When Asian girls sees a body builder for the first time

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Heavenly Controller : Are there no bodybuilders in Japan? 😂

Lewys Cousins : *A wild Muscleman appeared*

Q-10 : Wtf why is this on my recommend😂💀

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : That one girl looked like she just saw someone get murdered in front of her.

Elzeta : [Pillar Man Theme Intensifies]

Jake Jacoby : A bodybuilder that's NOT on anabolics, in this day and age!? *THAT'S what they were all thinking.*

Lucas Corrêa de Lima : Oooh this guy definitively will get laid

Sorryimtruthful : They all had orgasms at the same time!... that’s crazy


SouperMovieCritic : “And that kids is how I met your mother.”

Orange Apple : Keywords of this video are *It came* *It's so Huge* *Can I touch him?*

Brent Delong : I like that cute girl with her hair dyed brown, front row second from the left. You can tell she is enjoying the view. LoL.

Jonathan Li : why did they react when only the hair was revealed

tractor fone : Asian women are hot!

Sumukh : It's like encountering with a tribal folk

BasedMitchell : Feels like an intro for a doujin

alty 2 : Full video is at pornhub...😎

Nacional Social-Sub-Normal Morenazismo es Comunismo : Where I can see the full video?.

Leandro Pamplona : Never nuke a country.

Blackhawk : They're indeed just like their animes, I need one of those

every thing : That's it I'm never skipping Gym again

HC Piano : and then he ate them...

Berko : Bodrybiruda

Balanced Breakfast : *starts working out... For... A unrelated reason*

skinny : My class when the substitute is hot

Zuzu : One touch? I wonder what happened after the show

Trektor : ...now switch genders

Al : Beautiful body. Watch and learn steroid beasts.

Sid Thevar : a wild machop appeared....

ZAMASU tea maker 啊 : Awaken my masters.

That Guy With Some Subs : *SUGOIIIII*

Kermit on weed : Imagine if they saw Kai Greene

I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid : *When I first discovered JoJo*

shaserdeses : I thought they got scared because he was white/European for a second 😂

Sean McCarter : Wait wtf, pause at 0:11 why is that girls upper arm so long?

Aditya R : Legends says she still hasn't touched him, but still trying.

xXx_NachoWheel_xXx : When you see jojo's pillarmen episode for the first time

fanOmry : Yup.. Milk thirsty..

Fruitblossom Blue : They're so cute

socialdanger - : I have muscles too... I just protect them with layers of fat..!

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : If you pay more attention on this video, you can hear the waterfall.

JSolls : They’re not freaking out because they think he’s good looking. They’re freaking out because it’s grotesque.. in certain culture anyways Being that big and toned generally isn’t attractive in asian culture. Not saying he’s bad looking but there seems to be a general misunderstanding of the reaction in the comments

lil HDMI : *god i wish that were me*

myungjunjun [kpop] : *"It's so huge! It finally came!"* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Some Guy : Man, I should go to Japan. I have the muscles, but not the language.

OneMoreStory : Actually It is so real that all girls staring and fantasing about him. Thats a fact. Damn u girls men are for men. go away !

AlucardsQuest : You cut it off just as it was getting good!

MrWhite : Link to the porn?

Steven Z : He isn't even that good

John Sumner : I'm REALLY surprised that one lady wanted to touch him.