Don Cheadle Finds Out Native Americans Owned His Ancestors

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J Mireles : The truth of the matter is that all humans took turns enslaving each other. Slavery has existed as long as there have been humans.

Jazzy Babe : I think the ones enslaved by the Natives should ask for an apology.....

Brady Roberts : Well this doesn't fit the narrative.

SkepticAll : Well, learn something new every day. Poor Don - I know that revelation had to be mind blowing.

lagaman11 : My mind has just been blown. Man's cruelty to other men knows no bounds, race, color, creed, or nationality.

joe mamma : Wait till he finds out that his African Tribe are the ones who sold his ancestors into slavery

Sonja Shaw : It is true. Native Americans did own slaves. My grandparents are from Alabama which is home of The Chowtaw tribe and doing some reading there was enslavement.

Robinhood179 : Wait a minute, does this mean Don now suddenly hates all Indians too? I got money says he never looks at an Indian the same.

BestOniichanNA : Sssssh. Don't tell that to Black Israelites

Nakoma Lola. : why is it suprising that natives owned slaves we enslaved other tribes why not blacks

nightflight83 : Narrative busted.

Danny Hatfield : Damn the white man oh wait i mean the red man

Ry Me : to bad he doesnt know about the IRISH SLAVES of america ..

roxorsoxor : so dissapointed that he couldn't hate on dem white folk

Tywin Lannister : Don't worry Don, we ended Red Supremacy over a century ago!

Marie Miller : lots of native american tribes took slaves of other tribes long long before columbus came here. slavery was no new concept brought here by white folks so sorry if this messes stuff up for any of you now you might have to find some other group to hate and blame stuff on... same as in africa lots of tribes had slaves from other tribes and almost all africans sold to mostly middle eastern and some white slave traders were sold by other africans into slavery. whites did not go on slave hunting expeditions into africa to capture black folks like wild horses in the plains lol sorry if this wrecked it for you...

papa smurf : Your ancestors Don.................. ................................. .................................. ......................................... ................................... ................................were niggers.

Beery : The only difference between whites and every other group when it comes to slavery is they were the first to abolish its practice.

Raven Von Krieger : It's not really mind blowing. Let's not forget that before European settlers in the New World the Natives fought other Native tribes and even took Slaves. Many people talk of Native American genocide on behalf of Europeans but never of the battles that tribes fought against one another.

Chris Perez : Who gives a fuck this nigga is a millionaire now. Yes only fronting for the camera's lol

Matthew Wolanski : negro tribes in africa were thr first to practice slavery afterall.. and african immigrants made slavery popular amongst the american colonies. race aside back then slavery made economic sense its not as evil and terrible as tge modern world portrays it (not that I would advocate to bring slavery back or anything) ppl have no historical or conceptual understanding. they just think how our education system has taught them too

I Broke Eddies Ankles : People are so arrogant, acting as if every whitman owned every black man

4180stephen : But but but how can i be mad at native americans they aint white......................................

Seven Years : People, including myself, know so little about real history. There were also many black people that owned not only black slaves, but white slaves as well. The narrative doesn't fit the appetite for race division today, but facts are facts. Human beings need a higher authority to answer to. Another interesting link to go along with the one below:

ZerXceS : but whites are all evil... natives are automatically angels. we need to be able to blame whites alive now for what happened back then.

KING OF ALL RETARDS : cant blame this on whitey.

First : Those evil white devil crackers, abolishing slavery, and then forcing people of colour to stop keeping slaves as well. No wonder everyone hates whites

Danny S. : But you black folks keep preaching this "black and brown unity" these people had it out for us since the day we arrived here they were NEVER on our side same with those middle easterners who's slave trade was arguably the same or even more brutal than "da white man" y'all hate so much

Mad Max : nigger we wuz kangz in sheeeit

Matthew Wolanski : the "genocide" of nstive americans... slavery was practiced everywhere since the beginning of civilization mr cheadle its not a white thing... in fact in American colonies and even once the united states became a thing. the majority of registered slave owners were black african immgranrs and their descendents. africam slaves were cheaper so they were more abundant but there was never a race qualification for slavery. and the natives were enslaving and killing each other off before the "white man" even got here. I wish ppl would wake up and stop attributing everything to race. I mean the fact that his ancestors slave owners weren't white shouldn't bother him so much, but it does because our culture has made it so everything falls on the white man and the revelation that its not all on whitey is too much for ppl to take in ig

DeathLordNero666 : Welp, so much for whitey being the "only" devils on planet hell.

Albert Proctor : oh boy black people's butts are hurt now

Lohan Cindy : Whats thats famous song from frozen? Oh thats right.

spinocus : "That's mind blowing." No, no it's not Don, and shouldn't be to anyone with an open, educated mind. It's human nature in a nutshell.

Just A Man : Alright so... White men owned blacks, Red men owned blacks, Brown men owned blacks, Yellow men owned blacks, Black men owned blacks... Don't you notice a pattern here?

Kazi Stokes : That is heart breaking... I know my Irish ancestors were slaves so u 100% feel the sadness, disgust and anger that the Ancestors of the black slaves feel.. to think what they went thru is beyond sickening..but to go thru all that and then come out the other side belonging no where... awful..

SengueDreams : Meaning, all hands are covered in the same sins, no matter the skin.

Nathaniel Lionheart : I'm sure that blacks now feel just as much hatred towards the indigenous folks now as they do towards whites like me right? Nope. Because so long as hating and blaming whites remains an excuse to not have to examine their failed culture, they will blame whites.

Kayman Fani : Point being. Slavery isn't a purely white issue. People can't accept that slavery was viewed economically. It was smart. This anyone who had a business or a field to care for had slaves. That's it. Indians whites and blacks all took part of slavery.

Jason : First slave owner in America was a black man. Slavers were Portuguese, Spanish, and AFRICAN for the Atlantic Slave Trade, IE: Americas. America offered to take blacks back to Africa with full supplies, including materials for trade to ensure land ownership for them and their families - most refused as life in America was better. Many who went back to African became slavers and slave owners. Blacks in America today can compare West Africa today to America and see that their ancestors chose to stay as America offered far more for their family. In fact, people screaming about them being in America today and not Africa is due to their ancestors choosing to stay. On top of all of this, every African who offers a loud-mouthed Black American today to come back to Africa to live and help, every single one of them has refused. Akon has extended the hand to countless Blacks in America who talk crap about USA to go to Africa, and every single one of them has refused. Everything stated here is absolute fact. Every race has been a slave. Yes, even all white people. Koreans were slaves to the Japanese recently, and many subgroups in the Middle East AND AFRICA are slaves today to other groups of their own people. Deal with it, move on, better yourselves and stop making people angry with a victim complex.

River Birch : LOL! Well he got a surprise that most of us already knew. Also, many free blacks also owned black slaves. A lot of people need history lessons!

Memphis Touhou Respecter : White liberals making up lies about the redman so they can deflect the fact that their ancestors owned slaves.

Jeff Albert : That's crazy. And I'm Native American. And Ojibway. That's history to know about other Native Tribes.


Tina Ho : Only 6% of Whites owned slaves in the South, and only 1.4% in the whole nation, so hopefully Blacks stop blaming Whites for slavery or act like they all owned a slave.

DaneStolthed : That's right folks, the "whites" made the Indians free their slaves.

Le noir : Datas in the US show that only 8% of white colons owned black African slaves, whiles 2% of native American owned black slaves and nearly 20% of freed black slaves owned black slaves While 40% of black African owned black African slaves in Africa at the same time. And 60% arabs owned black African slaves. Chinese had black African slaves as well for a couple of centuries (tang dynasty) While in Europe, slavery was forbidden by law since the 11th century for most countries.

Pine Tree : He's so disapointed that another "victim group" enslaved his ancestors. Blacks, Jews, and Arabs probably owned some of his ancestors as well. Jews were the main players in the Atlantic Slave Trade, with Jews functioning as buyers and blacks selling slaves they already owned. You can see it's critically important to him to stick to the Jew-promoted script of white gentile as slaver.

Marina McKane : I am Creek...Apart of the 5 civilized tribes...I was told we did NOT own blacks as slaves...We let them intermarry and live within our tribe...This guy interpreted what he was reading to Don Cheadle all wrong..

Flash Fordon : Chickasaw don’t offer Don Cheadles ancestors citizenship so he calls them honorary white people as if whites are the understood default enemy, meanwhile white people were the ones making freed blacks citizens. Don Cheadle is only mad because he is a believer in only white people are oppressors and every other race is on black peoples side. Yet in history it has been the exact opposite.