The Elephant's Garden

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Ricepirate : The wilderness of your imagination is a dangerous place.  Great work as always.

Cyborg Lion : Do you think watching this high would even change the experience.

- khushi : 1:02 the teeth movement is so satisfying

Dilo : 2:58 this explain everything

Royal Darking : 4:00 i love that scene.

PlagueOfGripes : I love surrealism, especially in animation.

MAJORSEALSHOW : 3:15 it’s the dudes from fever the ghost

MiniAlpha : I love his comment : "a film I made with elephants in it, and a bunch of other things too". The elephants were top priority

EmberDrops : That's the weirdest shit I have ever seen on youtube. 3:15 coolest part 😉

the tiny olive : The music, the art, the symbolism, man what kind of awesomeness is this

PsychedSubstance : This is like a DMT trip.

Fandomtrash Sky : Imagine just naming all these creatures what the heck weird name might they have? Comment I wanna see the names everyone comes up with

TheNewSkai : So if I learn to animate, then take some LSD, will I get millions of views too?

Keith is keith : When The acid is kicking in

Carmenyoohoo : Love the way you make things move! Especially your walking and running animations, how the bodies of the creatures really don't have a lot of up and down motion. It just makes everything look so smooth and coherent!

rockboiler : I am just gonna create all these creatures in spore

Someone X Music : 1:26 Spore feelings

Psdnmstr : Isn't nature beautiful?

Lauren Lederer : 2:26-3:32 epic

MrTinyCat : I'm honestly just confused and terrified

DuDuL : That is truly a piece of art!  You're great man!

Daichie James Flores : Who needs drugs if you could just watch the videos of Felix colgrave

Aeyen The Lobster : Don't do drugs kids

TheReal BigJ : _Mr Stark, I don't feel so good_

Radioactive Bullet : "The inner mechanisms of my mind are an enigma" -Patrick Star

Yoshinoah Song : LOL that one blood cel that was all like...."nah man" 😂

Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler : i am not the same now.

Unboiled Egg : Love everything.. wish we could have more of this crazy- insane creativity!

smug kid has bread : odd satisfying at 0:56

Cody Natale : Is this man on LSD

Wingless : I love the style! It reminds me of being a kid and not understanding everything fully.

Emil Bai : Просто психодел

Shadow Thing : Imagine our gardens were like that

Andrew Tishek : Госпади! Как же это ахуенно!

SteampunkFox : that part with the old man cloud thing i died

Back at it again at Krispy Kream : Someome watch this thing high and report your findings

tri quan huynh : This is one hell of a drug

Kimberly Trammell : Clouds can succ 2:15

AnneSofieLovesMozart : Psychedelic Foodchain

Benjamin Marks : Pcp is one hell of a drug...

SEREY : It's like my dreaming

Герман Афанасьев : Всё-таки это не стиральный порошок...

Daniel Lost Stone26 : Acabe otra vez en el lado raro de Youtube

Robert Boffey : 2:02 Is that what happened to Bob Ross when he died?

El patito brayan d:v : This is amazing WOW

Monika : 2:13 anal vore

{ VixenRox } : 2:28 oml i love it

Борн ! : Автор под лсд чтоль!!?

Bishop Anderson : 2:13 I've seen some shit that I won't forget.

Mattman Games : welp ima have nightmares...