Katzensilber/Andrey Vinogradov/Kozlov Club 22.09.2018
A hurdy gurdy sounds like a violin in the hands of a master

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Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy, Matthias Loibner - composition Buy my CD "Music For Hurdy-Gurdy" http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZRRI1W&pp=1 http://kunaki.com/DigitalSales.asp?PID=PX00ZRRI1W https://avinogradov.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-hurdy-gurdy https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/andreyvinogradov2


minji seo : I'm soooo happy Because of YOUR MUSIC Thank you so much

Joe900x : Is he- did he just preform an Orchestra solo in his lap?

Dan MacMullin : Simply the best.

Ethan Phillips : Wow, now that’s fast

Вячеслав : Звук скрипки, волшебно!

T.N. Thorn : You can really tell how fast he's pressing every key by hearing them and that's just fascinating to me 😱

David Moran : This man is amazing, his skills are excellent!

Gas the Koopas : 0:29 oh yeah! That’s the stuff right there. Lull me to sleep.

Tigran Safaryan : Будто кто-то параллельно с Андреем ожесточенно печатает на клавиатуре.

Дмитрий Урюпин : Великолепно! Низы бы только немного завалить, чтобы не так явственно клавиши хлопали...

Peter Griffin : Stay frosty my friends...

Nadia Gourskaya : Потрясающе!