The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

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Erik Giovani : This probably sounded really stupid on paper

EXCEPT : Some of the best people from SNL

Chapter 7F : anyone watching in 2018? i remember watching this when i was a kid 😂

yellowducky101 : my last 6 brain cells @ each other

Amanda Cooper : whoever said this was the turning point of dark millennial humor was spot on

jay travers : Needs to be a parody of this in Brooklyn nine nine.

Star Doctor The General of Time : **Hears two gunshots** **Goes into the room to tell them about something funny**

DavidTheCowboy : Not a cell phone in sight

Sophie : I wanna know how this was pitched. Like honestly how did they sell this and why is it so funny?

The Engie That Cried Nope : This never gets old.

Stephanie Hawkins : I watch this video once a day as part of my daily ritual

BloodTooth The Nightwing : 2:19 Wait! He isn't dead! *SHIA SURPRISE* THERES A GUN IN HIS HAND, AND DEATH IN HIS EYES!

Hell0hi : "What happened?" "Well, he just took this gun and-"

Slim Papi : I wanna know what funny thing Shia was thinking of...

L Lawliet : it's a DEATH NOTE

Ash : The day comedy was invented

ci ci : I can't believe detective peralta killed captain dozerman twice

Brandon 88 : I love how sudeikis and armasin are facing each other but do the look over their shoulder lol

TheSolidMidget : Still a better death note than Netflix.

Seymour Skinner : That's hell of a gun magazine

Blake Simpson : Peralta thats enough

JimmyKingster : Still one of the best SNL skits of all-time.

Bill E Zane : So this is what happens when you watch deathnote, the OC, and smoke weed.

midnighteevee : Probably the most iconic SNL skit of all time

Merv Watson : I was dying when I first saw this... So long ago, must've been 15.

Lachlan Harris : The first time Paralta killed Captain Doozerman

Some Guy : He says he'll be dead, but comes back to life to shoot his sister.

SamBam : This is the kind of stuff where you question your sense of Humor because of how funny it is to you, and not give a shit because it’s hilarious.

Jade Nguyen : 1:23 Shots fired! Officer Peralta down! Send backup! Charles: NOOOOOO!! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!

sannsawew : Hide and seek - Imogen Heap

neelab : this is cool bc a couple of these actors would work together on brookline nine nine together (fyi the watcha say meme can never die bc .... mmm watcha say)

cece : I don't know what it is that makes this so funny but I freaking laugh everytime.

GnarDab : My brain cells trying to decide what info to keep when I cram for finals

Lucas Kibler : Back when SNL was funny.

Alistocrat : *blows dust off video* "Ahh, a relic from ancient times"

maya reese : this plot is so deep, damn it really makes you think

bishop31656 : the look on his face when he shoots Shia LaBeouf said it all.

Phoenix North : Idk why I love this so much

Cameron Birkett : The dead captain is back only Brooklyn 99 fans will understand that

toasty lemons : This is why Shia LaBeouf wasnt in transformers 4🤣😂

Christopher Ramsey : This is one of those classic SNL skits...

The amazing trio Gamers : 3:20 top ten anime betrayals

Ester Grant : ah, the golden age of snl

ProjectXyloto : Telenovelas in a nutshell

FinnsSleepingAccount : That moment when Bill Hader writes in the Death Note

CHAAAINS ! : 1:05 *when you got 1HP left*

No This Is Olli : Omg Jake shot his boss Dozerman 😱

MattShea : What the hell is going on here?

Austin Earle : The first guy to get shot looks like Dwight Schrute and Jack Black had a baby

MemeyLoaf : 24 shots were fired that day...