BIOHAZARD Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 10 Years

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Tedward : On today's episode, we learn that Larry could absolutely get away with murder.

JPL Toy Experience : Well done, YouTube Recommendations!

HappyFriera YT : Is that linus?!

Audrey Sam : *Germaphobes have left the chat*

Osvaldo_Tuga _ : Legend says all diseases out there in the world came out of this car

usdpaulp : That job probably cost 5 times what that car is worth

Typical Auto Guy : Why is this so satisfying?!

Junior Hornets : He sounds like I guy I would find in a science video my science teacher would make me watch

Felix Roblek : Still wouldn't drive it after seeing this...

JRXY • : i thought my car was dirty...

Jacob Bussell : He definitely killed that spider

Kaiōken : OR WE could just set it on fire

Xavier : I felt like I could smell the back of the car

STENDO BANS : At 8:08 I shuddered so hard


Shane Hallwirth : Am I the only one who read the title as "Dirtiest Cat Ever"?

RiCEcooker Escada : *me trynna shave my pubes after 8 months*

SwearrJar : Thank you youtube I needed this

AMMO NYC : Before you leave a comment thought this might be helpful. 1. The car was left there due to a divorce 2. I didn't remove the entire interior because thats not what was asked of me by the owner 3. I didn't remove the seats because they were rusted and I was instructed to move on 4. The car is getting completely gutted at a later date of the owners choosing, so I was asked to be surgical and not rack up the bill 5. The purpose of this job was to make is considerable safer for the workers. (I polished bec I thought it would be fun) 6. I'm aware the 3D graphic says mm instead of mil. It's a fat finger mistake, but I hope the 3D graphics still made my point 7. I kept taking off my glasses to look in the camera lens and forgetting to put it back on. That's my bad. Thank you for watching

Mafi Havili : This is a good channel

Plexium [GD] : I still wouldn’t even touch that shit

Kav : nice rims bro

Bill Gates : Can the guy even afford that restoration?

MikeM : 8:08 At that point I would be diagnosed with PTSD if I had to clean this car.

Einshine Goku : My father’s old car was a Toyota ae87 trueno he loved the look of the car and it’s speed. He rolled it into a ditch and it sat there since 1991. I tried to replace the battery, petrol and start it. It worked after half a minute of cranking.

Bajan Aviation : Linus? Is that you????

ClayTon TUBE : best 15:27 minutes of my life, Keep Up The Good Work

TirdadGaming : Is it just me or I like watching the soap or foam thing with the power washer...

RcFrenzy : Mouse urine is no joke, it will take some commercial grade live enzymes to get that thing smelling right. My car sat for about 5 years and took multiple applications of enzymes and the ozone machine. Cool car though, I love saving old 90s cars!

Dave Brittain : Looks more like a scrapper! The roof is a mess as well.

ixmoonlightxi : There’s a spider :o I’d rather burn the car more than cleaning that....

EinoStunt : what an awesome video!

Reiga : Such a nice car,who would do such a thing?

The Hooniverse : This car is basically an animal crime scene... actually, that will be Larry's next crazy video; an actual crime scene car.

Steal Your Jews : When you get scam on Amazon

IHonestlyDontKnow : This is a nice car... It's a shame the owner left it to decay like that.

Keith Olsen : Spiders allll up in that thing! Fuuuuck that, I am out man! Plus the car is probably worth slightly less than the cost of Larry's detail work..

John Morrow : Back in the 90's I had to patch the door bottoms on a Vauxhall Nova that belonged to a mates dad , car came in and nearly puked when I opened the door about 2 inches of cigarette ends all over the floor front and back ash tray full as well , decided to hoover the car out for him dont know why lol . Did a front end smash on a Mini owner had been shopping and crashed and a bottle of milk got smashed it stood for a month unopened gag barf what a smell , worst cars are the ones that have knocked people over , one of the lads at one place I worked at had to repair a police car that had knocked over a milkman on his round whacking big dent in the roof where his head hit .

Shane Broussard : Some gasoline and a match would clean that right up.

Brian Felleson : Nice barn find

Saad Salique : Oh man oh man I’m subbing to this channel

l3iohazard : wait wait wait... wait a minute why is my name is this..... this doesnt add up aha

DJBATMANGOLD : Okay, so we'll go to the store, not be suspicious, get some black garbage bags, some white gloves, a biohazard suit, a mask, and be on our way. Oh! And don't forget the kitchen knife!

Roo H : I just dealt with this myself this summer. The car I was working with wasn't as old, it also didn't have the same potential. Obviously an Eagle Talon has some potential, especially if it is a turbo and more so a TSi (haven't watched enough of the video yet). In 2010 I saw a black 02' Neon SE for sale, for 1000 dollars, needed engine work. I offered $600 cash for it, and the young woman sold it for that. I realized after I got the vehicle home that I had overpaid. The engine appeared to be shot , and based on the condition of every corner of the vehicle, the previous owner seems to have only ever stopped when she ran into something. Unfortunately for me, shortly thereafter, MY divorce kicked in, and I sat the car at the family farm till I could get to it. Good intentions turned into wishful thinking, and wishful thinking turned to several years. In 2015, I ended up buying a wrecked 2003 Neon with a good 2.0 engine, pulled the engine, replaced head gasket, timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, etc, etc. We paid 500 for the wrecked Neon, and did the work on the motor without being able to start it, so we were taking a chance. But the engine had about 70k miles on it, which, in a wrecked vehicle, usually means the engine/transmission are good. I wrapped the engine with a tarp, thought I'd get to it a little later, then a little turned into 3 years. Finally this summer, I said it had to be done, or I'd just be taking that Neon to U Pull It for 350 dollars (And I still wonder if I should have!) . I swapped the engines out. Could not get the fuel pump to kick on. New fuel pump, then the starter wouldn't turn over. Pulled the starter off of our donor car, turned the Neon over, and she started right up. Had many little hoops to jump through. Sensors that were causing the engine light to come on, seatbelt sensor replaced, light bondo and thick primer to repair most of the dings, scratches, and dents. Replaced the headlights, replaced the glass fog lamps. Picked up a bunch of small parts from U Pull It, from door tabs to lower bumper screws. Replaced the rear bumper. The list of small things fixed has to be about 200 items long. The interior of the car was stuffy and stank, like you'd expect from a car that sat for 8 years next to a grain bin on a farm. We could not get the heater/ac fan to work. Took that all apart, and a bunch of seeds/gunk from some sort of nest fell out of the dash. Had to get up in there with the shopvac for what seemed like hours. Sprayed that down with hot water, then bleach, then lysol. That still didn't get rid of the stink. Had to leave the state for 6 weeks for training in another state, so used baking soda all over to try and draw out some of the stench. Got back, cleaned that up, then sprayed an entire large can of lysol into the vents on the outside of the car while the AC was on full, and that seems to have lowered the stink down to about 25% of what it was. New tires, new paint job, 30 dollar vinyl stripes (that, I might add, look incredible, not bad for first time trying to put vinyl on a car, 4 hours of work though). I've spent every bit of the 3500 dollars without including my labor, and I'm hoping to sell it in the next couple of weeks for 3500 dollars. "WHY spend that on an 02 Neon???" Well, I have an SRT-4, and it's in pristine shape, so I wanted a platform version of the car that I could learn on, and believe you me, I did just that, learned a TON. The biggest thing I'm still dealing with is that stale odor. It's not that bad any longer, I've been using it as a daily from time to time instead of my ecodiesel pickup, and that helps to keep air going through it, and simply just being in the car, but it is taking forever to get the smell out. That's the number one thing that really keeps me from selling the car this minute. I've had a couple offers for 3k already, but I want to push for the 3500 to get all the money I have in it, back out of it again. Anyways, wrote a book, didn't mean to, enjoyed watching your video, it made me shake my head with understanding, remembering the first trip to the car wash, all the doors open, just blasting all along anywhere that had moulding, shXt flying ALL over the place. Took SO LONG to clean that car up, wish I could show photos before and after here. I know how much work that is when a car sits for that long. Good work on you guys, you likely get paid more than I do for this, as this is my hobby haha.

ALL R PUNISHED : Well this was cool. I had this same car. I got mine out of a pick and pull in 2004. It had a small fire in the engine bay. I had to replace the wiring harness. When it started up for the first time it was magical. I even had the same ATC boost controller in the dash. Real cool.

Rohan Satram : It looks like the owner was challenged to do this to his car

Bug 0714 : What was the dead animal?

Benebs : Thank you YouTube recommendations

Jens Friedle : Best Detailer of the World. Greetings from Germany.

Savage_girlO-O TheSavage1 : I’m new to this channel but i really love their into but some of them are ew Edit: oh mah gawd while he was cleaning the car PH GOD IT FELT LIKE I COULD RESLLY FEEL IT :C