The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Emotions run high in this loose homage to the final moment of the season 2 finale of The O.C. Featuring Shia LaBeouf.

Comments from Youtube

Give me the ZUCC : I hope after all life on this planet is gone, aliens see this video with no context

Azure Trio : Petition to get this skit redone on Brooklyn 99

Andrew Llanes : 2019 and still watching this masterpiece...

Ali Kamran Siddiqi : I literally searched 'MMM WHATCHA SAY' to get to this lmao

Erik Giovani : This probably sounded really stupid on paper

Cale Smoothie : Shia was in a different position each time he shot the gun😂

【あきも】Zombeh : Dear Sister, By the time you read this, I’ll be dead. This is how I think it’s gonna happen. Dave will shoot me, then I will shoot Dave. Then Eric will enter and get shot by Dave. Then you’ll come in and get shot by Eric, Dave, and I multiple times. Love, your brother Keith. P.S: Then two cops will read this letter and shoot each other.

Dana Payne : Starts out strong. Crosses the line into not that funny anymore. Then crosses the line right back into hilarious.

Kadeisawesome : Its funny seeing Jake Perulta, Captain Dozerman and Mlepnos in the same room

Gabriel Abraão : At first 30 seconds: It needs a better context After all video: Bro, gonna watch it again

AMinneYme : Shia was committed. That face plant could not have felt nice.

Baby Jac : “Walks in room to see two dead cops with 4 other dead bodies” What hap.... *BANG* MMM WHATCHA SAAAAY

jaymoney8518 : If they handed out Academy Awards for YouTube videos, this would sweep.

Daimon : Was there only 1 gun before the cops got there? So the 3 guys were passing it along each other to shoot the sister???? Lmao if so this makes it more hilarious!!!!!

SOMИiX : if death note was a musical...

John White : Before you read this comment I have to tell yo- **gunshot** - MMMMmmmm Whatcha say- **gunshot**- MMmmm whatc- **gunshot**- MMMmm w- **gunshot**- MMMmm- **gunshot**- Mm- **gunshot** - MMMMmmmmm Whatcha sayyyyyy........

Odin Satanas : hahaah the best part is the editing with the cops, how they are facing eachother shooting then still turn around, its great

yellowducky101 : my last 6 brain cells @ each other

Baxter Colloid : Who made this piece of _art_ ?

Nrkade : Is everyone in the comment section just gonna say something and the- HmMm WaTcHa SaY

Nicole S : Because of this, I can't ever go back and watch the season 2 finale of The O.C. and take it seriously.

Lps Hazel : "Moral of the story-" -gunshot- *MMM WATCHA SAYYYY*

Cheezay Ballz : baby: parents: mama? mommy? baby: *shoots parents* baby: mmm, whatcha say?

Sean Delling : The way the song keeps replaying gets me every time

alexsoutherland : Anyone watching in 2019? I remember watching this as a kid

WhatsThis : 1:53 when you accomplished a life goal.

Pixeleyes00 : Andy sandberg discovers the death note 2014 colorized

Sophie : I wanna know how this was pitched. Like honestly how did they sell this and why is it so funny?

KLIMT 43 : Honestly, why people find this funny??

Osgarth : Det. Peralta shoots Captain Dozerman Then Stanley Yelnats thinks of the funniest thing. After, Melipnos shoots a cop. The End

Mr. Turtle :3 : *mmM i don't know what to sayyy*

Jo P : Only recently realised this was done by the snl cast (Andy, Bill, Kristen, Jason, Fred and Shia😂)

angelique danton : I can't believe detective peralta killed captain dozerman twice

i4g7t gbdcf : Wow, who else realised that the cop who read the letter was Mlep(clay)Nos from nine-nine.

Gretchen Langholz : The power of the “Mmm watch ya say” song

Maiplex Jr2007 : Looks like Dewight and Jim when they were teens

Dunky Gamer : This is the level of Comedy SNL is sorely lacking these days.

lyndsay april : Idea: a laser tag place but when u get shot the vests play that song.

bb chill : Wait, I remember these guys back in like 2015 lmao it's good to see that the channels still thriving

Siluman Beriman : i think the idea of they made this skit is just how the song would fit the skit

JPR : 2019 anyone?

Tay Mccook : How many Damn bullets does that gun have lol?😂😂

Hot Take, Babe : “And then a person in the comments will read this and— “ *gunshot* mmM WATCHA SAAAAAY

Aden Th : 1:41-2:08 where the Shia LaBeouf shows his talent even in such a context.

Jeremy Rabenold : Is this where this meme came from 😂

Jay : Now this is a really creepy SCP

Brendan Parker : The letter says "by the time you read this I'll be dead" but then he shoots her after she's read it

Tiger Steiger : The real tragedy in this video is not knowing what funny thing Shia had to say

Kevin Torres : This will never not be funny. 2019!!!