BIOHAZARD Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 10 Years

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usdpaulp : That job probably cost 5 times what that car is worth

JPL Toy Experience : Well done, YouTube Recommendations!

Happy exe : Is that linus?!

Typical Auto Guy : Why is this so satisfying?!

Audrey Sam : *Germaphobes have left the chat*

Tedward : On today's episode, we learn that Larry could absolutely get away with murder.

Plexium [GD] : I still wouldn’t even touch that shit

Jacob Bussell : He definitely killed that spider

Gloxania : OR WE could just set it on fire

Junior Hornets : He sounds like I guy I would find in a science video my science teacher would make me watch

RiCEcooker Escada : *me trynna shave my pubes after 8 months*

Xavier : I felt like I could smell the back of the car

JRXY • : i thought my car was dirty...

SwearrJar : Thank you youtube I needed this

AMMO NYC : Before you leave a comment thought this might be helpful. 1. The car was left there due to a divorce 2. I didn't remove the entire interior because thats not what was asked of me by the owner 3. I didn't remove the seats because they were rusted and I was instructed to move on 4. The car is getting completely gutted at a later date of the owners choosing, so I was asked to be surgical and not rack up the bill 5. The purpose of this job was to make is considerable safer for the workers. (I polished bec I thought it would be fun) 6. I'm aware the 3D graphic says mm instead of mil. It's a fat finger mistake, but I hope the 3D graphics still made my point 7. I kept taking off my glasses to look in the camera lens and forgetting to put it back on. That's my bad. Thank you for watching

IHonestlyDontKnow : This is a nice car... It's a shame the owner left it to decay like that.

Kav : nice rims bro

Mafi Havili : This is a good channel

6tendon : At 8:08 I shuddered so hard

Shane Hallwirth : Am I the only one who read the title as "Dirtiest Cat Ever"?

ClayTon TUBE : best 15:27 minutes of my life, Keep Up The Good Work

Einshine Goku : My father’s old car was a Toyota ae87 trueno he loved the look of the car and it’s speed. He rolled it into a ditch and it sat there since 1991. I tried to replace the battery, petrol and start it. It worked after half a minute of cranking.

ixmoonlightxi : There’s a spider :o I’d rather burn the car more than cleaning that....

MikeM : 8:08 At that point I would be diagnosed with PTSD if I had to clean this car.

DJBATMANGOLD : Okay, so we'll go to the store, not be suspicious, get some black garbage bags, some white gloves, a biohazard suit, a mask, and be on our way. Oh! And don't forget the kitchen knife!

EinoStunt : what an awesome video!

Bill Gates : Can the guy even afford that restoration?

Troll Master ツ : When you get scam on Amazon

RcFrenzy : Mouse urine is no joke, it will take some commercial grade live enzymes to get that thing smelling right. My car sat for about 5 years and took multiple applications of enzymes and the ozone machine. Cool car though, I love saving old 90s cars!

Dave Brittain : Looks more like a scrapper! The roof is a mess as well.

TPILGamingInTheHouse 16 : You were in my town Danbury

1000 subs without a vid : Why am i watching this while eating

eighthof8 : Don't understand something. In another vid you marked off 3 sections of a hood on a Lexus and explained the difference between polishing, compound and wet sanding. You had a device that measured the depth of paint at average 3 mills. You said according to depth, the paint was probably never corrected. After doing a calculation, 3 mills is .07 of a millimeter. Now you say on this car, the clear coat is 1.8 - 2.8 mm. A little concerned, because I'd like to wet sand and polish, but if clear is actually .07 mm, there's not much to mess with. A millimeter is about the thickness of a #2 pencil lead. Hard to believe manufacturers would put almost 3 millimeters of clear on a car when they try and save every penny, Just asking.

The Hooniverse : This car is basically an animal crime scene... actually, that will be Larry's next crazy video; an actual crime scene car.

ALL R PUNISHED : Well this was cool. I had this same car. I got mine out of a pick and pull in 2004. It had a small fire in the engine bay. I had to replace the wiring harness. When it started up for the first time it was magical. I even had the same ATC boost controller in the dash. Real cool.

Perez Nation : Awesome video literally so freaking satisfying 😬🤯

Gypsy Paz : lol, that extreme level of safty nitpicking is enogh to make even Charlie Brown turn republican.

RomanAtwoodVlogs : That transformation is insane!! Well done 🙂

Shane Broussard : Some gasoline and a match would clean that right up.

Who am I : Imagine, just imagine if this channel made a how to basic video and got told they can have a free car and they made it all nice like a normal vid then suddenly it went full savage with a flame thrower and a few eggs, because I mean, how to basic style, and suddenly have sledge hammers and stuff. Be pretty entertaining to watch 😂😂

MBJ : That car was f...king disgusting. Great job guys. Looks a totally different vehicle!

Reiga : Such a nice car,who would do such a thing?

Savage_girlO-O TheSavage1 : I’m new to this channel but i really love their into but some of them are ew Edit: oh mah gawd while he was cleaning the car PH GOD IT FELT LIKE I COULD RESLLY FEEL IT :C

CJ Neppey : "...all the while he was laughing at us." How bout you laugh at him for not knowing to wear a belt

x.Ghana _ Nana.x : I want to throw up and I’m still watching this🤦🏾‍♀️

sub to maximilian : wait wait wait... wait a minute why is my name is this..... this doesnt add up aha

no one : Seriously are u related with Linus Tech Tips but with better deep voice?

Benebs : Thank you YouTube recommendations

Rohan Satram : It looks like the owner was challenged to do this to his car

Wolf ASMR Isla : I would be sooooooooooooo scared to do that you have a really good friend 😰