Wolves running on the highway

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NoJusticeNoPeace : I love the way the wolf turns at 0:19 as if to say, "The hell are _you_ looking at, primate?"

Emily Nolin : They always work out to the Black Keys.

Sub Killer : somewhere in all this, is a movie scene

She'Myia Malone : They're probably running from a bigger pack of wolves tbh😂😂😂

Mew Two : LOL music fits so well XD

Drew Hunkins : This is absolutely fabulous! Incredibly beautiful animals. Gotta love the way the "soundtrack" almost synced up to everything. LOL!

MRBARBARYCOAST : Great video!! Those Wolves look like they have stamina for days.

Duesal Bladesinger : Holy SHIT these things are fast.

David Lesage : see wolves all the time, beautiful animals.

salaciousBastard : They must have been looking for Liam Neeson. Liam was like, "Come at me bro."

Alejandro Trucco : black keys and wolves.. perfect

mangoboy4reel : They run like that all the time, not to chase each other but to build up heat under that thick fur to make it through the night and another hunting. Straight paths easier to build speed.

Black Tourmaline : I would've laughed so much if "Born to Be Wild" had been playing instead. Or something like that. Super cool video, I love that stuff. Thank you!

AO•Сallie : Precious babies. Hope they're safe from cars.

Akeem : Picture Yourself Being On That Highway And Your Running For You're Life

K C : Wow, beautiful. A once in a lifetime to be lucky enough to drive down a road that just happens to have 2 gorgeous wolves running. Wonder if they are running from something.

Captain Cooper : Winter is coming

DovahStud : INCREDIBLE! Too bad it was filmed on a potato :P

SkullFrog21 : Who sees something this epic and only films for 46 seconds. Even the song in the background is a perfect fit that the wolves are almost running in sync. This is the most awesome video ever but you filmed for 46 seconds!!!

Michelle Gianni : That is just so awesome! how fast were they running?...

Lps rainbow Productions : If anyone kills those wolfs....sleep with one eye open

Cevat Kelle : I wish I was a wolf . Look how free they are . I am so jealous about them <3

TheIslandryder : I think they figured out that they get more traction on the highway and can get to Dennys in time for lunch. Did you clock them to see how fast they ran that highway?.. Awesome stuff.

Vladimir Meskheli : i love how they know to stay on the shoulder

william white : The tagline on coast to coast was this woman was driving to work when she noticed the wolves running alongside her, but, and I may be wrong, but it looks like she caught up to them?

M Dgle : they got a love that keeps them burning

RolePlayer Swag : This is why you don't run from predators.

Saya : Wow. So awesome!!

matt Gwar : Too bad he didn't take a screen shot of the speedometer.

1977capriceclassic : She's lucky the cops don't go after her for "distracted driving" for using her cell phone.

Alyssa Hansen : Holy cow, those are huge.

Hugo Stiglitz : Black Wolves and Black Keys, nice.

Trevor Fuson : Well it is a road. It's better than running in the snow. They are loving it...

dreamlandnightmare : Did you know this was featured on the Coast to Coast AM website?

XainonN : Highway to Hell!

Posteriser : ♪ I'm a lonely boy♫

The Illusion Project : Wolves: "Cheater!"

MrGoodkat : This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

YouFuckingTube User : Lol and this happened to be the song which was played in "Teen Wolf", what a coincidence!

Thomas Jefferson : "High Energy" are they running for President?

Cinderella99 : How fast was the wolfs going? Looked pretty fast

MsWolfie : "Run Forest, Run!!!* Love wolves ❤

spit fire : Look at those cute wolf puppies!

carlos ruiz martinez : Thanks to this video I listen the black keys

The Disney Historian : Wolves are like "Olympics HA you humans are adorable " XD

محب المطيريLoving Noah : Great video

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : * _Insert Running in the 90's Music Here_ *

Horrific Sensation : lol well the song goes good with it xD

Njorunn Fjölvarr : At least they're sticking to the packpool lane.