The Elephant's Garden
The Elephants Garden

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A film I made with elephants in it, and a bunch of other things too. GET THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY RED M: This was my third year film at RMIT University, Bachelor of Animation and Interactive Media, and the winner of Best Australian Film at MIAF 2014.


goldybold : scientists: earth is round flat earthers: earth is flat Felix: THE WORLD IS CARRIED BY THREE ELEPHANTS

God of Ramen : 2:27 when the teacher calls on you because you're goofing around with your friends but you actually know the answer

Michael_0404 : 2:27 he used bass boost before it was cool

Daichie James Flores : Who needs drugs if you could just watch the videos of Felix colgrave

ESPOSITO Lauric : 2:01 Is that... Bob Ross tree ???

Kinosede :3 : psychologist: how does his videos make you feel? me: 𝙮𝙚𝙨

SiegeWolf : Nobody: Felix Colgrave: (True art noises)

- khushi : 1:02 the teeth movement is so satisfying

It do be like dat. : 2:12 Hmm? *_jdjfhfoejfurkelekdnhtfjfbhcnruffyrjfj_* Mmm.

Doongoz : Psychologist: Humanoid worm is not real, it can't hurt you Humanoid worm: 2:26

Myraseth : 1:51 When it's 3 AM and you successfully get something to eat without waking up anyone else in the house


Ricepirate : The wilderness of your imagination is a dangerous place.  Great work as always.

Crypto Niffler : It's like monty python and adventure time had a baby...while on acid.

KittyCat 13145 : [2:28] This is a bootiful sound 👌😂

the tiny olive : The music, the art, the symbolism, man what kind of awesomeness is this

Ploxii : 2:26 when someones making fun of you and you manage the perfect comeback

Modmeister1 : Spore in a very weird Nutshell.

EmperorSigismund : 2:12 There is something very pythonesque about this moment.

MrTinyCat : I'm honestly just confused and terrified

[Insert creative name here] - : 2:29 *Top ten anime battles of all time*

Cyborg Lion : Do you think watching this high would even change the experience.

Someone X Music : 1:26 Spore feelings

Vik Ing : When my girlfriend walks in I switch to porn. It’s easier to explain.

Jennifer P. : 2:15 That Sound Though.

Brian Dahlen : I pray that the Patreon works, want to see a full length of this mind bending experience provided by Colgrave.

Toledo Tourbillion : I need 'The elephant's garden explained' video.

Fresh Mango : 2:37 so relaxing with headphones

FREzer 391 : Ёбушки воробушки, что я посмотрел??? Однозначно лайк.

Jackaboi _ : 3:16 The 1.14 Village and Pillage update looks great!

Cody Natale : Is this man on LSD

שגהש : Be proud, this video you've created is a masterpiece.

{ Scp-Vixen } : 2:28 oml i love it

Зумми :-D : Почему это все ТАК странно? Но блин, я подсел на его шикарные видео🌞👌

Dont use your real name On the internet : Now i know what being on lsd feels like Without ever having been on lsd

Charlie Bruccoleri : I my head, at the beginning when the elephant roars, it looks like he said: Wow..Yeahhhhhhhh!

Герман Афанасьев : Всё-таки это не стиральный порошок...

Buzzaxe Bandit : 2:27 “you done messed with the wrong fool now!”

TheNewSkai : So if I learn to animate, then take some LSD, will I get millions of views too?

Luke Cai : Everyone's trying dissect this video while high, but there's one big question no one's asking: What is Felix doing at 0:01?

Unknown50567 1 : 3:00 That's guy's teeth remind me of the Lich's teeth off of Adventure time...

DEMON XD : All the dislikes are from the many accounts of the double king since there are no crowns

Wingless : I love the style! It reminds me of being a kid and not understanding everything fully.

Andrew Tishek : Госпади! Как же это ахуенно!

Lauren Lederer : 2:26-3:32 epic

TheReal BigJ : _Mr Stark, I don't feel so good_

Phantomkrieger : Welcome back to part 78 of weird youtube recommendations

rockboiler : I am just gonna create all these creatures in spore

Frostbite0w0 : This dudes videos are like if I dreamt something, and he was watching the whole time.