Joe Rogan on The Importance of Being Kind

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DJ : Joe hits the nail on the head about the fakeness and back stabbing sabotage that happens in the workplace. I worked with two old guys that we're such hypocrites it's still hard to wrap my head around their behavior. One old guy has talked behind my back several times to the point I don't even acknowledge his existence anymore lol. It's unfourtanate really. I have confronted him 1 on 1 about his behavior torwards me and told him directly that if he has an issue with me then bring it to me. He failed to do that about a week ago and complained about me helping him out with his specific job task. Helped out with a positive attitude and put my best foot forward but the guy still had an issue! I've now thrown my hands up and don't even acknowledge his existence anymore.

NickPDX22 : The reason and answer to life is #Love .. period

Jerry Bear : treat others as you wish to be treated, pretty simple.

james manning : Im 22 and work in a corprate office. I say hello to everyone as i try to friendly and spark conversation on passing by in the hallways. There is always at least one or two people with that blank face as if they just seen a ghost!! I agree kindess is what we need. You are awesome Joe love the podcast!!!

Adam Coyne : BE KIND. REWIND.

crash bash : kill them with kindness

Zephy : I've known this for years and i'm young. One issue is technology. Technology keeps people separated and gives them the ability to act however they want online. People are less patient also because they expect everything in an instant. It is a lot easier and healthier to be kind to people. You have a much better chance of being physically and mentally healthier if you are kind to people. Why not be happy?

Dani ram : "Be kind to all creatures; for this is the true religion. " - Buddha

lenceagle1 : As far as shame and guilt goes, I've found that thinking about the past is only helpful if we're learning a lesson. If we're not, we need to move on and just do better.

Matt TheDestroyer 2 : I disliked to be ironic :)

TheGuy123321 : Don't let the bad apples spoil your inner beauty, my friends. It's not worth it to adopt their ways because it doesn't make life easier. To the contrary, it's far more miserable to be like them. Persevere.

Wilson hybrid : I think niceness comes from having a thick skin. If you know you can withstand the negative, you can afford to be positive. Negative people often don't think they can get by on their own merit, so they resort to nefarious covert strategies to get ahead.

Rawkstar : True, The state of society is very sad right now it's unbelievable how hateful a lot of people are and with 0 empathy of how they impact other people. I do my best to be polite and respectful but I've had times when I've held the door for a lady or picked up something they dropped and they just stare at me with a blank or confused look and don't say anything..

Love Silvia Sweidan : Immense gratitude for your beautiful soul ... I LOVE your kindness and compassion <3

guilded calamity : I was raised to be polite and have manners and all that. We would wave and say hello to strangers..then I moved to more populated areas and they would look at me like I was crazy for saying hello to a stranger.

Paul Newman : You can be kind because that’s what good people do. Who wouldn’t want to be a good person..... I strongly believe, and a lot of monks and Buddhists, mystics do too, that actions have consequences, karma you will have to answer to. No matter how badly a person or persons are to you, don’t fight back, don’t be angry.... They will have to answer for there actions...... So just be a kind person and just smile, karma is going to be a bigger bitch than you ever could be.....

Rage G P : Joe "we need to be nicer" rogan

Matthew Witherspoon : Joe, the Universe itself isn't nice. Life isn't friendly. It's hard man, and the strong survive, those who are able to adapt at all costs. Kindness isnt a requisite for survival on planet Earth. No, people need to learn how to stick up for themselves and be respectful because everyone is proud and confident, and you want to be treated the same to you. It's the golden rule man. And the guy might have been shocked that Joe Rogan just said hi to him.

Steven C : I would freeze too if Mr Rogan said hi to me LOL

Hundooey does it : The power of positivity is real and arguably miraculous. Find your peace.

Happy Hour : Big difference between being kind and extrovert!!!

Nathan Maxwell : I learned how to be kind through hippies! i know they get a lot of hate for god know what reason..but they are legit the nicest, selfless people ive hung out with, they all helped each other out and well thats where i learned the behaviour and i gotta admit it does feel really good to be of service to others!

Ryan Sumayo : Religion is good and depends how you use it. Sadly many wars have occurred due to conflict of religion and it's ironic those people are missing the point

Cutting Edge : Scottish people give free lessons on manners to visitors.

persey004 : Catholics were "in the trenches" in third world countries in order to covert them to Christianity. Helping them was just one part of that process.

kschrop : Reppin Lancaster County archery!! My home town. Right on Joe 💪

TheBostonboy95 : Forreal, like i always wonder how people can be sooo ill mannered?? I say "please, thank you, welcome, hello, good morning" stuff like that not really to make others feel good, but it makes me feel good because i like to acknowledge people and let them know i care haha not to sound corny, but its just a nice feeling thats all.

chuck1prillaman : JRE Clips Great posts but could you please list the guest's name in the description? It would be a big help.

CorbCorbin : Be Nice.....until it's not be nice...... DALTON IN ROAD HOUSE

InMaTeofDeath : Being kind is one thing but the scenario he described was just saying hi to some reandom dude for no reason. Sure it's a friendly thing to do but it's also true that sometimes people aren't interested in conversation and while they're out and about as they were they're not obligated to be kind to you. That's the thing I'm worried about, that guy did nothing wrong yet he was made out as the bad guy for simply not wishing to have a short conversation with a stranger, I don't see that as a bad thing.

Hunter Moore : Corny

Mabel Star : That’s why I’ll never be fake.

NO HEART : Fags.

Fix It Angel : I definitely agree. Be kind to each other.

Northenstar13 : Great video..Kindness cost nothing, but is so valuable.

L Petillo : Ah yes, it feels great to help people, like geniunely.. Very strange

jAM Ab : rules makes a human act to it and so are the norms !

Gamer1uk : 5th

JAYSON : Sounds like the "easily offended" are being moaning cants again

amateur boater midnight poker : Joe 'You were always a bum but at least you didn't convince yourself of it ya filthy little animal!' Rogan

GG Allin : Joe Hogan, Hoe Jogan

GG Allin : fucc carlos mencia

Greg McMahon : Awesome Gents! Thank you and have a great day. 🙂

Master Chief : It's this narcissistic, 'I know everything, you're stupid' , not gonna really talk this out I'd much rather talk behind your back kind of attitude that everybody has gotten so adjusted to. Really hurts when it's people older then you, too.

KorianBossMonster : My thing is, if you didn't get any Joy from helping others, would you still do it?

Joshua Fox : look people in eye is almost impossible with phones

Joshua Fox : there's more,scientific proof that Jesus rose from the grave then there is that Abraham Lincoln was ever born !

Lootbox : i pride myself on having good manners and once i opened and held a door for someone and they simply walked through with no thanks

Ethan : Straight biblical scholarship going on here... jk

juan ribeiro : Everyone you meet is a lesson on how to behave.