How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

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Kazi Redoan : I am really happy that this old man was telling the truth. He knows his mistakes and learns from it. Love the video.

ХОРОШО : Why there is no global program to implement all these findings? Why so many talks about global warming and not doing what this man said?

Brendon Walker : I live in Florida Panhandle and the soil is pure sand. I have some horse and began to spread the soiled hay and manure as ground cover to firm the soil and create some surface cohesion in the sand. I did this, for those reasons, maybe four or five years. This year, after the rains, my entire property grew green grass! Seen from google earth, my place looked like a brown postage stamp on a big green envelope. But not anymore. Green on green.

Iago Arouca : It takes courage to admit he shot 4000 elephants for nothing

Benji Travis : Beef it’s what’s going to save the planet... for reals

tenj00 : Let's spend the future turning deserts into woods instead of bombing the crap out of everything, like we did in the past 100 years!

Rajesh Yadav : Sir, I am an Indian living in Delhi with upbrining in an Indian small town. I have seen farmers using these techniques in their fields. In my country and basically in Delhi, when every Winter the farmers of nearby States burn their crops to clear their fields for next crop, I wonder how and why they have forgotten the lost art of conserving the soil. It is a proven fact that unless the soil has enough of humous, it will not absorb water and it takes time to develop humous and animal excreta helps in increasing the nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, calcioum etc in soil. I wish my fellow citizens, even if not paying heed to the knowledge of our great grandfathers at least listen to your TED video and stop burning crops in their fields. Regards

TWJ : Just another example of humans claiming to be smarter than nature's perfect system, only for them to realize that the answer was nature's solution..

Film Makers MC Williams : I wonder what would happen if we let vegans graze on the land along with the cattle?

Sebastian Fernandez : Well now it makes sense why the American Great Plains are desertifying, because we killed all the buffalo which kept the land in shape.

Calvin Farrow : I have seen this technique work first hand. Four years ago we moved to a place out of town adjacent to some very dry hills where there was very little vegetation growing. A year after we let our horses graze one of those dry fields, it grew back the next year with more than double the about of grass as before, and fast forward a couple years, that once dry, crusty, and hopeless field is now greener than a golf course with no more additional water than before.

farmermatt629 : This guy is explaining what farmers and ranchers have known for hundreds of years but government told us and steered us in a direction toward mass corporate farms.... thank you government

digiboy009 : My villagers do keep (night time) cattle in their crop fields during summer, they keep shifting the place every week to cover all the area. This is a very ancient practice in many places in India and they still do it.

Amal Barathi : Cattle are cause of nearly 20% of Global warming due to methane emission, but Australian and Canadian farmers found out that a red-seaweed, when fed to cattle will reduce methane emission to 99%. More over that red-seaweed is considered an invasive plant species.

Martin Screeton : I was astonished... then i found out the truth... In 1969, the Charter Estate, a London-based company, donated land, funding, and cattle to conduct a seven-year study of Savory's "short-duration grazing" on 6,200 acres in Zimbabwe. Savory stated in 2000 that the Charter Trials, as the experiment was called, was "the only trial ever conducted" about his work and that it "proved what I have always advocated and continue to advocate when livestock are run on any land." But a 2002 review of the Charter Trials concluded that the Savory grazing method "failed to produce the marked improvement in grass cover claimed from its application." The study's authors found "no definite evidence in the African studies that short-duration grazing . . . will accelerate plant succession." The re-greening from cattle didn't happen. (Savory has since disavowed short-duration grazing, saying that it was flawed and that holistic management, despite its similarities to the short-duration model, now offers the best option.)

Savory Institute : This is one of the most important challenges of our time. Thank you for watching, please connect with our channel to stay informed on our mission to implement these practices on more acres of land.

ZX81v2 : HOW do you get 1.7k Thumbs down.... Seriously, the guys showing that THIS WORKS, what's not to like ?! If this is the way people think nowdays, mankind is screwed.... Including the haters....

Terry B : Wonderful video. Although I'm not sure I heard the answer to the question of what the livestock would eat if there was nothing initially on the land.

Robert Hammond : Herds of Buffalo roaming the American plains???

Lana Gaskell : This needs to be shown on Australian Tv stations . ATM Australia is going through one of the Tuffest droughts in history.

RNY : How do you apologize for killing 40,000 elephants? What can you possibly do to revert the irreversible damage?

Moi Mohi : I can't trust a Man that killed 40000 elephants .

Bealtaine Cottage : This I have known and applied it to the three acres that is Bealtaine Cottage in this over-grazed island of Ireland that was once covered in oak forest. The difference from 2004 to the present day is staggering...

klugyboy1500 : Big agriculture in the US wants cattle and livestock to feed on corn and soybeans. There is no profit in animals eating grass. Except for the rancher. But what fun is that?

T Thinker : Amazing! Just the opposite of what we've always been told!  And from my perspective you've proven your concept.  This is a 5 year old video - why aren't we hearing this salvation song being sung by every scientist from every rooftop?  I hope the world hears of your great science and gets on board.  (I also grieve for the 40,000 elephants - but do not blame you, just dogmatic scientific concepts that go unchallenged.)

Calle Nilsson : This is a really interesting prospect. And it kinda makes sense when you think of it; many plants depend on animals a lot to survive and procreate. Be it bees, wasps and flies for pollination, birds and mammals (among others) to eat and spread seeds and so on, we are deeply linked. Its really ironic that the things we thought would kill eco systems might actually bring them back.

Alleggs M. : Altough those pictures look really stunning, photographs are hardly used as scientifc evidence for several reasons. As his hypothesis/findings/arguments are quite the opposite of what I've been teached in university, I did some research on holistic management. In short this is by far no free pass for going on with our current meat consumption or to quote a review on holistic management: "To date, no review study has concluded that holis- tic grazing is superior to conventional or continu- ous grazing. One possible reason is that the effects of the holistic framework for decision-making have not been appropriately accounted for in these studies. The claimed benefits of holistic grazing thus appear to be exaggerated and/or lack broad scientific support. Some claims concerning holistic grazing are directly at odds with scientific know- ledge, e.g., the causes of land degradation and the relationship between cattle and atmospheric me- thane concentrationst is well-established that continuous excessive grazing with high stocking rates, or uncontrol- led grazing, increases the risks of desertification. How-ever, although grazing in most cases result in reduced vegetation growth, under certain condi- tions (a long evolutionary history of grazing, mo- derate grazing pressure during short time periods, and low net primary production) grazing can re- sult in increased vegetation growth. It is also well- established that improved grazing management can improve conditions on many degraded lands. Ba- sed on this review, holistic grazing could be an ex- ample of good grazing management, but nothing suggests that it is better than other well-managed grazing methods. "

Tjalle Haaze : BEFORE COMMENTING: please (re)watch the entire video. I know it´s hard but this entire comment section is filled with responses from people who haven´t yet understood the topic. No, burning tropical rainforests in order to put life stock on them is not a solution to dessertification, this man is a remorseful biologist who figured out how to turn DRY grasslands and dessertifiing areas back into healthy ecosystems. If you´re against eating meat, please focus your atention on other parts of the world. A cow could, and probably would, have a much worse life in other parts. Large, inhumane coorporations are not going to benefit from these sort of ideas, burning down forests is much easier for them. Being against eating meat is great, but you´re only hurting local communities that need life stock to sustain themselfs.

jmitterii2 : I thought this was common conservation knowledge. Idaho forests, even desert/brush, and marshland are open to grazing; albeit there is a small fee: pays for roads, cattle guards, fencing, etc. Grazing helps fertilize, reduce as much as possible dry grass and brush for fire prevention, and stimulate healthy soil and top covering. Key is to have them not overgraze. It's not 100% cure to make arid land into a type of wetland. Large amounts of Idaho while lots of mountains with forests, the foothills and the plains (actually so vast plateaus they appear like plains) are high mountain desert: a type of bushy, seasonally grassy dry desert, not a bare dirt/sand desert; really a type of dry grassland with sage brush and juniper trees along with other tall grasses and some small cactus; remains very dry. You can't turn this dry terrain into lush grassland or forests; forests in Idaho remain moist both from the higher ground level providing cooler temperature, and due to orographic lifting that causes precipitation throughout the year, and snowfall that builds through the winter. Lower flatter areas benefit by the snow melt for at least late spring, early summer; but much of it becomes very dry mid to late summer until the next spring.

namesurename : people aditing their foults are rare those days

Jason Small : oh please, permaculture is what you need, this guys selling beef.

John Moldavite : It would be good to get livestock out of factory farms. But your over-estimating the sequestration value of the soil, in the context of runaway Arctic warming. The Arctic Ocean will soon be ice-free, then the jet streams will be horrifically destabilized. Destabilized jet streams will create constant weather extremes to make fertile grassland look like the Sahara Desert, with no carbon sequestered. Humanity needs a breakthrough in carbon sequestration, super-computers may help design a new technique.

Casy Leer : it's all because we've regulated nature and it's not taking it well....

nicholascremato : We have known how to stop this for 4000 years. If you learned it in school, you are a fool. In northern California people have discovered that by putting a layer of surplus wood chips onto the ground and watering it the soil will be restored in 2 years. You rebuild the colonies of micro organisms that will break down the wood chips, make soil and preserve the moisture! DONE!! I also attended 3 snobbish universities that taught me nothing but lies.

Daniel Culpepper : Grazing great numbers of livestock (cattle) leads to desertification. What is the solution - bring more livestock (cattle)! Yea, it makes perfect sense!

Petra Sokolova : is actually so simple...great information thank you ..

kim weaver : Damn, I hope he's right and I hope the world pays attention.

Jon Snow : You can influence climate change but can't reverse. Climate change is not from a static point where you can reverse to. Climate change is a constant process since the planet exists and will continue as long as there is planet Earth. Also since higher CO2 deserts are becoming more green (proven facts by satellite image analyses of the entire planet surface) , so while I like positive attitude please stick with facts and not PC talk....

Nemesis : Rome, she turns paradise to deserts and then calls it paradise. Who still rules? Rome does. But you can not reverse climate change. Why do you think the major polluters are doing nothing?. because they know.... Its a natural cycle. But they will of course make money out of fear mongering. Like pay a carbon tax will stop climate change, its hilarious...and we BUY into it XD. Poor land management and climate change are not linked, sorry. Failing to accept the climate is changing there's nothing we can do about it is key here. learning how it will affect future prospects in respect to producing food and the way the environment will change to adapt to the climate. The climate will get wetter, less land mass, foods that like dry weather will no longer be viable.

Pierre Daher : A man who ordered or suggested the killing of 40 000 elephants as a solution , can not and will not and should not be able to bring any kind of solutions to this world , I feel sorry for him I feel sorry for us and I am really sad for the lost animals ,when humans are stupid they become extremely dangerous I couldn't go further than 3 minutes into this video Sorry .I couldn't hear this man talk even though he is now perhaps a Saint but the crime is way too much to forget now that is awfully printed in my mind in the book of humans crimes ..

Taylor Wilmot : I just stumbled across this. I am surprised by the commentary here. Of course this man is not perfect and this solution is one of few that we can use along with permaculture. I think it would be more beneficial for us all to come together and use multiple strategies in order to bring our grasslands back to life rather than arguing about which is better and who is wrong or right.

TLZ Inc. : I think the Native Americans had it right.

Rob Jons : THE Best TED talk i ever watched.

Jasper Neil : This is the most authentic, inspirational Ted talk I've heard. Allan is a true steward of the Earth, as all humans are destined to be. His explanation of planned grazing awakened a ring of truth in me that brought tears to my eyes. It is only by having this kind of positive, proactive effect on nature that we will fulfil our primary purpose of being stewards - not defilers - of the Earth and truly gain our humanity.

ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΚΑΝΕΛΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ : one of the BEST presentations in TED, WELL DONE SIR, hope the world listens and applies your method

Citizenthirteen : This doesn't address climate change and especially drought. I think the world would be a utopia if we ran desalination plants from solar energy to pump water throughout the world in a massive labyrinth of piping infrastructure . It would employ millions of people and ensure food security forever. The only issue is what to do with the salt removed from the ocean water.

nameofthepen : Thought-provoking in its logic. Stunning in its implications. Exciting in its possibilities.

Jenna Ellis : I have to admit he missed his calling, Savory was meant to be a Businessman not an Ecologist.

Lars Glittenberg : OH WOW so intersting. You have changed my way of thinking completely.

mieliav : so, we need to replace all the antelope, bison, wildebeast, caribou, elephants, giraffes and on and on with cattle and sheep?! what a solution.... why not give the original herd animals back the spaces that were theirs and allow them to grow back to the numbers that sustain the soil? oh, right- we can't give them back the space; sorry. to me it sounds as if this is another bandage, albeit a pretty good one.