When Asian girls sees a body builder for the first time
Asian girls reacting to body builder

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#3 ON TRENDING #Asiangirls #japanese whoa!!! this gained helluva traction you can find full episode here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16n2oa


Twister : Keywords of this video are *It came* *It's so Huge* *Can I touch him?*

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : That one girl looked like she just saw someone get murdered in front of her.

Q-10 : Wtf why is this on my recommend😂💀

SouperMovieCritic : “And that kids is how I met your mother.”

Elzeta : [Pillar Man Theme Intensifies]

Lucas Corrêa de Lima : Oooh this guy definitively will get laid

Balanced Breakfast : *starts working out... For... A unrelated reason*


skinny : My class when the substitute is hot

Ya Dun Goof'd : I guess that hentai I definitely didn't watch wasn't too far off.

yeonjunjun : *"It's so huge! It finally came!"* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jake Jacoby : A bodybuilder that's NOT on anabolics, in this day and age!? *THAT'S what they were all thinking.*

Blackhawk : They're indeed just like their animes, I need one of those

Brent Delong : I like that cute girl with her hair dyed brown, front row second from the left. You can tell she is enjoying the view. LoL.

dat calculation tho : To them, he's *e x o t i c.*

Sumuqh : It's like encountering with a tribal folk

lil HDMI : *god i wish that were me*

Sid Thevar : a wild machop appeared....

Fruitblossom Blue : They're so cute

Zuzu : One touch? I wonder what happened after the show

Datboisfathea : When you see jojo's pillarmen episode for the first time

Jonathan Li : why did they react when only the hair was revealed

I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid : *When I first discovered JoJo*

Durante Exeralt : Which elf and orc hentai is this ?

Aditya R : Legends says she still hasn't touched him, but still trying.

Leandro Pamplona : Never nuke a country.

AlucardsQuest : You cut it off just as it was getting good!

shaserdeses : I thought they got scared because he was white/European for a second 😂

ALGORITHM KID : I am just imagining being there its so awkward for that model lol XD

HC Piano : and then he ate them...

ZAMASU tea maker 啊 : Awaken my masters.

fanOmry : Yup.. Milk thirsty..

Trektor : ...now switch genders

LemonOVA : This man got his own harem

James C : B L E A C H E D

Al : Beautiful body. Watch and learn steroid beasts.

Berko : Bodrybiruda

Lidia Nuckowska : Whn she touched him sje entered a relm she can never leave

BasedMitchell : Feels like an intro for a doujin

khayyam Al : just like my reaction when i first time saw a boss in darksouls XD

Some Guy : Man, I should go to Japan. I have the muscles, but not the language.

Sean McCarter : Wait wtf, pause at 0:11 why is that girls upper arm so long?


Seth : How sweet. The delicate, cute, little Asian girls all climaxed at the sight of an Aryan God.

Vam The Anomaly : I think a lot of people forget that social reactions to things we in other countries wouldn't bat an eye at are a lot different based on decade. Japan is a place where women werent as progressive or taught independence. This like other countries takes time to be on the same level. For instance were this in America, it wouldnt be "amazing". In a country like France and if the model is nude it wouldnt be either. In Japan though these women have the same reactions as 1950 Americans had when they saw things like this. Its the equivalent of nearly being porn.

O.D.L.1776 : 26433 likes...OMG The world is crazy

Rainbow Dash : Hahahah. This is awesome! Almost half of them wanted to run away.

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Time to work out more and go to Asia.

First Cooommment : Lol. They're all so Starry-eyed for him. If this wasn't educational programming I swear.💀