When Asian girls sees a body builder for the first time

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CntBeMadAtaHippie : Haha funny how all the idiots in the comments say he isn't a bodybuilder only because they associate bodybuilding with juiced up freaks like rich piana or ronnie coleman + probably these keyboard big mouths aren't even half this guys size.

BasedMitchell : Feels like an intro for a doujin

Q-10 : Wtf why is this on my recommend😂💀

John Sumner : I'm REALLY surprised that one lady wanted to touch him.

David wang : its a tv show, overreacting is normal. So many people are ripped just like people like jogging its really not a big deal.

Joosua Anttila : Well I guess I have to start working out so all asian girls act like anime girls.

Lewys Cousins : *A wild Muscleman appeared*

Mighty Raccoon : How dare they objectify men like this in Japan?! I'm offended.

Eren : Lmao look at his legs

Spencer Allbritton : Asian girls are literally a parody of themselves.

King The Son : My goals losing virginity: -Pump Muscles -Go to Japan

Orange Apple : Keywords of this video are *It came* *It's so Huge* *Can I touch him?*

FireBomberBassist : He probably got so much poonpoon while he was in Japan.

Eddy Colon : Mmmm... i dunno japanese girls like to fake a lot🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

yoshimasterleader : ohh so when they do it it's fine but when I ask if I can touch a half naked woman I'm a pervert.

Leowulf™ : I'm really glad they used a real bodybuilder and not those juiced freaks that look like that blob thing in Batman vs Superman.

every thing : That's it I'm never skipping Gym again

tractor fone : Asian women are hot!

Its Me : When you've been in all girls school and college and as you enter uni you see boys exist too

Quote LanceLnc : It's not strange to see innocent girls in the bloom acting like that before a almost naked man. That's embarrassing. Even if he isn't a body builder, but the fact that he is a body builder takes "embarrasing" to the next level. Lol The same reaction occurs if there are boys of the same age instead of the girls and a booby woman almost naked instead of the body builder.

alty 2 : Full video is at pornhub...😎

That Guy With Some Subs : *SUGOIIIII*

Gaurav Mishra : A "BODYBIRUDA"

Burro Jogador : "It's so huge!" "It finally came!" "Can i touch him before we start drawing?" Sorry, but i don't think that's Family Friendly.

Brent Delong : I like that cute girl with her hair dyed brown, front row second from the left. You can tell she is enjoying the view. LoL.

Jonathan Li : why did they react when only the hair was revealed

Zuzu : One touch? I wonder what happened after the show

Strontium : Guys, its time to get shredded and visit Japan


Insert Username : 0:10 that's what she said

Blackhawk : They're indeed just like their animes, I need one of those

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : If you pay more attention on this video, you can hear the waterfall.

Matthew Hilliker : These ladies have witness one of the last of the Pillar Men.

Sorryimtruthful : They all had orgasms at the same time!... that’s crazy

HC Piano : and then he ate them...

K. Nakanishi : You mean, "When ever anything unexpected happens around Japanese women"? 'Cause, generally, this is how they react to everything: be it a sale at the local supermarket on eggs, or they just won the lottery.

LemonOVA : This man got his own harem

Its Lit : Sounds like a one piece episode

Thexavychavy17 : ONE TOUCHHHHHHH!!!!!! From the series that brought you One Punch Man. Season 2 coming soon.

Al : Beautiful body. Watch and learn steroid beasts.

Conner Forbis : Boe-dee bill-do-ah

Aditya R : Legends says she still hasn't touched him, but still trying.

ZAMASU tea maker 啊 : Awaken my masters.

Trektor : ...now switch genders

CachorroFANTASMAautista : tem que mostrar os oleosos pra elas kkkk

Sid Thevar : a wild machop appeared....

-Genes- : Most of them have never seen a half naked man in their life. Gotta love Japanese culture.

[GD] Mystical : Nove da matina, o dia tá pra começar Não acordo muito cedo, sou meio marajá Batata doce, frango (o quê?) logo de primeira Prepara as marmitas, tá lotada a geladeira Dá um pico de insulina e joga o hipercalórico Vamo pro ginásio, que hoje eu tô eufórico Lança o pré-treino, quatro, cinco, seis scoops E abre espaço pra eu passar, dá licença me desculpe Bonde dos pescoçudos já tão no aquecimento Olha só, carai Hoje eu já perdi meu tempo, já botei minha mente em foco e uma puta estileira Beta-alanina vai dá o efeito da coceira Sobe, sobe, mais uma, vamo que não pode parar Corre pra paralela, mas volta pra ajudar Se não bateu no peito, pode fazer mais uma Se errou, faz de novo Se doeu, se acostuma Equipe tá formada, só viciado no esporte Suplementação para animal de grande porte No pós-treino, minha shakeira tá como?! Sempre lotada é o Whey, Malto, Gluta e outras paradas Duas em duas horas, não deixo pra depois Um monstro treina como um, come como dois Na praia a gente brilha, olha as cara das mulher Pode vim, marcar, pronto pro que der e vier A perna tá gigante e o abdômen encaixa Espinhas me condenam, mas a ombreira esculacha É treino e dieta todo santo dia Aeróbica é o caralho, viva a nossa academia É o bonde da maromba, é o bonde da maromba Bonde, bonde da maromba, é o bonde da maromba É o bonde da maromba, é o bonde da moromba Bonde, bonde da maromba, é o bonde da maromba

shaserdeses : I thought they got scared because he was white/European for a second 😂

Steven Z : He isn't even that good