A Lightning struck a bit too close...

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Justin cw : Bro I'm so glad you're okay 😥 Please be careful next time, dont want you getting struck! 👍😊

Shootem556 : Wow man you got lucky you didn't get struck

Pmanbiotches : Wow that's insane...

Officer Sack : ok this is epic

preyus7 : Wow that was close! Hopefully it wasn't too shocking.

Gabz : It's lucky you got out of this one alive

xthanman : That's a pretty insane electrical storm for the........desert.

Benji Robinson : I hate your channel and everything it stands for

GamingDudeXP : epic

MajorCuck • : Who’s here from XQC?

Face921o : That's my biggest fear. Glad you're okay bro.. Damn

Emmanuel Pagan : Wow, that was a close one 😥 Be careful when you are driving in a storm folks!

Lost Soul : Holy shit dude you bafely missed that

PackagedOnEasy : Owo scary

The One : Dude be careful omg

jonathan landry : Holy moly there's no way.....

DraculaBackwards : I sent this to my friends and they all replied with woah that was so cool.....I mean you could just say you didn't want to watch it

Retro Plus : Jesus it scared the shit out of me, I hope he's okay!

K4Dope : thats not saudi arabia ... oh i get

WelloBello : Yikes it’s like it never stops!

i reversed everything ZooBoo xd : :0

WertyMartin : That was reaaaally close holy shit dude, and you got that on tape!

1600 : xqcS GNOMED AGAIN xqcS

FiZzLE 030 : Damn thats insane

danyel danyel : wow too close

Myst1cx : every time i get gnomed i feel more empty

rafaielw : WHY

AnimatedDemon : Spoilers ahead read at your own risk! That gnome was freaking epic gamer

Bud Ostberg : That's "a bit too close"? I was 80 feet (inside a house) from a bolt that struck the neighbors tree. My feet tingled. What was recorded may be commented in the moment with "wow" or the like. Spoiler: Full disclosure, I may be on my way to being a grumpy old man, and do not understand the gnome. Gnooooooooooooooome.

MOLTEN GAMING : Am i only one who gnows about the gnome

GoldenrodInkii : oh my god... i hope you're safe. that was dangerous

indertek : omg it scared me ...

Clickbait Central : Is that keemstar

FranYato • : Gnome anyone?

Bryan Santana : Etika

CrizbyCreamz XD : Holy dang my dude! Close call!

shoro : Close one! (everyone if you say nothing this will be the greatest jebait)

Bobelfish Is life : I H A V E B E E N G N O M E D

AnfarwolColo : I love lightening so much

Sindre Kjelsaas : thats insane

kathey woolfie fan : XD

jordan harvey : ya

-Scou1- : The gnome lighting almost got ya

HiPPiE : Cunt <3

sans undertale : Jesus Christ, gnome man in history could have survived that!


dtgh fdvdfdd : Will this video get million views?

Cataclysm : Yikes, close call. That’s why I’m terrified of thunderstorms.