When Asian girls sees a body builder for the first time

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Lewys Cousins : *A wild Muscleman appeared*

dat calculation tho : To them, he's *e x o t i c.*

Q-10 : Wtf why is this on my recommend😂💀

Elzeta : [Pillar Man Theme Intensifies]

Lucas Corrêa de Lima : Oooh this guy definitively will get laid

Jake Jacoby : A bodybuilder that's NOT on anabolics, in this day and age!? *THAT'S what they were all thinking.*

Zuzu : One touch? I wonder what happened after the show

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : That one girl looked like she just saw someone get murdered in front of her.

SouperMovieCritic : “And that kids is how I met your mother.”

Sumukh : It's like encountering with a tribal folk

alty 2 : Full video is at pornhub...😎

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Time to work out more and go to Asia.

Brent Delong : I like that cute girl with her hair dyed brown, front row second from the left. You can tell she is enjoying the view. LoL.


Balanced Breakfast : *starts working out... For... A unrelated reason*

Leandro Pamplona : Never nuke a country.

skinny : My class when the substitute is hot

Blackhawk : They're indeed just like their animes, I need one of those

Jonathan Li : why did they react when only the hair was revealed

tractor fone : Asian women are hot!

Justin Y. : You can find the rest of this video on hentaihaven

HC Piano : and then he ate them...

Sid Thevar : a wild machop appeared....

myungjunjun [kpop] : *"It's so huge! It finally came!"* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid : *When I first discovered JoJo*

LemonOVA : This man got his own harem

shaserdeses : I thought they got scared because he was white/European for a second 😂

ZAMASU tea maker 啊 : Awaken my masters.

lil HDMI : *god i wish that were me*

Al : Beautiful body. Watch and learn steroid beasts.

Fruitblossom Blue : They're so cute

Datboisfathea : When you see jojo's pillarmen episode for the first time

Neo Nazi : I have muscles too... I just protect them with layers of fat..!

Sean McCarter : Wait wtf, pause at 0:11 why is that girls upper arm so long?

Heavenly Controller : Are there no bodybuilders in Japan? 😂

Some Guy : Man, I should go to Japan. I have the muscles, but not the language.

AlucardsQuest : You cut it off just as it was getting good!

Trektor : ...now switch genders

JAY PARMAR : I am just imagining being there its so awkward for that model lol XD

Durante Exeralt : Which elf and orc hentai is this ?

Berko : Bodrybiruda

Nacional Social-Sub-Normal Morenazismo es Comunismo : Where I can see the full video?.

OneMoreStory : Actually It is so real that all girls staring and fantasing about him. Thats a fact. Damn u girls men are for men. go away !

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : If you pay more attention on this video, you can hear the waterfall.

uriel galindo orozco : If you put enough attention you can hear someone having an orgasm

fanOmry : Yup.. Milk thirsty..

Shabaal : I should be studying.....

Lidia Nuckowska : Whn she touched him sje entered a relm she can never leave


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