Screaming "MAKE IT STOP" On The World's Tallest Swing Ride - ORLANDO STAR FLYER
Riding The Worlds Tallest Swing Ride

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What is up you lovely lot :-) At long last and after a lot of hype, we took on the worlds tallest swing ride, THE ORLANDO STAR FLYER! OMG was it scary! Now to many of you lovely lot, this would not be scary. however as I am afraid of heights and all things that don't appear rather safe, then Star Flyer tops the bill! WHY DID I DO IT? With each holiday we go on, I now try and do at least one thing new, more exciting, more thrilling and ultimately, this holiday was all about the Star Flyer, which stands an intimidating 450ft with speeds of upto 60MPH! So I guess the question is.....Would you ride this? If you love what we do, then please subscribe to our YouTube channel along with our other social media channels because we want to hear from you, so be sure to add us on: ***GET BINKY MERCH*** Check out our brand new store at Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-Mail us at: We are about sharing our experiences & enjoying life. It’s too short to take so seriously. Thanks for watching our videos - Subscribe, Like & share. Love & Respect Get Binky: "Do What Makes You Happy". #GetBinky #KingOfScreams #OrlandoStarFlyer #KingOfScreams


Ashlyn McCarty : 4:35 when you realize the world really is round

Fatima : He was literally about to cry. I would literally DIE up there.

Ice Skater : This is how many times he screamed ⬇

Calli Broscet : Who else thought it looked like you could see the whole globe of the world?


100000 Subs For No Reason : I went on this before Let’s just say you can all pray for the man under me He was showered in piss

xXJayJay GachaXx : If I was on that ride with him I wouldn’t be scared. I would be pissing myself laughing.

Gacha gamer girl Lover : Aww I felt bad for h8m beca7se I would have done the same thing but it was also so funny!😂😭😂😭

LightBust 2758 : This is how many movie clips he used: ⬇️

Golden Storytime : Oml I would faint,have a breakdown and scream my head off if I was up there. How did he not black out or something.😔😔😔

The Alexandra and Alana show : 4:35 :when you can see the world and it’s not flat but all you can hear is screaming

joker in smash : Holy shit a laughed so hard with the screaming and swearing. And the earth flat.

Nate_poehlman6 _ : Editor: *How many memes/clips do you want in this video* ? Binky: *Yes*

DayNNyteDJs : I wanted to make fun of you, but then I realized I would sound exactly the same if I was up there.

flyback 2me : I would NOT have gotten on. You should do it at NIGHT though. Orlando is freaking GORGEOUS.

J Trammell : Haven't laughed that hard in ages. The shots at the top with the screaming and camera distortion....just brilliant. I'm guessing that's what an acid flashback would be like...

The Opman : I just watched a grown man cry for 3 mins

spooderman : I rode this :,) I lost my flip flop and couldn’t find it for a good 5 mins. Turns out it fell on top of an old mans head, and he returned it to us :)

Jessica G : “Is that the two ladies?” Had me deadddddd😂💀

↠ Dreams ↞ : I’m actually better with that ride more than roller coasters 😂 but it does look scary

Kris Kros Applesauce : I was so scared just watching this as my anxiety level went from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds.. My palms are sweating!

Ayo Milly : As soon as I go up in the air, I'mma die. So the answer is.. NO. 💀

ali the anime god : I will never ride this I can feel like I am riding on it

Alisson Duran : I was high while wTching this and the camera makes everything look all trippy

C-3dge : I live 10 minutes from Cedar Point. I'll ride anything!


Rachel Smith : I wouldn't get on that for no amount of money! 🙅‍♀️

Christine Naysh Suarez : Legend says he is still screaming from above...

Amy Da Potato : I though worlds tallest swing ride was texas sky screamer at six flags over texas.....

bushwick26 : Florida got a new airhorn installed and its operated by one man 😁 Nice video man. U got more balls then me 👍

Dutch Rose : You are courageous for sure! Good to see you made it back well and alive - such fear could trigger anything from fainting to a heart attack. Please be kind to yourself! Heights aren't for everyone!

Trinity Taylor : I would never ride that. LOOKS SO SCARY AND TERIFIYING


Kristen Scott : That scream ooh my flippin pancakes never heard anything like it !

lixat : 4:29 What is that scream lol🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

Tuan Faizah Tuan An Rahman : Guys I'm warning you....... . Warning: Don't wear headphones 😅😁

Francisco Estrada : Was it really that bad? Like really😂😂 Lol

thunder cunt : Sounds like one of those screaming goats.

D.O.G : Friend: Tell me how it was Me: ok After the ride* Friend: Sooo how was it? Me: Ummm~ I have no clue because I was pass ou the whole time :/

Dana_ Saurus : I went on that ride with my dad it was so fun He O.V.E.R.R.E.A.C.T.I.N.G And I'm 10 this is how many people have been on this 👇

TMS2022 Sophie U : Flat earth believers quaking

Sienna Moffett : I would love that 🤪🤩👍🏻👌🏼💛💛

morgan! : “is that the two ladies” “no that’s him” LMAOOO

Robert Gomez : Get binky: are you gonna try this? Me: runs Get binky: so is that a no Me: yes!!!!!! Not trying that ever

JavaFloof : When they showed him screaming and still hearing him from so far into the air killed me LMAO

Jennie. Kim. : Star Flyer is awesome. 👇If you agree

bob bob : never in a million years am o going on that, im shacking looking at the vid

Apple Pie : The ground is flat. The ground is safe. *I love the ground.*

BeepBeepSheep 101 : I laughed soooo hard when he screamed 😂 😝 😆 😅🤣