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Anonymous Wolfie : I got kicked out of a group on Facebook because I'm black and pointed out the camera man focusing on the blacks and ignoring the whites and Latinos standing in the back line that out number the blacks in the back and the whites up front. They deleted my comment and kicked me out. Race-baiting is racism! And kicking out the only black that sees racism against whites. You can see on the pull back if you watch it more than once, whites out number the others in the back. We're seeing through the crap. Y'all need to wake up!!!

Danny Fullilove : Privilege is not what is shown in this video. Just because your parents make good decisions, plan their futures, work hard and stick together for a common goal is not privilege. The fact your father could keep his dick in his pants and does not cheat on your mum making the marriage/family unit stay together is not privilege.

V Roll : Christ taught us ALL about personal responsibility!!!

Deus Ex Machina : This is classic Marxist propaganda. He artificially creates a victim/oppressed class versus the elite/oppressor class. That's straight out of the Karl Marx handbook. All of those people were on the same starting line before he started segmenting them. All of those people had an equal start for that $100 until he decided to create a victim class. In the end, he made everyone feel bad and/or ashamed. He left the people on the starting line with the impression that no matter how hard they try they'll have to have an 'elite', someone further ahead, help them to achieve anything meaningful...which is absolutely FALSE. He left the people in front feeling ashamed for a GIFT their parents WORKED HARD to provide them. The announcer could have said that's the kind of privilege that they should ALL be working toward for their kids and everyone else.

Bruklyn A : Deep

sevenzdown : Good parenting benefits the children receiving it. In 2017, this is a powerful and insightful message. *sigh*

Sunny Day : THIS IS FAKE!

FreezinFury : YES BUT WHO WON THE $100 ?

JusticeCracker : So I'd be in the back to and im white. Also i see people taking different lengths in steps. People taking long and wide and some who are in the back that move take babysteps. And people taking this serious when all you need is a group of people that are in on it. Acting like videos cant be faked or something. For some of them would i take steps back? I never had a cell phone until this year.

ArvelDreth : Literally none of those advantages came from being white or black. It has to do with how they grew up. It isn't a black thing to have divorced parents. It isn't a black thing to be uneducated. It isn't a black thing to be poor. All of those things come from growing up in a single parent house-hold. That's a decision individual people make because of how they feel. But it has a huge impact on how your children will do in the future. If you get together and have kids and then separate, especially early on, and you leave one person to take care of the kids by themselves, they immediately have a massive disadvantage in their life going forward. If it really was just about race, and that by itself had such an influence on your chances of success, there wouldn't be Nigerian immigrants -- who came to the U.S. not even knowing English -- in colleges like Yale. In fact, when you tell black people that the odds are stacked against them from the outset and there is nothing they can do about it, that is going to set them up for even greater failure. Obviously everyone needs to know that racism is out there and it's horrible. But telling any group of people that the vast majority of the people who have control over their chances of success are out to keep them down, what do you think that does to their motivation and ambition? It's awfully ironic that these people talking about racism and trying to be virtuous by recognizing that black people aren't doing as well are actually contributing to this self-defeating mindset that a lot of young black people have that puts them in this position of disadvantage.

NekoToshio : This video lacks nuance. I see what they're trying to do, but the message falls short.

DenmarkRadar : Take as many steps forward for positive or backward for negative as you are granted on your SAT score... How about that question? Show the actual true systemic racial discrimination.

Leland Kinsella : So is it white privilege or is it the privilege of having parents who made good decisions in raising children??

jambi : leftist bullshit

TJ RICHTv : I' and I don't need a athletic ability to go to college all the knowledge is in my head

Jude Linton : That's deep

ZGM_ Solace : I had no father figure, constant worry of bills, some nights i went to bed hungry, and did not have access to a private education and tutor like this man said. I am white, but told i have a headstart because of my race. This man is clearly stating things based on wealth and not race, heck if you notice near the end of his list you can see one white guy still at the back.

DRN : I'm a 40 year old white guy and grew up my first 10 years living in a house with no water or electricity. My whole life in poverty in fact until I moved out and left my family. If this little bullshit game started properly it would start with if "If you never had to shit in a five gallon bucket or walk to a pump and pump pails full of water so that you can carry them home to drink and bath then take two steps forward". At the end of this bullshit game there would be one white male standing way in the back. Keyon, did you ever have to lay rabbit snares at the age of 8 and walk around your home in the dead of winter freezing your feet from lack of heat white the mop is frozen to the floor in the corner of the bedroom? If not then take two steps forward and shut the fuck up.

Adamantiis : "Every Statement i made has nothing to do with anything any of you have ever done" This is why you must bear the undeserving guilt and be shafted so the "underprivileged" can be on top. Oh the motherfucking hypocrisy... How about instead of having the so called "privileged" taking steps back in live (like denying them college entry because your racial quota is not met), you help the underprivileged by educating them on good parenting and actual education. You know, the things they lacked in those questions? Current society is solving this problem by handing them the hundred dollar bill without really taking ANY steps. So fuck this blind shit test praying on people's emotions and guilt tripping them.

William Delany : The race is based on your theory that white people have a headstart in life because there parents stayed married and they had a father figure in there lives, who worked there socks off to pay for there education and to put food on the table , why not line up 100 black people and ask the same questions , but instead of telling the front group to turn around, tell the back group to look ahead and see wats possible with a solid foundation built on trust and security from having parents around and to put ur education before sport , being fast will only win you a Race at the end of the day. Im Irish we've had as bad and worse adversaries than the black people and feel strong connection with them, but if I could give them any advice it would be to stop looking for an excuse and someone to blame for every hurdle put in your way in life because you'll always find one and just tell yourself everyday you are good enough, you are better than people think, you will work hard every god giving day, you will set examples for those who look up to you, you will stand by and love your family no matter wat, YOU WILL WIN YOUR OWN RACE.... Much love.

Zapata Rockinton : I saw my BEST FRIEND IN THIS VIDEO AHHHH BOOOOSSSHHHHHH that my best friend

Deborah Harpster : I agree with the premise of this experiment...however, I believe you still made it about race and not privilege. In reality I stepped ONE time. Does that mean I am not that mean I am it means is we have two choices. We work harder to accomplish the same thing because we don't have privilege and the drive is either stronger to NOT fail or we give up and fail and blame others. I think the comments about the blacks at the back (assuming all at the back are not white or any other race) and the fact that they are historically good runners ruins your entire premise.

Live Dog Dead Lion : Powerful!

ROSA : I love this

AntiTroll101 : moral of story: if you're a black man don't walk out on your kid Also yeah I acknowledge segregation fucked over thousands of black families for generations, but as a white man I have absolutely no moral obligation to give them cash just because they were born into a shitty situation. Otherwise I would also have to give cash to people with mental illnesses, people with short stature, and people who are discriminated against because of their religion.

Karen Alderisio : I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood, raised my by mom, money wasn't really a concern, and yet I still would've ended up in the back based on these questions. As an adult, I've already lived most of my life, so this isn't relevant to me now, but if I were a teen participating in this, it would've made me feel awful and confused.

Bruklyn A : The best visual presentation of what ppl mean when they speak about white privilege. I would just like to further point out that yes although there were a cpl white kids in the far back never being able to step reality they still posses privilege. Their white skin will get them a job that a more qualified or as qualified black person is refused (base solely on color), often helping them in court to not receive as harsh a sentence as a black person, qualifies them for services not even offered to black ppl by social workers, school admin., justice system, etc., and gives them a pass when a police officer is out to find a criminal with no description. Basically if two black and white males r standing next to each other the officer most likely will presume the black male is the culprit.

black vaughan : The people in the front where laughing and talking.. till he said turn around. Then they was like wow. But its not there falt. They parents mad good choices.. but they parents. Had opportunity two make good choices. But for the people in the back .. you have two Make hard . If you won't to eat or go two jail. And with prison.. on your file it hard two make a good life.. but it's the way the world works.. just suck it's like that.

BT Murica : Notice how they highlight the black kids in the back but not the white kids. Being disadvantaged doesn't discriminate. I know quite a few privileged black people. It's a two way street Asshole! stop the race baiting pity party.

Madeleine Martinez : A lot of these statements dont have anything to do with race.

Lebron James : Let me share what I took from this video, This video is about showing that some people get head-starts in life whether it be because race or not, it’s showing that you shouldn’t take those head starts and privileges for granted. No there is nothing wrong with having happily married parents or wealthy families, but what is wrong is for you to turn around and talk about how hard life is for you when there is people out there going through something a lot worse, life is one big race and just because you’re at the back of the line doesn’t mean you can’t win. If you work hard for what you want and believe you can achieve it guess what it is possible. I hate how some people think it’s cool to “be from the hood” that doesn’t make you cool, you know what does? Getting out of the hood and wanting a better life don’t always listen to what people can tell you if you believe you can do it then it is possible, the only person on this planet you should ever worry about letting down is yourself because if you don’t respect yourself no one else should either.

Hahn Job : Wow, incredibly racist video purported by another white savior. But it's finally so blatant, I think any black person with the ability to use critical thinking can see right through it. These types of white people, like the POS that put this together, are the true racists in society. They do not, will not, and have never seen black people as equals. They see them as inferior, unable to succeed without the white saviors help. If you see a white person that spends most of their time "standing up" for black people, then you're staring face to face with a legit racist. This video is disingenuous, separatist and wildly racist. This video is so far removed from equality, you'd have to be a moron not to see the real message here. Do not let these white saviors feed you their BS. Your best interests, are not what they have in mind. They want to control you and keep you right under their thumbs.

alfarom101 : Humm, so what if this was just what it was , a race? Would we then also call men privileged over women, just because on average they are stronger? What about people who grew up at high altitude, whose bodies can transport more oxygen? Are they privileged? This is the lottery of life. Second item that is completely missed here, is that of the successful people I know, most had to really fight to get there ...not getting an easy ride often builds character, determination, work ethic ... to be honest, this is really just giving people a guilt trip, because their parents made hard choices and sacrifices ... and giving others an excuse instead of motivation.

thermo32100 : - Both parents are still married - Had a father figure in your home Answer no to those two questions and you already will know the answer to the other questions.

Youtube Commenter : I understand what the video is trying to get across, but I can't say that I agree with it fully. Yes, some people have a bigger head start in life than others; there will always be people who started behind you and others who started ahead of you. The analogy in this video is making the implication that only 1 person can win, and once the race has been won its all over; this can't be further from the truth in real life. Here in the US, every runner has the opportunity to cross the finish line and "win" and here's the catch; each runner gets to determine his own finish line. Whether or not he crosses that finish line will be determined by his attitude and determination. Will it be harder to cross for some than for others? Yes. Is it possible with a good attitude and determination? Yes. By no means am I saying that we as individuals shouldn't be helping those who started behind, because I think we should, but I also don't think those who started behind should be waiting and depending on others for their success. I grew up in a trailer house with no running water and no sewage system. I took baths outside with a tank full of water. I ate a lot of beans and rice. My parents finally made up their mind that we weren't going to live this way anymore. So with time and a lot of determination they were able to move into the middle class and live a happy comfortable life. We didn't have help from others. Would it have been nice to have help? Of course. But if we would have waited on help from others, we'd still be there today.

Koa amp : what is the music called playing in the background?

Matthew Charles : Take two steps forward if you grew up in a two parent household. Take two steps backward if your parents fought almost every night. Take two steps forward if your father didn’t abandon you. Take two steps backward if he set forth unreasonable, unattainable and demoralizing expectations. Take two steps forward if you never had to help Mom or Dad with the bills. Take two steps backwards if you never saw your parents because they were too busy working their asses off. My point is I’m never going to criticize your issues and rationalize your failures, so don’t sit there and assume that just due to the color of my skin I didn’t have a few of my own.

George Makris : Collectivism and Socialism at its finest, you cannot deny this man

GRANTLY 16 : They should have included take 2 steps if your able to get grants to any college based on where your ancestors came from. Take 2 steps if you never had to pay for food from your local grocery. Take 2 steps if the government put you in free housing . It looks like this video was directed mostly at taking down rich White kids but seems to me that poor kids also have several opportunities that even the rich couldn't get. Especially rich white kids.

newsmthjoke : So Asian American students should be punished by Affirmative Action because their parents worked hard to give them good education? Insane.

Trish Brock : Very powerful!

iBatman : This video is insulting to its audience, because it assumes that you, the viewer, are too stupid to understand the nuance between “access” and “possess.” Every single American teen should have been moving to the majority of those questions. Supplant in a teenager from Venezuela, and then you’d see real privilege. Privilege is not based on physical traits you can’t change, it's based on traits that you can change...such as location. Which is why you have hundreds of thousands of people trying to immigrate into the USA every single year.

Shadowhunter : Okay, so what if one of the African Americans at the back is, I dunno, good at athletics, isn't that privilege as well? Of course people are not equal, that's an indomitable fact of nature. The best you can do is allow everyone to race, the second you start penalizing some forms of privilege over others, you artificially create inequality, thus contradicting your own initial moral position

Boxhawk : I wonder how many of the people in that race actually said to themselves: "I am going to be a loving spouse and a parent to my children and give them every advantage I possibly can"

chris musket : This video should be banned from YouTube for poisoning kids minds into believing that because of their skin color they have privilege. Here is what it boils down to folks..making good and making bad decisions in life. This video is an excuse for any black kid looking to blame the system for not getting ahead. Instead of blaming whites..blame the parents of these kids who have been oppressed, because they parents made stupid decisions. I'm so fucking tired of hearing white privilege and white guilting people in society. If this jackass ever pulled this stunt with my kid i'd go out in front of the group and explain to them how much i work, so my kids have an advantage against the system and then most likely file a lawsuit against him for illegal gambling and hate speech against his own race. You want to see my white privilege you come with me and work 15-16 hours a day 7 days a week and we'll talk about it..otherwise you don't know what the fuck your talking about!

lucilla97 : there were not only black people in the back raw..

vampuricknight1 : I'm a white guy who would have taken two steps through all of this... where is my privilege again? This isn't a racial issue... this is a financial wealth issue. A black woman who comes from a rich family will likely take most of the steps forward. While a white man who comes from a poor family will likely take few or no steps forward.

EC cll83 : The people in front supposedly already have a head start in life. So why are they racing for only $100? Why participate in the game? lol #Racist #Pointless

Kourtney V : Wow.. this was a pleasure to watch and pointed out a truth that we know exist. For anyone who is nit picking the video apart, they truly just don't get it. We're all in a race, we all have to run, but some of us have privileges that others don't. Whether it be racial or financial privilege, it doesn't matter... it exist and it's a real issues.

DRN : If you need the government to make laws giving you an advantage and making it law that a company had to hire an equal number of non white and women in order to get ahead because you are not capable of doing it on your own merit and abilities please take two steps ahead. There now only white males are in the back.