DIY: How To Make a Simple Homopolar Motor

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CORE Animation Productions : type of wire?

Cool Cats : This channel deserves more subs

MR. NVC DIY : thanks your share video

Magic_king live : почему на русском канале нету так много видосики?

matth exp : dose it work underwater?

patrickbama1234 : Really amazing what you can do safely at home.

Kalen Cuadrado : it is so cooling

krkoska : song at 1:20 please?

Andriy Baranov : Cool! I did the same one and it really works!

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super flo : where did you get that magnet

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scoby : doesn't the copper wire get hot from the battery?

Ioan Solarov : Thats make on my birghtday

Goku 2309 : se pone romantica en el 0:40

saranya ramalingam262 : but it doesn't work for me ......y

Hamza Tayyab : what kind of wire do we need ??

Default Name : use lithium batteries

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Miclea Lili : Nice vid

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Satyam Singh : which coil is use in

Julius : Nice work man.

Justice Plott : Can I have the magnet

gustavo junior colon muñoz : Eso no funciona😡

Aditya.b. Oumar : I just tryd but it's not rotating.... Can U tell me what m wrong

Doru Grigoras : Nice !

Fluffy Little Bear : What does the motor's sexuality have to do with this?

ThePoptard : Does it need to be neodymium

Arunava Datta : Excellent

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slime with Keirsten and fun canion : 2.4m views great job

Omar Badawi : this video had a magnet under the battery

razor911 : Jak zrobić prosty homopolarnego Silnika to jest polak czy kto bo tak jest nieudolnie przetłumaczone powinno byc How to make simple homopolar Motor

Marvic Briñan : can a magnet of a speaker will doo pls speask in english

Omar Badawi : this is so awesome

yat nok Ho : very good

Qodri Art : Wow

Steven Short : watching a wire spin is cool and all but I'd like to see that motor run something

Indian Man : What is the thickness of wire?