Brilliant Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn't Put Cover on His iPhone

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dr nayk : Girl: do you have Condom? Guy: no. But don't worry I am going to change the risk.

NES ADDICT : And if he breaks it, he can afford another. I can't.

The Freedom Universe : I admire the quality of Neil's voice. Goddamm.

Riley Burkholder : Man:Neil do you need life insurance Neil:Nah I learned how to respawn

Alexis Yamamoto : The actual risk here is spending your money on an iphone

shahid : Weird flex but ok

R.O.T.C SEEM : In order to not crash while drunk driving I practice driving drunk

Promethean44 : This dude isnt special but when half the country is mentally challenged anyone with above average intelligence seems like a genius

barhead1966 : Brilliance I don’t see it... arrogance I see clearly.

animalmother556x45 : ............someone with his intelligence should know that 99 percent of people in the military don't learn how to twirl a rifle.

Abdulrahman : Don't wear condoms, I'd like to admire how thin it is

Jake Pool : Let me save you 3 minutes. He’s so rich he doesn’t give two flying shits if it breaks. Have a good day

tommy t : This is my iPhone. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My iPhone is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My iPhone, without me, is useless. Without my iPhone, I am useless. -the keyboard warrior’s creed

All Videos : This guy thinks he knows too much

Daniel Romero : Silliest and most pretentious thing I’ve heard.

Phillip McCrevis : People listen to this guy... he is so full of shhhh....

nothing : When I drop my phone it’s usually cause it’s on my lap and I forget and stand up

Gus Goose : This is your definition of brilliant??

spursbucswhitesoxfan : I'm the same exact way. Btw I'm watching this video on my cracked phone.

Mr. Q - : Guess this guy doesn’t take out insurance either then.

The Renegadist : How can someone so smart be so stupid to use an Apple product.

Kev C : Joe “I smoke a lot of pot” Rogan

Sheikh Muazzin Azeem : Well that's just stupid I think i lost some respect for this guy...

Timo Ostrander : This strategy is great if you: don't have arthritis, never make mistakes, don't have children, never fall down, are never surprised by anything, never let anyone else hold your phone ever, never have accidents, and live a charmed life in general. Good luck with that.

AcidGlow : *And here I was expecting some really scientific reason like "it pushes more radio waves in a condense area with a case" or something like that.. but then I get.. "i changed the risk".. LOL. ✅😀*

FM WORLD : This is so pretentious...

Virtual Tyler : Neil is so full of himself. He’s the equivalent of someone in the comments going like “that’s dumb and I’m right cause I’m a genius”. He is literally comparing handling a gun in combat to holding a phone which you do for a lot of your day and is much smaller with no grips or a handle or a trigger when holding. Phones you can’t get used to holding your phone the way he is explaining. He should’ve just said “I don’t care cause I’m a millionaire” honestly would’ve been a way better response

RadzYt : ...But buying a 10$ case would change the risk to even smaller

jet tracy : Who else cracked their phone while watching this

Robert Hall Photography : I was spinning my phone around in my hand for 20 minutes to get like NDT and now it's in French.

Alex : Soo pretentious

woke : Wait so he doesn’t drop the soap

Mutant Psycho : I love Neil deGrasse Tyson, but like wtf is he talking about with the iPhone... does he also say “I don’t wear a condom cause I always pull out. I practice edging myself until I changed the risk. It’s so low that I can jizz on demand.”

Fred Hernandez : Before I die I want to knock Neil’s phone out of hand

Cody'sLab : My phone almost never drops but when it does it’s because the cat pushed it.

ksoo : there’s no brilliance here

senk mar : He sounds like that drunk pseudointellectual at every party that is trying so hard to sound profound but is speaking absolute nonsense.

innerSelf Made : A long way of saying, “ive decided i will not drop my phone so i dont.”

HarrisonFur : I’ve cracked one with a case on and just a week ago I got my replacement stolen at school however I got a find my iPhone alert earlier today and the location is near my school, I’ll tell the resource officer tomorrow at school to see if he can do anything with the address

Hilbert Kuipers : He’s changed risk...try to explain that to an insurance company...

tuxedopenguin90 : Joe Rogan- “yo Neil you ever try DMT?”

mmmmSmegma : I don’t use a case either but mainly for the first reason that Tyson just briefly mentioned: I like the thinness of the phone. Once I put a case on it, it becomes fat and bulky. I just always make sure I’m very careful with how I handle my phone.

Oh yeah yeah s : Oh yeah yeah

JaSean Chopper : Because he's rich and can just buy a new one

Colter : He tries so hard to always sound smart.

DragoBear : I think you will increase the chances of dropping the phone if you play with it like that...

HENRY THE RC CAR : I heard he dropped it when he stood up from this interview and the screen broke. Legend says, he's still crying till this day...

Richard Wilkins : Still gets scratched when it’s in your pocket. Not so intelligent

luther jacobs : Mind blown

ZXQ J : Bad reasoning honestly, you will eventually drop it no matter how careful you are, when that happens you need to prevent any possible damage, if he said my phone looks better without a cover It wouldve been a lot acceptable, for me atleast, but this guy needs to us to be like "oh look I'm so fucking smart guy's look I have a creative brilliant exptional explanation to everything because I'm too smart" also fu k iPhone