

Bruklyn A : Deep

Dreams : this quality though