Fight Scene in Unexpected Location

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Great Morning Productions : I hope everyone understood the subtle message of this video. The thumbnail symbolizes the conflict between the natural world and the machine world that humanity has created. The contrast between the sunflower field and the tank is reflected within the video. The initial battle between two man in the concrete building is a distraction. The observer is quickly overcome and has his attention on the beautiful tree stolen by the man-made event. The artificial battle showcases the fake world issues distracting people from the real natural world. It represents the idea that while our lives are saturated with many things the true world that has existed for thousands of years is the only real constant. Nothing funny could be said of the fish as the fish does not exist to entertain man. The fish exists solely to exist. The video showcases the imperfections of nature as well and while not perfect must be protected in the battle. The battle in this video is between the two contrasting ideas showcasesd frame by frame. It is the true unexpected location. And that is the true beauty of the natural world.

noogabooga : Okay, this is actually epic

Brendan Bailey : Just wow.