Brilliant Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn't Put Cover on His iPhone

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dr nayk : Girl: do you have Condom? Guy: no. But don't worry I am going to change the risk.

animalmother556x45 : ............someone with his intelligence should know that 99 percent of people in the military don't learn how to twirl a rifle.

Jesse Pinkman : He doesnt use a phone case because he's got enough money to buy a new phone whenever it breaks

Tristan Sample : Neil- buys house in Florida. Insurance Company- Would you like flood protection? Neil- No, I taught my house how to swim.

KSI Mr TNT : Neil: so I thought to myself, why does the military learn to flip their guns around? 99% of the military: we don't.

JAYW0151 : Neil. You owe me a new iphone

BURGER : It’s not that I drop my phone it’s that something happens that is out of my hands where my phone falls anyway don’t listen to him, he’s also rich and the price of the Device does not mean much to him

IamsuperSam MrKay : He loves his Iphone X so much that he made it his hairline.

Allan Dsouza : Watches video Removes phone cover drops it next day *300$ dollars to replace glass back* Thanks for the knowledge neil

Riley Burkholder : Man:Neil do you need life insurance Neil:Nah I learned how to respawn

Lupus Draco Aquila : All Neil is saying essentially boils down to "I don't put a case on my phone so I force myself to be more careful with it". It's sound logic, the same as his fountain pen analogy. No one has *ever* lost a $200 dollar fountain pen (aside from the obscenely rich who didn't have to work hard for that money), but I'd bet everyone has heard of one guy who has lost or broken a $1 ballpoint.

Spoopy : Roses are red Violets are violet Neil Degrasse Tyson Should sometimes stay quiet

Frequent Videogamer : I now have the goal of knocking Neil deGrasse Tyson’s phone out of his hand

Kev C : Joe “I smoke a lot of pot” Rogan

AcidGlow : *And here I was expecting some really scientific reason like "it pushes more radio waves in a condense area with a case" or something like that.. but then I get.. "i changed the risk".. LOL. ✅😀*

Greg1928ory : That makes it easier to drop your phone

Kal Wayne : Love Neil but just saying this is bullshit xD

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : *Achivement Unlocked!* - Changing the risk

nothing : When I drop my phone it’s usually cause it’s on my lap and I forget and stand up

Mr. Q - : Guess this guy doesn’t take out insurance either then.

tuxedopenguin90 : Joe Rogan- “yo Neil you ever try DMT?”

Ujwl Agarwl : No thanks. I’m gonna keep mine in the case. Too poor to change my risk ya know...

Tristan Huynh : weird flex but ok edit: thx 4 lyke

Fishplants : I.. I don't think people do that with guns in real combat..

Daniel Romero : Silliest and most pretentious thing I’ve heard.

TheBeaTle : Wow!! That's genius... You also can just buy a damn case.

William : Neil sounds so dumb in this clip

barhead1966 : Brilliance I don’t see it... arrogance I see clearly.

JelyFishTN : I mean I like Neil, but this is plain stupid

Robert Hall Photography : I was spinning my phone around in my hand for 20 minutes to get like NDT and now it's in French.

Loose Change9 : People listen to this guy... he is so full of shhhh....

Mutant Psycho : I love Neil deGrasse Tyson, but like wtf is he talking about with the iPhone... does he also say “I don’t wear a condom cause I always pull out. I practice edging myself until I changed the risk. It’s so low that I can jizz on demand.”

All Videos : This guy thinks he knows too much

JigsawJay007 : I love the revovler Ocelot video lol!

Cody'sLab : My phone almost never drops but when it does it’s because the cat pushed it.

Abdulrahman : Don't wear condoms, I'd like to admire how thin it is

ksoo : there’s no brilliance here

Virtual Tyler : Neil is so full of himself. He’s the equivalent of someone in the comments going like “that’s dumb and I’m right cause I’m a genius”. He is literally comparing handling a gun in combat to holding a phone which you do for a lot of your day and is much smaller with no grips or a handle or a trigger when holding. Phones you can’t get used to holding your phone the way he is explaining. He should’ve just said “I don’t care cause I’m a millionaire” honestly would’ve been a way better response

JaSean Chopper : Because he's rich and can just buy a new one

Hilbert Kuipers : He’s changed risk...try to explain that to an insurance company...

Alex : Soo pretentious

Meraki : A long way of saying, “ive decided i will not drop my phone so i dont.”

Respec wamen : but what about if someone pushes his ass

Go Dolla Productions : This is the silliest sh%t I've heard Neil say since 2018. In life anything can happen, even a misstep that could lead to you dropping your phone in a pile of dog brownies. Give a man a microphone and some camera cinema and people will damn near believe anything.

Colter : He tries so hard to always sound smart.

Croz Raven : how about I "changeeeed my risk" to never drop my phone by not owning. Guarantee 100% risk free of dropping or losing muh phone!

mBrooksHD : Everyone in the comments missing the point, I see.

Andrew Cooper : People ask me all the time why I don't carry a case on my phone. It's a simple answer really. I tell them that I treat it like a cost $1,000.

Tarek CH : I never put a case on my iphone. I never drop my phone. I only change phones once every 4 years. My phone is always in perfect shape. Why? Because i don’t use it outside the house it stays in my backpack. I didn’t change the risk. I taught myself to use my phone and not let the phone use me. Not using your phone outside the house is a hard addiction to quit.

Jack Groves : "Its not that I'm a risk-taker, it's that I'm very wealthy and can afford a new phone whenever"