The Elephant's Garden

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Ricepirate : The wilderness of your imagination is a dangerous place.  Great work as always.

Bake : i hope the alpaca is ok

Chubbicat : had to double check if i hadn't taken the stuff already.

Azz : Let me get this straight. Te weed dancing weed people (who are blind) got rolled into a joint by the big old stoner dragon, and he blazed them. I cant stop watching it

Erick Butt : Old Colgrave: edgy, and scary New Colgrave: great, and trippy

PlagueOfGripes : I love surrealism, especially in animation.

Murder Toilet : He seems to like teeth.

zain ozair : 2:27 how it feels to chew 5 gum

Yoshi Zero : If someone came up to me and asked me what I was watching...I don't think I'd be able to really answer. I still love it though

Ett Gammalt Bergtroll : Finally - a religion that makes sense to me!

DuDuL : That is truly a piece of art!  You're great man!

Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman : damn... nature's brutality in its tripsiest

Freki : That's a big moon lmao

Vas Kart : Ебать же наркомания

Laura Harding : Anyone getting total ZABA vibes from this? It reminds me of Glass Animals music mixed with a weird dream I once had. I love it 😍

PsychedSubstance : This is like a DMT trip.

Carmenyoohoo : Love the way you make things move! Especially your walking and running animations, how the bodies of the creatures really don't have a lot of up and down motion. It just makes everything look so smooth and coherent!

Vuk Balevic : Your animations are best

Felix : not only is your imagination amazing but so is your artstyle

Kay’s Good Cooking Cult : This is strangely beautiful

Wingless : I love the style! It reminds me of being a kid and not understanding everything fully.

KamiSilver : It would be a terrifying adventure to actually be in that garden

Thomas Mueller : your imagination is incredible. your drawing of it is unreal

Nightingale The Fox : 2:14 me when i eat my ice cream

hal900x : Um...this guy is a genius. How did I not know about this?

Robert Boffey : 2:02 Is that what happened to Bob Ross when he died?

Ice Wing : i just like how that last elephant blood cells went like nope and walked away

Kawaii Burger934 : 2:51 420 smoke it dude!!!

Therese Concepcion : This one is funny tho especially the blood cell 😂😂😂

Benjamin Marks : Pcp is one hell of a drug...

rockboiler : I am just gonna create all these creatures in spore

Ruthless Unicorn : Your art style is amazing and your stories are weirdly satisfying to watch

keemstarslunch : How creative do you have to be to come up with this stuff

Ethan McKibbin : 1.5 animal rights activists got triggered over a goat being pushed

Perhaps : "The meaning of life is to eat or be eaten"

Keyon Hutson : I don't know what I just watched. I don't know why I watched it. But I think I liked it.

isa cintolesi : Dude... This animation is amazing

Cyborg Lion : Do you think watching this high would even change the experience.

Wing animates and does gaming owo : 2:48 up to 3:02 is my favorite idk why but its so smooth and so relaxing the music

Emma Miranda : I can’t stop watching your videos. Their all so amazing and cool

Danielius Vilnius : LSD

EmberDrops : That's the weirdest shit I have ever seen on youtube. 3:15 coolest part 😉

Kuba Sch : masterpiece.

Just some Random dude : Good.

Mparker123wolf : 2:23 Well that escalated quickly..

Noah Song : LOL that one blood cel that was all like...."nah man" 😂

Anita Miller : The rose people look like samurai Jack creatures

Marius Ene : This gives me a samurai jack disrespect the art is incredible.

自殺 : 2:27 my favorite earrape of all time