The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Erik Giovani : This probably sounded really stupid on paper

EXCEPT : Some of the best people from SNL

L Lawliet : it's a DEATH NOTE

Seymour Skinner : That's hell of a gun magazine

Ester Grant : ah, the golden age of snl

jay travers : Needs to be a parody of this in Brooklyn nine nine.

Rob Rogers : I feel bad for the sister, she never got the chance to kill anyone.

Amanda Cooper : whoever said this was the turning point of dark millennial humor was spot on

The Eubtube : Top 10 Anime Betrayals (X7) Top 10 Anime Plot Twists (X12) Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths (X7) Top 10 Ruthless Anime Characters (X7)

not so bright : I wish I could rewatch this for the first time

Some Random Boi : Haha guys i just thought of the funniest thing *-DIES*

Cola Cotton : Shia LaBeouf's best work.

MrPhenom444 : 1:57 When Shia commits, he really commits! 😂😂😂

The Engie That Cried Nope : This never gets old.

Hell0hi : "What happened?" "Well, he just took this gun and-"

Slim Papi : I wanna know what funny thing Shia was thinking of...

Ash : The day comedy was invented

JR422 000 : “Dave will shoot me, then I’ll shoot dave, then Eric will come in and get shot by Dave” dying😂😂😂

Bill E Zane : So this is what happens when you watch deathnote, the OC, and smoke weed.

Brandon 88 : I love how sudeikis and armasin are facing each other but do the look over their shoulder lol

cece : I don't know what it is that makes this so funny but I freaking laugh everytime.

Luk Ying : So this is the original Peralta killing Dozerman?

Merv Watson : I was dying when I first saw this... So long ago, must've been 15.

Blake Simpson : Peralta thats enough

Anas Anas : *"Got Ourselves a bloodbath"* Sees no blood

TheSolidMidget : Still a better death note than Netflix.

BlueDragon992 : *_M M M, W H A T 'C H A S A A A A A A A A A Y Y Y Y...._*

Phoenix North : Idk why I love this so much

IT JUST WORKS : So filthy frank stole this.

JimmyKingster : Still one of the best SNL skits of all-time.

Jade Nguyen : 1:23 Shots fired! Officer Peralta down! Send backup! Charles: NOOOOOO!! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!

RPF Creates : Best sketch ever, especially if you watched the O.C. growing up lol. Just too on point.

Some Guy : He says he'll be dead, but comes back to life to shoot his sister.

key11207 : he has a deathnote lol

It's Me Echo : Mmm whatcha say Mmm that you only meant well Well of course you did Mmm whatcha say Mmm that it's all for the best -because- _of course_ it is Mmm whatcha say Hmmmsiweelarneyutosinethis (???) Whatcha say Mmm what did she sayyyy

Jaydakin : I picked up the letter, AND I THREW IT ON THE GROUND

MattShea : What the hell is going on here?

Ryan Rahrooh : everytime they make a face or change a position gets me everytime when they shoot the sister

The amazing trio Gamers : 3:20 top ten anime betrayals

neelab : this is cool bc a couple of these actors would work together on brookline nine nine together (fyi the watcha say meme can never die bc .... mmm watcha say)

Lucas Kibler : Back when SNL was funny.

daddy satan : and thus the meme was born

ci ci : I can't believe detective peralta killed captain dozerman twice

FinnsSleepingAccount : That moment when Bill Hader writes in the Death Note

Diana Voorhes : *Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths*

Ghostище ! : 1:05 *when you got 1HP left*

HTSenpai9000 : Plot Twist: The letter was written in a Death Note XD

sannsawew : Hide and seek - Imogen Heap

TheEoghShow : That living room is cursed.

Pineapple Driver : The dead captain is back only Brooklyn 99 fans will understand that