Austin Powers and Mini-Me Fight Scene

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Ryan Galicia : R.I.P Verne Troyer

Jack Walker : Who's watching in memory of Verne Troyer? RIP :(

morefishscale : "You brought my glosses" "Poor Little Bugga"

Dr. Evil : Mini-me, you complete me.

Sean Reyes : That moment when Mini-Me runs up and bites Austin's balls, I was freakin dead from that point lol lmao.

James Catalao : The part where he throws mini-me against the pole is my farvorite!

Joe L : R.I.P Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) January 1, 1969 – April 21, 2018 Austin Power: Poor Little Bugger, I Salute You. Mini-Me: EEEEEEEE.

Cheesy Toast : That British flag underwear xD

TheGame2k2s : People often forget that Verne Troyer was a stunt man for years before landing this role, which is why is so agile.

Wagner Sandoval : "Well that's not right" then he gets kicked in the face Hahahaha hilarious!!

CodeLlama : 1:58 had me in tears laughing so hard!

Jake Sanderson : Poor little bugger


Ryan Perez : We'll always remember Verne Troyer as the little man who beat up Mike Myers in a rewatchable hilarious fight scene.

Dr Evil : I'm Gonna Get you Austin Powers

Bartrolldelus Roar : 1:58 made me laugh! HAHAHA

Jose Rodriguez : 1:58 This gets me all the time.

Brian Mapplebeck : Austin Powers: "Judo Flip!"

Spaide man : mini-me should join MMA.

Joseph Esquivel : R.I.P Mini Me!!!!

Val Zod : 2:15 Austin Thought it was over

Sean Reyes : Mini-Me should be dead since he's floating out in outer space with no air.


Carl Stanley : 02:15 had me laughing so hard I almost got sick

The Autistic Artist : Poor little bugger. He was so small. He was like a dog or something. Poor little bugger.

Nicholas Lope : i like the part riping the astronaut suit and inside the Mini me get out My suit 😂😅😁

Dayvion Carter : who's watching this in 2017?

Jagger Brenko : mini me is so strong its unfair

Mudkip971 : I keep hearing Shrek screaming

Tururangi Turu : He got a blowjob from mini me

rorrante : Man, I am SO SAD to hear about this. For a long time, Whenever I just wanted to laugh, I would just put on Austin Powers 2 or 3. So damn funny, Made me laugh so many times. For a small man, He made such a BIG impression. Rest in Paradise Verne.

RKade Fire : 2:13 is probably the most memorable moment in the whole franchise

Furricane : 0:42 Jumpscared by little evil

JG J : R.I.P Mini Me aka Verne Troyer 😢😢

Joshua Vargason : If you pause at 2:16-2:17 Austin looks Asian.

Agent1W : 3:16 Amazing that Mini-Me can survive deep space.

oOEvilClownOo : RIP Verne Troyer

bluer68 : Mini-me vs Chucky

B1izzardHawk : it's funny how Mini-me is so much more durable than Dr. Evil by giving Austin such a thrashing

Bama Ed : Rip mini-me :(

Anticenaguy Network : TEAM MINI-ME!!

Jim van der Kolk : What's that music during the battle?

Chris Peplinski : So sad to hear about Verne Troyer passing.

Ramces Gonzalez : EEEEEEE!

Jamal Warren : Rip mini me

KingB Fleury : Poor little bugger. He’s so small. He’s like a dog or something....poor little bugger! 😂

Zach Haywood : 1:47 "That's..not...right..." ALWAYS has me cracking up XD

Doom Demon : 2:16 somebody make an ear rape out of this please?

Rodrigo Leija : R.I.P Mini Me (1969-2018).

Dan Bana : Thanks for the laughs Verne, RIP