The Elephant's Garden

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Ricepirate : The wilderness of your imagination is a dangerous place.  Great work as always.

Ice Wing : i just like how that last elephant blood cells went like nope and walked away

Ett Gammalt Bergtroll : Finally - a religion that makes sense to me!

thesalanian : So here's my little analysis of the film. The Elephant's Garden: The Earth. The largest garden in the world, and as such, tended by mighty behemoths. The elephants could represent the natural laws of the universe that keep the earth alive and in balance. The majority of the film is a discussion on nature, about creation and destruction and consumption, and the transferral of energy. The first scene is about the terrible perils of predators who can disguise themselves as the things we love and need, only to prey on us using these desires. The second scene is similar, but instead of the predator being big, it is tiny. We see the phenomenon of how some animals produce millions of young only to literally throw them away (almost like farting them out, as the lump does), they are as insubstantial as bubbles. In environments such as these, the little serpent gets by by sneakily eating what is not noticed. The baby killed gets fat and laughs because his job is so easy. The third scene with the hummingbirds has several parts. I interpret portions with human faces to represent larger forces, like forces of nature, rather than creatures. The tree is the wisdom and comfort of environments that are safe, when the first bird is consumed by the cloud man, it is not eaten, but killed by greater natural causes outside it's control. The second bird is killed by lack of caution from a hiding predator. When the worm man is attacked by the stalk and fights back, he represents the hidden power which animals often hide, but which can become deadly when their life is threatened. The fourth scene is about how not all that is killed is consumed for useful purposes. The flowers push each other to show that they have little use on their own, but may be taken advantage of by the goat for pleasures beyond simple survival. This is how humanity begins to develop. The fifth scene is about the birth of humanity and it's roles versus animals. The hunters wear masks because they believe themselves to be important and with an identity beyond the world. But while they are chasing the bloodsuckers they suddenly discover the rope which chains earth to the elephants (they suddenly realise their own smallness in the face of the universe, much like astronomy). The animals meanwhile ignore this revelation and continue to reap the benefits of the natural world (feeding off the elephants), but this means they are utterly defenceless when great powers are indifferent to them (the elephant farmer and his bloodsucker-spray). Humanity knows to be afraid of the elephants. Finally, when the moon eats the sun, we see that the whole universe and the laws of physics and entropy are no different from earth and nature. Just as this world is always run by energy and exchange, so is the rest of everything.

Azz : Let me get this straight. Te weed dancing weed people (who are blind) got rolled into a joint by the big old stoner dragon, and he blazed them. I cant stop watching it

PlagueOfGripes : I love surrealism, especially in animation.

tottalynotmagpie : 2:27 my favorite earrape of all time

KamiSilver : It would be a terrifying adventure to actually be in that garden

Kawaii Burger934 : 2:51 420 smoke it dude!!!

Nightingale The Fox : 2:14 me when i eat my ice cream

PsychedSubstance : This is like a DMT trip.

Kay’s Good Cooking Cult : This is strangely beautiful

THECRYINGSEALSHOW : 3:15 it’s the dudes from fever the ghost

Laura Harding : Anyone getting total ZABA vibes from this? It reminds me of Glass Animals music mixed with a weird dream I once had. I love it 😍

Thomas Mueller : your imagination is incredible. your drawing of it is unreal

DuDuL : That is truly a piece of art!  You're great man!

Carmenyoohoo : Love the way you make things move! Especially your walking and running animations, how the bodies of the creatures really don't have a lot of up and down motion. It just makes everything look so smooth and coherent!

hal900x : Um...this guy is a genius. How did I not know about this?

Mparker123wolf : 2:23 Well that escalated quickly..

Fandomtrash Sky : Imagine just naming all these creatures what the heck weird name might they have? Comment I wanna see the names everyone comes up with

Robert Boffey : 2:02 Is that what happened to Bob Ross when he died?

- khushi : 1:02 the teeth movement is so satisfying

Benjamin Marks : Pcp is one hell of a drug...

BigJ The meme god : _Mr Stark, I don't feel so good_

Ruthless Unicorn : Your art style is amazing and your stories are weirdly satisfying to watch

Wingless : I love the style! It reminds me of being a kid and not understanding everything fully.

keemstarslunch : How creative do you have to be to come up with this stuff

SEREY : It's like my dreaming

Cyborg Lion : Do you think watching this high would even change the experience.

isa cintolesi : Dude... This animation is amazing

rockboiler : I am just gonna create all these creatures in spore

Mattman Games : welp ima have nightmares...

Ethan McKibbin : 1.5 animal rights activists got triggered over a goat being pushed

EmberDrops : That's the weirdest shit I have ever seen on youtube. 3:15 coolest part 😉

Keith is keith : When The acid is kicking in

Ethan The person : So this is what an acid trip looks like

† битард TV † : что курил автор? можно мне тоже...

Psdnmstr : Isn't nature beautiful?

Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler : i am not the same now.

Emma Miranda : I can’t stop watching your videos. Their all so amazing and cool

Keyon Hutson : I don't know what I just watched. I don't know why I watched it. But I think I liked it.

Kuba Sch : masterpiece.

Raniya Aln : I can write a book about this universe with always dying main characters



Noah Song : LOL that one blood cel that was all like...."nah man" 😂

Emil Bai : Просто психодел

Frankie Jones : Imagine our gardens were like that

Jaxxx x : Best Australian film ever

Derpy Hydra! : Circle of life