ManBearPig vs. Satan - South Park
ManBearPig vs Satan South Park

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As ManBearPig rampages through the streets of South Park, a brave hero steps forward to stop the carnage: Satan. About South Park: It’s hard being a kid growing up in South Park, Colorado, what with all the insane adults, deranged celebrities and the occasional talking turd. But somehow, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny manage to have themselves a time. Subscribe to Comedy Central: Watch more Comedy Central: Follow South Park: Facebook: Twitter: Watch full episodes of South Park: Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


AttackOnSamurott : Damn South Park has changed a lot in animation.

Ice G : He's red He's dead He got redemption 2

Jeffrey O'Neill : He died...and went to heaven? I figured he would've gone to Detroit...

Arch Man : *Wow* I can't believe satan really fought the manbearpig then died amd his last words were to motivate the boys and then he goes to heaven. Great character arc

赤ちゃんturtle : Leave it to Southpark to make me cry over something stupid again

KoG 138 : Satan took a dive he probably had a bet on ManBearPig

Khalid Henry : Satan didn't even try to fight back

Spiral Feather : Did not expect satan of all people to lose

Wow Dude : "Wow this is pretty fucked up here, dude." A line from the original South Park animation. Nice.

arbknight12 : It’s going to be pretty awkward for Satan to see his ex-lover (Saddam Hussein)

Sgtsmith : My Hulk vs Abomination PTSD is feeling.... *TRIGGEREEEEED*

Cobra Kai : Dang wtf. Southpark got me to root for Satan!

crovax 13 : Now Satan is going to heaven and live with the Mormons

Kid Delicious : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

CamKabob : The Incredible Hulk (2008). South Park Style!

raphaelV : Global Warming vs Religion

Sejal Khan : They're basically saying global warming beats religion.

RV Henson : Satan with Wings. ;) Buffalo Wings. I'm hangry!!

Yarpy : Leave it to Southpark to make us sympathize for the most evil figure in history.

Makaveli Soldier : "From whence you came you shall remain until you are complete again!"

Arindam Ghosh : This reminded me of incredible hulk

Amin Gule : I like the fact that satan goes to heaven cause he finally fulfilled his one requirement of returning back to heaven. Which was to acknowledge humanity as a creation of god. To defend humanity from the Manbearpig was basically doing that while also choosing protecting innocent lives. Puts you into perspective of how merciful god truly is if you do believe in the words of god.

brainflash1 : Satan is finally going home.

Rach Arb : Should I start to worry

Pilotorpheus 862 : Hope they have red dead redemption 2 in heaven

William Foster : The fallen angel returns to his kingdom. What a poetically sad but just death for my favorite character

Matatabi 2 Tailed Beast : *Manbearpig joins the battle* Edit : Wow *SATAN* Became a *ANGEL*

EyesOfByes : 2:00 Never did I think I would shed tears in sorrow hearing the words: "Satan's dead"

Brian Edmonds : Top 10 Anime Beatdowns.

Rahul Patel : I actually get the symbolism behind this. ManBearPig is the reality of global warming and Satan is people's delusions about global warming, and Satan gets shredded by reality. Or, ManBearPig is the reality of global warming and Satan represents people's religious beliefs on the matter, I.e praying global warming away like one would pray away the devil, but the latter gets shredded. Or just fake problems getting shredded by real problems.

RuneArcN8 : I remember a line from Imaginationland from Manbearpig. "Nonsense, your evil is stale" In a way, it had a point.

Neo2266 : Imagine the guy that came up with the idea for this episode’s story: *_uhh so yeah... L E T ‘S K I L L S A T A N_*

Andrianarinivo : Am I the only one who kept lookign at Satan's face and thought : Damn the Dwayne Johnson The Rock would be a great Satan

Marcus 35 : Top 10 anime flights of all time

saivion shaver : He protec He attac But most important He take manbearpig smack

Eric Jae : I'm super cereal

TheGoku1984 : Edward Norton Hulk fight scene. I see what you did there South Park. Lol

Gabor Vadask : Dwayne Johnson could play Satan .... if they ever made a movie about South Park ....

hineraable : That means Damien is in charge of Hell now? (Idk, i kinda miss that guy)

MrDreiPner : Climate Change is a bigger threat then Satan :(

CHRISTIANNWO : Need ManBearPig as playable character in MK.

Firstname Lastname : Did not expect the Incredible Hulk reference 😂

Luis Meza : Satan is a nice guy

Keho Kreivi : Satan was RED now he's DEAD and achieved REDEMPTION I see what you did there, South Park

Norman Osborn : Satan got owned

Ali : I haven’t watched SP for so long because during the era of human centipad and oneards I felt it lost the charm it had in the first few seasons but seeing this... man. I need to catch up, seeing Satan and Kyle’s line is definitely og vibes 🖤

Gopled : "Dude, this is pretty fucked up right here." Haven't heard that line from Stan or Kyle since Season 6, as far as I can remember

Raul I Garcia : SOUTH PARK 2: The FRACTURED BUT WHOLE A movie series finale only on NETFLIX 03:57:46💔

LION KING : Is it me or Was Satan was trying to get to heaven🤔🤔