The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Phoenix North : Idk why I love this so much

L Lawliet : it's a DEATH NOTE

Seymour Skinner : That's hell of a gun magazine

Ester Grant : ah, the golden age of snl

Offical Kayn : Masterpiece

Raymond Lee : The way Shia LaBeouf keeps changing poses shooting the sister gets me everytime

『Zack』 : Yup never too old

Eli Roberts : Avengers Infinity War in a nutshell

Hei Bk-201 : mmm watcha say-ception I miss the time when yt-content was creative :(

Hekla Eir : Wtf did I just watch😂😂

I'm Single : Infinity War spoilers but with no context

Tou Lee : Lol Shia labeouf with the trick shots

aestheticsounds. : one of my favs :D

Jangus Mank : Imogen heap of bodies

Alex K : Doctor: You have 3 minutes and 40 seconds to live. Me: Edit: thanks for the likes, I feel famous!

andycuttie : I cant believe that this is based off of a scene from The O.C. like someone got shot on that show and this was literally what happened with the music and stuff.

ツLili : what jake did before he became a cop

MattShea : What the hell is going on here?

THERealRibbitBartono : And now all of them are famous and star in movies....ok well armisens got his tv shows and side roles. But its funny how much talent is in this one video

key11207 : he has a deathnote lol

HipsterAmI Right : 4 years and it's still better than today's skits.

Caleb Royal : clean meme nice

Merv Watson : I was dying when I first saw this... So long ago, must've been 15.

Dylan Teno : I cride wen they shot Shia LaBeouf

Jan Parks : Showed my brother he said well thats what happens when youvwrite in the deathnote

rinne : filthy frank flashbacks

MrPhenom444 : 1:57 When Shia commits, he really commits! 😂😂😂

TheEditerEMH : Seems familiar

Finnitto : Wasnt there only one handgun to begin with..? So they just passed it around to shoot each other?

Art of Anarous : And this is the inspiration for death note.

It's Me Echo : Mmm whatcha say Mmm that you only meant well Well of course you did Mmm whatcha say Mmm that it's all for the best -because- _of course_ it is Mmm whatcha say Hmmmsiweelarneyutosinethis (???) Whatcha say Mmm what did she sayyyy

Koridai011 : I've remembered seeing this on Saturday night live in 2007


Sheev Palpantine : I can't believe Peralta got the drop on Barry.

RPF Creates : Best sketch ever, especially if you watched the O.C. growing up lol. Just too on point.

Cola Cotton : Shia LaBeouf's best work.

Ricky PooPoo : 2018?

Erik Giovani : This probably sounded really stupid on paper

chloe mattner : iconic

JayKayComedy ! : TheLonelyIsland is the funniest comedy group I've ever seen. Jorm, Kiv and Andy have such great chemistry.All of their work from Channel 101 to the SNL digital shorts are absolutely amazing. They've inspired me to make videos of my own. Keep being amazing, TLI!

Connor Kenway : 2019?

Walter Acevedo : Tour Guide: "And this is where the first meme began." Museum Patron: "Why kind of History is this?" Tour Guide: *gunshot* _Ooh, what you say...._

Malek Ahmad Bakkar 9C Tovshøjskolen : The 2 cops killed me 😂😂😭😭😂

LUCIS Mlg : 2018??? Anyone

ahmet faruk güney : Base 42’den selenler

fireblast123 2.0 : 2018?

Darksamus51 _ : Me and my friends on Mondays. 😐 Accurate.

The Engie That Cried Nope : This never gets old.

missfairuzadotcom : Hmmm... Good ol' 2007. Parodies kings & queens and viral sensation at their finest. Untainted, and just perfecto.