Why this stray dog stays on the rocky shore despite the crashing waves..

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FRANTIC ™ : This is hard to watch. Please update us if he is reunited with his owner.

ForgottenSoldier : When he got shot and still managed to get back home got me soooo hard 😥

Ray Boy_theguy : He thought he was about to die so he ran to his old home to die at. Heartbreaking stuff.

Pepito Niel : This dog looks like Hachi in the movie hachiko waiting for his owner to come back

Jaz Noble : I'm only here to share-I saw a dog once outside our house,it was staring at me.I got afraid because I'm a cat person.Then after that, he barked.I went inside,then he layed down.The next morning mom and dad were feeding the dog.I don't know why.When I come back to school I was home alone and someone knock on the gate then I hear the dog barking again,I checked and it was a man he has an empty bag.He was robbing are house but he ran because the dog barked at him.I realize that the dog is protecting me.I let the dog in and I fed him meat and water.He was a Rottweiler and we kept him and named him Hero. Sorry I'm a Filipino bad english

Shy HUMANITY : He looks like Hachiko😥

Aus Valvey : There needs to be an update. I don't like this ending as it is now. I don't want the dog to be chained there in some stranger's room.

Canta Libre : Don't we realize...? Dogs are more loyal than humans.

Taryn Marie : Anyone who adopts or takes in a pet should treat it as if they are adopting a child. Would you leave a child outside to fend for itself if you went to the hospital? NO. You call a family member or friend or an ANIMAL SHELTER who will gladly take care of the animal for you for FREE. DONT LEAVE THE POOR CREATURE OUTSIDE STARVING IN THE COLD. EVER. It is cruel and inhumane, I dont care what your situation is, there is always a solution to take care of a pet that wont cost you any money if you cant afford it.

Dolor Alfaro : I don't easily cry of problems in life but when it comes to dog sufferings, neglected, chained and abandoned stories like this one....Am in tears right now. I understand dogs than humans...thanks to the people who cared and rescued the dog.

Marley Ex : This story has me in tears. All of these people are so amazing. Stay blessed all of you.

Margie Cieslinski : 😢omg😢 this video is so sad.

Aqua elementia : As a member of a animal rescuer since i was 8.I have seen this type of situation before but.....this dog is such an amazing dog to its owner and so loyal i feel bad for the dog and i really want the dog to be happy.......now i miss the cat that reminds me of him......😭😭😭😭

Joeys Father : The dog is still uncomfortable and he is worried about something even after his rescue...maybe he endured traumatic events at hands of humans and by other dogs also...maybe that is why he is isolating himself.... Ps: he's a very cute dog

aphrodita : All of these people worked hard for the dog and they were awesome. I guess there are millions of sociopath who dislike this video full of love.

Edwin Castelan : Dogs are Loyal.🙏🏽🙂

Tina Truong : I NEED AN UPDATE😭 this story breaks my heart😭😭😭 I need an update on the dog❤️

Together, BAM! : Animals are the purest creatures in the world...I gonna put my life on protecting them.

Samantha Setliff : I think the dogs owner drowned and thats why he's staying by the rocks and waves

TheFd90 : This was so hard to watch! My heart broke when he those waves were hitting him. Animal are sooooo loyal!

정재환 : 자기 주인을 그리워하며... 계속 떠돌아다니다... 이제 동네개들한테도 따돌림을 당하고... 마취총을 맞고는 마지막이라 생각한건지 자기 주인과의 추억이 깊든 집으로 갔네요... 사람이나 동물이나...같네요

jimin and yoonmin : Ouch We can clearly see the dogs loyalty for it's owner Meanwhile... Around the world people are torturing and eating dogs😭

Rabi Barman : every living being has their own feeling so never heart them

Mighty Apple : What a loyal and lovely dog....while I was watching this it really made me cry 😢😭 this dog is very strong waiting for his owner I wish I could have a dog like that

maria mendonsa : I can't stop my tears.. Who save him.. Tht all people hatts off.. God bless them..

latino heat : moving love all gods creatures 🐕

Rahaf Almobarak : I cried an ocean watching this video. I really hope to hear about new happy updates

Kat Breece : I'm crying my eyes out! I'm so happy he is off those rocks now, but I hope he gets to see his owners, the old couple. ❤

Putri Darmayanti : I NEED AN UPDATE PLEASE 🙏

Asneah Cariazo : god bless you thank you for saving that dog

J B : is there any update? 😭

Jennifer Stormes : It is so nice that you took him to a doctor. Can I please ask you not to chain him? Maybe a leash that is not heavy?

asha yoon : Put down the camera and help him 😭😭😭😭

fionae gaml : Animals are becoming more human than actual human beings

CSofia PenedoPires : Ajudam todos os animais

KimCD : Please update what happen to him and his owner :'(


Joh Daniel : I'm a dog lover and I'm crying like Han River 😭

Ivette Quinones : I hope they didn't decided to give it back to the owners, if they wanted the dog so bad they could find a way of getting back, instead they didn't do anything, they had plenty of time, a year, come on. I hope some one else, more suitable, responsible, careful, appreciative, loving human decided to keep it.

Janell English : I hop he gets a wonderful home now or in the future

Deysi Cruz : OMG NOT A DOGE seriously this is sad im crying cuz i had dogs that died and this is giving me a flashback plz like if yu had the same thing before its super sad right? edit:PLEASE JUST SAVE THIS DOG DONT JUST STAND THERE LIKE THAT HELP HIM SAVE HIM CARE FOR HIM RESPECT HIM AND MOST IMPORTANT LOVE HIM!!!!!🐶🐕😭😭 ANOTHER edit: thats why im helping anumals when i grow up

Anthony Pancho : So sad Im cry 😣😢😢

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Audrey Kirkland : Kudos to these folks for rescuing this animal. For those who feel some form of severe punishment should be exacted for this animal being abandoned, you would probably be angered beyond expression about the annual Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, Guangxi, China. Many thousands of dogs are tortured (skinned/blow torched alive) to death with the notion it makes the meat more desirable. The Chinese government officially banned the event, but another is planned for this year in June.

sScorpio9 : No entiendo nada... Pero si estaba bien donde estaba, sano etc, ¿por que se lo lleva éste? Para amarrarlo? No ven que no quiere? Que alguien me explique porque no entendí bien.

Angelina Gallardo : Hachiko doku ka Na,hontoni aitai yo

머큐리 : 아유 가여워 진짜 ㅠㅠㅠ불쌍한건 혼자 다하네 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Tey Joleen : XD this angel with no wings at 9:10

Joan Habel : Man loyal best friend

Julie Auld : Why dont you make friends with him and rescue the dog please