How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

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Kazi Redoan : I am really happy that this old man was telling the truth. He knows his mistakes and learns from it. Love the video.

Rajesh Yadav : Sir, I am an Indian living in Delhi with upbrining in an Indian small town. I have seen farmers using these techniques in their fields. In my country and basically in Delhi, when every Winter the farmers of nearby States burn their crops to clear their fields for next crop, I wonder how and why they have forgotten the lost art of conserving the soil. It is a proven fact that unless the soil has enough of humous, it will not absorb water and it takes time to develop humous and animal excreta helps in increasing the nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, calcioum etc in soil. I wish my fellow citizens, even if not paying heed to the knowledge of our great grandfathers at least listen to your TED video and stop burning crops in their fields. Regards

Taylor Wilmot : I just stumbled across this. I am surprised by the commentary here. Of course this man is not perfect and this solution is one of few that we can use along with permaculture. I think it would be more beneficial for us all to come together and use multiple strategies in order to bring our grasslands back to life rather than arguing about which is better and who is wrong or right.

Cole Halford : I work on my family's horse ranch, and everything this video says I have seen with my own eyes on thousands of acres of their property. I have seen total garbage waste lands that have dead and dying trees on it turn to beautiful grass or farmland.

klugyboy1500 : Big agriculture in the US wants cattle and livestock to feed on corn and soybeans. There is no profit in animals eating grass. Except for the rancher. But what fun is that?

ХОРОШО : Why there is no global program to implement all these findings? Why so many talks about global warming and not doing what this man said?

Lana Gaskell : This needs to be shown on Australian Tv stations . ATM Australia is going through one of the Tuffest droughts in history.

Peter LSJ : A lot of people in the comments make this into a vegan versus meat eater discussion. It has nothing to do with that. The planet always had large herds of grazers, and it were not farmers but seasons, predators and food that made them move around. By doing so, they were beneficial for the land. So basically the argument is to bring that back. You can start that up by farmers driving the animals around, but if you are not going to farm the animals because we do not need the produce, you could also just let them run wild. Wouldn't the USA look much better when it has its massive herds of Buffalo back, running the grassy plains? But you then have to make space for their migration and convince farmers and locals to accept the presence of large predators.

benz merc : Finally, someone who comes up with real solutions to destructive changes, instead of taxing people and banning opinions. Just reinforces my belifs, that natural input, will lead to natural output, and destructive input equals destructive results. Viktor Schauberger knew this well.

Carl Taylor : I forget where this quote comes from but it is so true: "It's not the _chemistry_ of the soil that matters, it's the _biology."_ If you simply keep piling on chemical fertilisers in the end you will end up with chemical dust. In my garden I use no fertilisers and no pesticides or herbicides - I use _organic matter, leaves and compost, manure and leaf mould._ These things are easy to obtain and to use and as a result I have worms, bees, butterflies and other beneficial creatures visiting. If I get weeds I pull them out. It's not rocket science. Grow huge amounts of prickly pear cactus so the roots hold the soil in place.

Sebastian Fernandez : Well now it makes sense why the American Great Plains are desertifying, because we killed all the buffalo which kept the land in shape.

Avinash Kumar : Less population is key to save earth

USER112358134711 : It's sad that nobody puts down all those wise solutions systematically to save the planet. Instead, everybody is happy to discover a new oil well in the Arctic and elsewhere!

T Thinker : Amazing! Just the opposite of what we've always been told!  And from my perspective you've proven your concept.  This is a 5 year old video - why aren't we hearing this salvation song being sung by every scientist from every rooftop?  I hope the world hears of your great science and gets on board.  (I also grieve for the 40,000 elephants - but do not blame you, just dogmatic scientific concepts that go unchallenged.)

Film Makers MC Williams : I wonder what would happen if we let vegans graze on the land along with the cattle?

Brendon Walker : I live in Florida Panhandle and the soil is pure sand. I have some horse and began to spread the soiled hay and manure as ground cover to firm the soil and create some surface cohesion in the sand. I did this, for those reasons, maybe four or five years. This year, after the rains, my entire property grew green grass! Seen from google earth, my place looked like a brown postage stamp on a big green envelope. But not anymore. Green on green.

TheHelleri : At 10:50 He says that 1 hectare burnt gives of more and more dangerous emissions than 6,000 cars. Um okay? I doubt he means 6,000 cars just sitting there and not being operated or 6,000 cars being lit on fire (although he could mean that). He probably means 6,000 cars running. But for how long? consuming how much fuel? Is it worse than running 6,000 cars for a day; for a year; for the lifetime of the car? Is it worse than running 6,000 cars for the time it takes to burn that hectare of land? If so how long does it take to burn that hectare of land? And what kind of cars are we talking about here? Is he including so called environmentally friendly cars and their indirect emissions impact? Is it the average mid-size family vehicle made before a certain year? I'd appreciate it if someone out there reading this could provide me with a source on his claim. So I can make sense of what effectively is meaningless given how he chose to word it. I also want to make sure he's actually right. I don't want to go off what the guy who self-admittedly got 40,000 elephants killed for ultimately no good reason says vaguely without a source that points to someone who didn't catalyze a purposeful genocide of a species. I'm not being facetious here either. Some incredulity in regards to anything he says and especially those things he says which make no sense is more than a little warranted.

will glazebrook : New favorite human right there

mockingbird187 : Save the world... eat a vegetarian?

Amal Barathi : Cattle are cause of nearly 20% of Global warming due to methane emission, but Australian and Canadian farmers found out that a red-seaweed, when fed to cattle will reduce methane emission to 99%. More over that red-seaweed is considered an invasive plant species.

Bealtaine Cottage : This I have known and applied it to the three acres that is Bealtaine Cottage in this over-grazed island of Ireland that was once covered in oak forest. The difference from 2004 to the present day is staggering...

Peter Gambier : Thanks for this. Another fact that is for sure is that GMO's and pesticides like RoundUp are killing the soils microorganisms and the desertification of the earth and the acidification of the worlds oceans will probably be the death of us all unless we drastically change all of our habits.

st105900 : this is one of the most informative ted talks i have listened to in a really long time

Mark Gigiel : Yay, sorry vegans, I'll get to still eat meat. Actually, nobody will listen to this guy and it's too late anyway. Capitalism has brought us to our soon to come extinction. Anything we do will be too little, too late. We couldn't look forward enough. People never evolved beyond control, war, greed and narrow-mindedness.

Terry B : Wonderful video. Although I'm not sure I heard the answer to the question of what the livestock would eat if there was nothing initially on the land.

tenj00 : Let's spend the future turning deserts into woods instead of bombing the crap out of everything, like we did in the past 100 years!

William Hughes-Games : Absolute genius but it must be combined with affordable (read free in some cases) contraception and it must be in the hands of the women of the world. Otherwise the revival of the deserts will lead to a population increase that will even overcome this almost miraculous insight.

Mike Halbert : This needs to happen. You don't come across many win/win situations in life, but this is certainly one.

Ghastly Grinner : Way to fix the problem Sterilize /remove the population of Africa overpopulation solved

namesurename : people aditing their foults are rare those days

Tjalle Haaze : BEFORE COMMENTING: please (re)watch the entire video. I know it´s hard but this entire comment section is filled with responses from people who haven´t yet understood the topic. No, burning tropical rainforests in order to put life stock on them is not a solution to dessertification, this man is a remorseful biologist who figured out how to turn DRY grasslands and dessertifiing areas back into healthy ecosystems. If you´re against eating meat, please focus your atention on other parts of the world. A cow could, and probably would, have a much worse life in other parts. Large, inhumane coorporations are not going to benefit from these sort of ideas, burning down forests is much easier for them. Being against eating meat is great, but you´re only hurting local communities that need life stock to sustain themselfs.

Martin : It's a No Brainer, but will it happen? If people can't make money out it I doubt it, we humans are wonderful creatures who constantly mess thngs up.

Björn Westman : So, don't fiddle around with nature and everything will be just fine...

MyK9dog : Yea simple solutions are the best. How about people implementing it. Teaching people to do it (maybe rewarding them with land they soil would be part of solution). Field burning is a pretty normal process, but he warns about this. Herding livestock seems to be the essence here over burning it all the time. The chart in the African village seems to suggest a rotation on the fields. What he suggests is a way to reclaim deserts from known methods. I think it is good. Someone needs to suggest it :) I like to thank him.

Johnathan Sams : Climate change is a liberal plot for world domination

Dahvon Colon : Wow this needs to be taught is schools.

roy ramey : The great plains were covered with tall grass.And there were millions of buffalo

Tserof Skcuol : I get what you're saying but I it's half the store, don't use katal use nachral grazers, if like stock is used than it will only tern into a meet product... And not as food for a nachral predator, I do like the first step and the proof of concept and just how much a first step can do... But it's still just a first step

ACTS : Wow, desertification countered and to some degree global warming remedied by growing human food in the form of steaks on the hoof. Didn't see that one coming.

Misael Toledo : One of the best TED Talks I’ve ever watched, hands down.

Dave Wheatley : This is the practical solution to climate change; not spending a $Billion a day on 'schemes', not carbon capture, not carbon trading, not any of the rubbish solutions spouted by the IPCC and the vested interests of politicians, 'journalists' and activists. That don't work. This. Animals growing pastureland feeding the animals feeding the population saving the planet.

downbntout : Grass fed beef is easy to fake, because a mouthful of grass would make a beef animal that. Ask for grass finished beef. Just like goat milk fudge, a tablespoon of milk in five pounds.

Black Opal : As many have noted this is an ancient idea, called 'shepherding'. I have mixed emotions. I of course applaud your intentions but am having trouble getting past your motivation. I could feel your genuine guilt and could sense it went as deep as your proclamation of such so I've no wish to flog you. I speak from the heart and share your love of nature and you desire to heal the planet. You won me back a little at the end, but I was about to go all Jurassic Park on your elephant genocide derriere. I am forced to wonder if your motivation, which can obviously be a force for good, isn't partly blinded by its determination and causing you to get tunnel vision on bringing forth a solution where man shouldn't be; pay your penance, but consider it a lesson and back away, let her heal herself. Because, before the end, I couldn't stop thinking the piece you didn't learn and are still missing since that tragedy is, 'we cannot control nature and we shouldn't be trying', and 'man is nature, so change his ways, learn to live in union with Gaia and leave no footprints. Not take what you want and tidy up behind yourself', and 'your judgement scares me, for real'. Partly it is your age and the generation and place you come from, but I am reminded of stodgy, racist and hypocritical politicians selling the same stories dressed up differently to get the position and in the end always the same result, a politician retiring fat and wealthy, golden parachute for good measure, and constituents working harder and having less. You love elephants, since you were a boy, yet you were able to bring yourself to the decision to kill 40000 of them. You also have justified burning billions of hectares for decades.* Some of your speech and individual sentences gave me hints that you may be willing to take extreme measures again. I know you love the planet, but can that stop you from risking it? or does it drive you to take drastic action? The true identity of the problem here is 'control'. We have to give up our need for 'control', it comes from insecurity. The insecurity of a hominid on the grasslands(ironic) on the night of a new moon, trying to get a few minutes of rest but surrounded by the chirps of hyenas, grumbling of lions and howling of wild dog packs. Is that still us? We smart enough, and pwerful enough we should know we don't need to conquer and control nature to progress, we need to conquer our fear and our indifference to our place in the great cycle. ..."Life finds a way". Thankfully, your solution is not extreme and, in fact, it is in line with the solution for the overall picture, which is to live in union with nature, not control it. So that's where you won me back. I truly hope you redeem yourself, not for me, not for the great Spirit which is us, not for your children or grandchildren... for the elephants. I'm pretty sure they are watching you!:-) Tread lightly, stay humble. Good luck, Sir. I do not envy your cross. Peace to All of Us

New Mavericks : At the deepest level desertification is lack of love, respect and care for the environment and the creatures in it!

nameofthepen : Thought-provoking in its logic. Stunning in its implications. Exciting in its possibilities.

Pierre Daher : A man who ordered or suggested the killing of 40 000 elephants as a solution , can not and will not and should not be able to bring any kind of solutions to this world , I feel sorry for him I feel sorry for us and I am really sad for the lost animals ,when humans are stupid they become extremely dangerous I couldn't go further than 3 minutes into this video Sorry .I couldn't hear this man talk even though he is now perhaps a Saint but the crime is way too much to forget now that is awfully printed in my mind in the book of humans crimes ..

Seeker of Gnosis : thankyou for your work Allan.

Chey Mcl : He's not saying let's just get more animals on the land. Let the grass grow, then knock it down to work into the soil. After a few years the soil improved dramatically. I think this should be combined with methods being practiced by some in Australia to stop all the water just running away and we really could turn huge amounts of land back to a healthy state. And on top of that the steady planting of suitable trees. None of its rocket science, but it could drastically improve our natural environment.

Ugonna Wachuku : Truly inspiring; in moving dimensions for all humankind and our earth, planet. Blessings, Allan Savory. We are grateful.

MARK BROOMER : That's it, I'm blaming the vegans, dirty plant eaters.