CREEPY Face Puppet

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Mr. E : This isn't how I remember Majora's Mask

Teddy Bot : Instead of Manu you should name this one Voodu

X. Alex Dornier : I hate you and your formidable creativity! How can come up with such AWESOME stuff? Jealous times a million. 😭

Ryaquaza 1 : It’s really unnerving until it starts talking, then it’s somewhat comical Amazing job regardless, the dinosaur is still my favourite tho

Seldwin : The dynamic sounds, the lighting, your incredible ability to bring him to life... It draws me in. Puppets just aren't my thing, I wouldn't care otherwise but your puppets and presentation are amazing and they draw me in. Bravo.

PangoPixel : I'm sorry this puppet's face doesn't creep me out at all, it makes me think of the Crimson Chin from Fairly OddParents and I can't stop giggling

Doctor infinite : I'm a simple man. I see Barnaby Dixon, I watch Barnaby Dixon

jozsinusa : It's 11:35 pm when I watched this. I was freaking out at the beginning of the video but with "sleep tight" at the end I flinched a little 😅. Not the best thing for my insomia I'll admit, but for what it's worth, it is indeed very creepy but still so very ingenious. I'm fairly new to the barnabydixon squad and I can't stop admiring your work. Great work Barnaby, I'm rooting for you 😊.

Jason Dembowski Jr : I only discovered you recently, the first video of yours that I’ve seen being you getting the omnicord, and I find your creativity to be on a whole other level, I never would’ve thought that hand puppets could be this expressive and animated it truly is amazing. Keep up the good work man you have some stellar content.

EvanAndKatelyn : Mind blown!! This is incredible, we could see this launching a whole new genre of content creation, TV, or even movies. AHHHH

Alexander Roderick : So the camera is shooting in night vision/high gain mode so it can see you back there in the dark, maybe with some infrared led illuminators? I like it. Is the screen monochrome, or is the B/W image a result of the low light camera? If you wanted to go harder on the creep factor you could throw a color gel over the screen, tint the whole image green or blue.

Yume Kitsune : Ah, who needs sleep anyways?

Jacob Terry : Can you please start manufacturing your puppets I would love to have one (especially manu!) Like so he can see

Poop Nugget : this puppet looks amazing and spooky nice work :D

Witte Artistry : I love your dramatic reveals of new puppets 😍 He looks amazing and so creepy ! What a cool effect for the eyes/ mouth!!

XenoRaptor : And Halloween is arriving also, Perfect

Aly Smoothiepup : Dang this is creepy... I LOVE IT!

Herpiderp Vlogs! : *Jesus christ*

Crystal kitties : Barnaby please make some more dab chicks and raptors so u can put them for sale in your shop, I’ll buy them no matter the price, I love those things and they look like so much fun for puppeteers

Bread Loaf : Ahh,, it's incredible how much dedication and work you put in your puppets and videos!! Your content really makes me and many others smile,, I really enjoy them creepy vibes, man! I'll try my best to support you in any way i can,, :V

Reese Rupprecht : If you have not already you should put the rough instructions online for people to buy and make their own. I hope you will because I love your videos and puppets and I would love to try to make my own and try the style in which you control them

loly migatte : Good video like always

El Rafa : S P O O K Y

Mordicai : Oh Yes!

Frank Conrad : you have no idea how freaking cool this is! I have found the holy grail of creativity on YouTube.... I HAVE ESCAPED THE WRATH OF MAINSTREAM YOUTUBE AND FOUND SOMETHING.......................... *WORTH WATCHING !!!*

Pizzachu22 : The way its details move reminds me of the movies put out by the people who made paranorman and kubo

Samuel Lee : Am I the only one that thinks the face screen on the puppet reminds me of omega flowey

Bricktowne Media : are a master. We are not worthy!!

Jonatan peretz : Do more veration of dabchick!!!!!!!

Haphizard : I notice that your mouth is being recorded upside down. Very clever! adds to the creepy factor a bit.

ZombieApocalypse : maybe not a human mouth but more of a animated kinda thing that would move when you talk, the whole real moth with that amazing looking puppet just doesn't feel right and not in the creepy way but in a weird tribal tech thing that doesn't work to much

Donald Sterling : Barnaby you are seriously the most genius fucking puppeteer alive. Three or for more people like you, and we'd have a puppet renaissance. You've made so many amazing breakthroughs. It's mind-blowing.

Auz Payeur : I have a weird desire for a fighting game where the roster is entirely made up of your puppets.

Mikasa Silverknife : Awesome! What about a puppet with wings?

Noah Haugstad : for some reason this reminds me of a Shakalaka from Monster Hunter 🤔

Jac Conte : How does the control for the head and mouth of Dabchick and the dinosaur 🦖 work?

Ender Bro : So I just found your channel, and holy shit man your so creative and your puppets are so cool! They all have so much personality, like honestly your craftsmanship and skill as a puppeteer 👌👌👌 I am gonna love your future content!!

Tori Thomas : manu was a warrior, this one is a witchdoctor.

Austin Roush : I think it would look cool even if the screen was off with just the ominous glowing eyes

Christopher CepedaR : you are a very pure and fascinating mix between engineering (technical knowledge) and the creative/artistic sensitivity about expression and beauty. So glad you share your work! Great job mate go ahead!

Aden Weinberg : I just realized something. What happened to the dino puppet?

Jordan Stewart : You my good sir are now certifiably insane, and I love it.

T H O T P A T R O L : The Lord has graced us with a new puppet. Rejoice.

John Walker : You sir are absolutely BRILLIANT, AWE INSPIRING and GOB SMACKING BRILLIANT!!!! Looking forward to the feature film!

Trooper Jones : OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!! It’s SOOO cool!! Love the puppet and love the video!! Keep up the great work!!

Mert Can Kara : Ow mah god it looks like animation

AtomicShrimp : Constantly amazed by your creativity, skill and innovation

Essex Boy : It's maybe just a *wee* bit disconcerting that the puppet sounds like Barnaby Dixon! Could the voice be electronically distorted to match the character? Otherwise--cor, yes!

mclaren911 : Creative innovation is absolutely off the scale!! I love your work!!

Mr. Random : (0:00) my nightmares has return.......... *(reveals itself)* I WILL DEFEAT YOU AGAIN!!