Why this stray dog stays on the rocky shore despite the crashing waves..

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Shy HUMANITY : He looks like Hachiko😥

Burn Me Please : I see comments like "the couple doesn't deserve them" and "The couples should get punished". I don't think you all realise that the old couple were so sick that they had to be hospitalised so even if they wanted to, they couldn't. Even in the phone call, the owner says he can't see him because he has to go to the hospital everyday. Maybe they thought they'd be back in a while to see their dog again.And if a dog is willing to stay for so long for his owners, it means they were great owner's.

The Fancy Unicorn : Poor poor baby 😭 All he wanted was his old family...

Cazi Abraham : If I saw him I would swim up to him everyday just to feed him and stay hours with the dog sitting down to have him trust me

Peaches And creaMmm : This made my cry so much i can’t even describe how much this pained me

FRANTIC ™ : This is hard to watch. Please update us if he is reunited with his owner.

KITTY_ROBLOX : I’m in Bali right now and there are so many stray dogs....my family is staying at a hotel and everyday we get some sausages and feed whatever dog we see! This morning I saw a dog just like this. IM CRYING :(

ᄀᄋ : 진짜 동물농장 진짜 참된 방송인거 같다진짜인간적이고. 돈벌라고 대도않는 방송하는 방송사보다 진짜 낫다..

Haikal Pasha : Oh shit... I never know i can shed tears by korean drama 😢

Ash Shwe90 : What’s the update on where Noorung is now???

Marley Ex : This story has me in tears. All of these people are so amazing. Stay blessed all of you.

Pruto : So no one ever thought of building him a shelter? + Why would someone release those other bully dogs on him? WTF???

예슬_[구슬분들] : *달려가서 꼭 안아주고싶다*

송영란 : 개가 사람보다 낫다

Kaylin Evans : This dog reminds me of the movie Hachico

TheFd90 : This was so hard to watch! My heart broke when he those waves were hitting him. Animal are sooooo loyal!

ljsy ljs : 누렁이 두번째 보호자님 당신은 천사세요 복 받으세요 누렁아 건강히 오래 오래 새 아빠랑 꽃길가렴♡

Perfect Home : Thank God the poor doggie is safe and in a new home now. Dogs are extremely loyal to their families/owners. Dogs will NEVER give up on their families. I feel bad for the old couple but at the same time, when you decide to have a dog, if you are getting sick or old you must start looking for someone who takes care about your dog in case that something happens to you. It can be a family member or a friend or a shelter where people can go and adopt them. But NEVER abandon the dog in the middle of nowhere as a lot of people does. Dogs are amazing creatures, smart, loyal, protective, the best friend you can ever have!!!!! Always remember that!!!!!!!

Tamara Weber : Tears of happiness for him. Thank you to the community for their kindness and compassion. 🐶

Qlimax : I feel so sad for the dog... :( it breaks my heart.. All animals deserve a warm and a safe place..

fionae gaml : Animals are becoming more human than actual human beings

Takeda Noaka : Omg its make me cry and melt my heart i don't know why 😢😢

Dub Uzell : I love dogs more than most people. I hope there's a good out come👍

Dima Morad : Wish people had this extent of loyalty in them. We don't deserve dogs

Mary Benitez : This is heart breaking. Im literally crying right now😢😢😢 like wtf. Edit1: I have not seen the complete video btw. Edit2: They saved hiiim!!!!

Fierce Sir : Never get a dog when you are getting old. When you are gone, your dog is left alone in sadness, with no one to care for him or her. That's how I feel.

Fun In the sun : That dog just wants his mommy and daddy back

Addie Animal : If I saw the dog... I would lay out a dog bed, blankets, food & water.

Jahz D : Thank you to everyone in this town that did everything they can to save this poor dog. I hope he reunites with his owner one day!

Betsy Tucker : I was so glad to see that it was not a human coming back for a sweet change.

UnKnownn .Spirit : It killed me when the man said it was his old house. The dogs last instinct made him run home


Afkg3ar : Simple answer: Call Caesar Millan.

PokemonAndAll : its an akita what do they accept??

Jewel Nicole Delafuente : Im crying because of this. 😢😭😭💔💔💔💔

Joice desuza : I can't stop my tears.. Who save him.. Tht all people hatts off.. God bless them..

Qais : I finally found the second part to this phew

Spoonface McGee : 1:57 Asian grandparents... always trying to make you eat 😂

Chris L : Yay! He was saved. Bless you people! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Buka chu : The need to hug this dog is overwhelming

Ivette Quinones : I hope they didn't decided to give it back to the owners, if they wanted the dog so bad they could find a way of getting back, instead they didn't do anything, they had plenty of time, a year, come on. I hope some one else, more suitable, responsible, careful, appreciative, loving human decided to keep it.

Micro Addict : A god that is seems 😢poor doggo

Daniel Arenas : After a year took them long enough to rescue a stray dog stupid humans

Lunar Freeman : 개들끼리도 , 뒤에서 받쳐주는 주인없는개는 왕따 시키고 두들겨패네.... 인간들과 가까이 지내다보니 학습을 한거같네. 하튼 , 보면서 가슴이 아팠다 정말로...........

luna playz : I didn't stop crying😢😭

99sH0Ts : What type of A-hole dislikes a video like this ... >:(

김민서 : 누렁아울지마 나도울엇잔아 괜찬아누렁아엄마아빠꼭올거야ㅠ~ㅠ

Emmam Last : 6:55, person with net.... TEAM ROCKET!!

Lídia Da Mata Travassos : I ask myself why the owners of the other dogs let them do that to the dog? I never let mine do that to stray dogs.

Anthony Palo : That old couple left him there. they abandoned him. should've left him to a caretaker or neighbor if they really cared for him. that's that.