Dave Brubeck - Take Five

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Dave Brubeck - Take Five


Donovan Jackson : 5 has so much meaning in this song. 1. It's in 5/4 time 2. The song is about 5 min long 3. It should get a 5 star rating

HumansAreDumb : Isn't it amazing how we can voluntarily access such masterpieces in today's world through this magical thing called the internet? Just imagine being in those days when it is considered lucky to find something as good as this in the local store...

Hussein Shukri : I never heard before similar music, it is a masterpiece

Ali hassan : 2019 anyone?

Joe Burgess : I still recall (at age 78 recalling is tougher than it usta be) the first time I heard this.  It was a single on the jukebox in the Hilltopper Café across Center Street from the campus of Western Kentucky (then) State College in Bowling Green.  It was late summer-early fall, 1959. It had been released as a single throughout the Nashville market of which BG was a part. I and a whole, whole lot of other Western students who ate there put a lot of dimes into that juke box to play what was fast becoming a monster hit on campuses around the region. I was in the café near-daily, since I lived in a $15-a-month basement room in the rooming house next door. It became a campus hit nationally two years later. The record in the café wore out and had to be replaced -- as did the one in the student center grill jukebox -- as I recall. I bought the album and later bought it again after I loaned it to someone who failed to return it. Still have that second vinyl album all these years later (and about 3 other DBQ vinyls) -- plus the classic on cartridge tape and CD albums that I have picked up along the years. Regret never having seen the quartet in concert. That's getting to be a long time ago -- and every year many young people discover Brubeck and Desmond and Morello and Wright and "Take Five."  Maybe there's hope for the world, after all . . .

Potatoes and gravy : As a drummer, I love this song. I also hate counting it

marco Ooo : Hey YouTube, come on...we want the LOOP button 😋

Christopher Fisher : This music just waiting to be discovered by a new generation. Class always wins out!!

jane oughton : merry christmas and and a happy new year to all the TAKE FIVE fans xxx lol xx

Hidden Talent : Where has Jazz been all my life? This is incredible

Bronk0Nagurski : This has "perfect crime" or "plot twist" montage written all over it.

Greg Kerestan : You know you're a theatre person born and bred, when you hear the groove and immediately picture Jesus and Judas screaming at each other.

toushou : hey. it takes me 35 years ago. i was driving 5th ave as listening this. NY the best.

Chris Crawford : I grew up with my mom playing this album over and over and dancing around the house to it. It's as early a memory as any in my life - born in '57 so it was new when she was playing it and I was hearing it. I think of her when I hear it.

shortbread71 : I knew I would marry the man I was in love with when I gave him my copy of this album and he already owned it

Jonas Abram : I think that we all agree that this guy is GREAT.

Heartworm Injection Okay? : thank you dave, very cool.

pierre chagnon : Paul Desmond on sax. really underrated as a saxophonist.

Donna Ide : I had the pleasure of seeing him perform this and other tunes back in '63 in Providence. What a treat.

Pretzlcoatl : I finally know the name of this song. I can die happy now.

Isaac Linzay : All musicians know One Two Three One Two One Two Three One Two One Two Three One Two One Two Three One Two One Two Three One Two

Steven Davidovics : A classic that will live on forever! Masterpiece of Jazz!

Gary Kirby : Under the boardwalk, with his schlong in Jan's mouth.

Harold Brock : I want to thank sp4 leon moore who was in my platoon in the 26 Infantry Baumholder Germany 1962 for turning me onto this great. Music leon Moore of Harvey. Ill. Hope you are alive and well. Thanks mo.

Atalix : Why does this have 1k dislikes? Probably all the drummers who can't play the 5/4.

Siddharth Tewari : What a treat to ears!!!! Boy!!!!! we deserve more. Long live the lovers of good music. Please hit like if u agree.

Tyrone Marcucci : One of my all time favorites from when I was in high school, 54-58. Rock and roll was nice, but this was COOL..

Bree Valdez : Cheers to the new year!✨🥂🍻

Leslie NORTHINGTON : Born in 63'. This is so familiar. I feel all of the warm fuzzys of my "Wonder Year memories and safety and love; as I listen, the anxiety of today just drifts away.

Danny Morales : Man, if only they knew that people are still enjoying and being inspired their music all the way in 2019.......

Luciana Meira : anti compasso em 5 uouwww perfeitoooooo impressionante ritmo em descompasso

Ken Steiger : That damn kick drum is right up there with Bonham's "When the Levee Breaks"!!!!

Alexander Haynes : Those drums, though, sound good

yashouberry : meanwhile Kanye thinks he is a genius... *sigh*

Hassan Hamadallah : It's so awckwardly beautiful and makes perfect sense on so many levels.

Not in service : Smoking that last cigarette broke down on your luck sitting at the bar the stunning blonde keeps looking at you and asks you why you're alone finally she goes home with you.

Sofija Pavić : If anyone wonders, this is a very good soundtrack for drawing cats.

Liam Dykes : Have a happy and a smooth New Year all of you

Alan : I want to be at a bar, at 2:00 am, on Bourbon Street.

Grandpa Aiello : Listening to this back in the day is why I wanted to become a drummer.....thanks to Joe Morello

Charles Bland : I was born in 1959 on the 59th day of the year along comes this classic ..not to sure when I heard first.. fell in love with it at a young age... Still loven it

Chve Echa : i was dazed and this is very amazing he he 😅🎈🎈🎈👏

Williamsp Hillarys : Take five still remains one of the best iconic Jazz tunes of all time, it's a clssic JAZZ ANTHEM and will always be in the Top FIVE Jazz tunes in history. In modern terms it also has an imense crossover that even non Jazz lovers still LOVE this tune. Stan Bennett Jazz Band.

MetaSpud : I think Suteki Meppou (Bakemonogatari) was sampled from this.

useyourallusion mind : Good old crime movie moving with take five


Terina Jenson : 2019 and still loving this cool jazz tune man! Yeah

andre sydney : I remembered my first time hearing this song, it was about 10:30 pm I was leaving work, it was around December close to Christmas and the taxis are going by, and everything just felt right, and a guy on his sax was playing this song, and ever since that night in Manhattan, every time I play this song it reminds me of Manhattan at night with all the bright lights. I love this song.

Melinda Mullins : Classic greatness🎶🎵🎼🎶✌