The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix - a Man's Guide to Women

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Steve Richards : Yep, this should be mandatory education for all males at the age of 12. Then again at 18. And again at 24. We males take a while to "get it"...

EVE Pro Guides - EVE Online PVP and ISK Guides : It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't so true.

luther schultz : This guy deserves a nobel prize for such groundbreaking research in feminology

Sam Nicholson : anyone named *tiffany*

Narottama Panitz : I married a danger zone. I wish I had seen this first.

Olivia J : was gonna comment on the redhead hate then realized i was about to prove his point 😂

hllboi817 : doing that all with a straight face proves hes a G

Unclaimed Username : Lost it at unicorn. Died again at tranny. Realtalk, though, it's funny because it's all true.

John Galt : There's a reason he's open carrying.

Gary Cameron : "Reasonably not crazy most of the time." lol

Armand Rodriguez : Great humor is always based in truth.

Allison Anderson : There are probably many, many men who have viewed this and wish they'd known about the Hot vs. Crazy Matrix years ago, before they made a serious mistake or two! It really would benefit our society if it were taught to high school freshman.

i hate everything : this guy is a genius and a hero

Jophus Oglethorpe : My highschool girlfriend was totally a dude.

Deb Johnson : Even as a woman, I find this funny. But maybe I'm crazy.

Sevensliders : RIP Tiffanys of the world

CoolHwip92 : I will never understand how he did this whole graph with a straight face. The audience cameraman was pretty good too.

Adolph Oliver Bush : "this is your redheads, your strippers, anyone named 'Tiffany'...." Classic.

SinsationalMike : I just want to point out that this man has taken the added precaution of wearing a pistol on his hip. This speaks to having experience with women who reside in the upper limits of the crazy matrix and living to pass on such knowledge. Well done sir, well done.

Miles Lewis : I just realized he's carrying a gun lmao. 0:11

deez il : Unicorns- psychology majors, counsellors, life coaches- women who make a living from appearing to be calm and put-together. It’s all a hoax- they are some of the worst danger zone women when you get to know them.

f22daniel : No go zone = SJW's, feminists, anyone who labels themselves as gender fluid Danger zone = Strippers, pornstars, models, anyone named Tiffany

Mike Ricci : Hey - I met a Unicorn in Montreal who's named Rita. She's easily a 9 hot and a 4 crazy. As you suggested, I studied and analyzed her (just following orders). Thanks for the matrix!

Joselyn Miller : I don’t get why some girls are getting pissed about this..if your getting pissed off by this, you just proved his matrix to be true 😂 I didn’t find this offensive at all, this was the best thing I’ve ever heard and all guys need to know this. 😂

getin : yeah its absolutely spot on....

Tyrone Marcucci : This guy is dead on. My first wife was an 7 hot, 3 crazy, but after three years went from a 7 to a 4 and to an 8 nuts. It happens.

Anon Existent : "You're talking to a dude" 😂😂😂 This man is a legend!

IMTT : Truth, this is absolutely brilliant and true. This guy is a genesis!

Anthony Davis : this guy said this was a joke, but how come its true in my life??? lol

Sean Simpson : He was DEAD ON with that anyone named Tiffany. 😂😂

Amateur Master : My aunt's name is Tiffany and she's a redhead. can confirm crazy. my uncle is screwed

outbackeddie : OMG - this is so accurate. You should get a Nobel prize for developing this. I bow to your greatness. One more thing - if a woman has more than 2 cats - RUN for the HILLS and don't look back.

QuiteDecent : He should have used a laser pointer at some point, and should have taken a sip of water from a glass. Nice re-upload though.

Stephen Troup : LOL, funniest (and true) part of this is at 3:42 when describing the wife zone..."This zone is not scaled to size"

Edwin Baktanian, M.D. : 2.5k women from the no-go zone voted this video down.

ChiTJ : How many OCD's want to finish drawing the line from the O?

ТурбоТОП : i can't help imagining donald trump doing this lecture for some reason

Zak Lee : This is your no go zone, you don't go here...we just rule this is better this way Hahahahaha

Mike Ivankich : why does this dude have a gun on him? He must know some 10's fa sho!

BAMABELLA71 : SO much truth summed up in five minutes lol

No Name : This guy deserves a nobel peace prize


Jelly roll rider : This changed me as a man.

GD D : Damn..i talked to a dude..that explains everything :(

Jessica Bogach : Women have the same chart for men but it's with money vs sexual gratification.

TheZomIBeBeast : my mom is making me watch this...

Stephen Hall : “Anyone named Tiffany” 🤣

Carluuchio : I've developed this on my own after living 46 years living on the earth 😂😂. Legend😂😂

James Rook : The lower part of the 'fun zone' is actually part of the wife zone.

Robert Karroll : that may be the best vid I've ever seen!