The Orange Years | The Nickelodeon Story Teaser Trailer

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Montana Spring : the 90s ruled

Tampa Jay : Man, I was such a nickelodeon kid! Salute your shorts, hey dude, are you afraid of the dark, Pete and Pete! I have these all on an orange VHS. This documentary looks awesome and I can't wait to watch it. It's very awesome to see you on YouTube buddy!

Genisis Lewison : I Hope this Goes on DVD and Blu-Ray

ronjon83 : Why did you delete your videos and disappear man? This sucks, we love you buddy, don't quit on us.

Animal Chin : This looks so freaking good!! I can't wait to watch this. It looks like you did a great job Mikey!

D-Roncz : Can’t wait to watch this! Looks great

Mr Grimm : Please stay true to posting more everyday

Doug : Why am I seeing a bunch of articles saying this trailer just got released but the video says it was published in 2017???

Hek Ter : Why so many dislikes? wtf?

thafutureonline619 : So when is the release date? Where can we buy it? Price? We need this now!!! Whats the scoop?!?!

Tom Eitel : I got to go to the world premiere last night and it was amazing! Everyone needs to see this. Gerry was the best person in the world. She has so much integrity its totally understated to just say she was a good person. She was AMAZING. This is such a treasure to get to have now in the records of life.

D D : Alex Mack!! Had a huge crush on that girl.

caramelized sugar : when is this out???!!!

Nicholas Whitman : Is this coming to theaters

Terrence Harris-Hughes : When and where can I watch it

Griffin : Larisa is still BAE

Caitlin Manning : I'm going to cry 😭😭 I miss the 90s so much

Breanna Perkins : Those were my years.

MrTonyoftheDead : I can't wait! Also, this makes me feel so old! But it does bring back alot of fond memories. I'm looking forward to seeing this :)

Sketch Bud : I'm so looking forward to this documentary

kye yack : What happen to this channel. Where are all the videos? I love bower he is a genuinely nice guy. Hope all is well and I hope you had a decent chrsitmass. Happy new year friend.

Nigel Lowell : This looks good

Jay Toonz : Awesome!

Christian B : When's this coming out?

Jesse Ward : Big fan