Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Sock Puppet Parody)

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Socknot shows you what happens when you use socks as cleaning rags in their new single "Wait in Bleach" Facebook: Twitter: Bandcamp: Directed and Edited by Brady Tulk Produced by Johnny Zero-Forever Concept by WickedKnightAlbel Music Performance Kitty V from 762 Recording Vocals Chase Ditto of Storm The Sun Puppet Design Carolina Govea Cinematography James Bedrich 2nd Camera Jhossep Flores Playback Bill McCarthy Art Director Adriana G Aguilera Art Department Gabe Duron Max Brown Randall Day Gaffer Bill McCarthy Grip Adriana Aguilera Alejandro Moore Brandon Groppi Gabe Duron Paul Gleason Silviano Moncada Randall Day PA Adrian Barajas Christian Baez Shenkwia Jones Special thanks to Dennis Bishop Clarke Lindsley Chris Henry KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts

Comments from Youtube

rayman672 : Sockosocial Sockur (Soc) The Sock In I Sockless Sockmillion Pulse Of The Socks So many possibilities

Dorito Dude 360 : Got some ideas for ya: .People= Sock .Sockosocial .Before I Sock-get .Cleanless

LegandarySauceZ zz : I had a genius idea Disturbed Down with the sock-ness

Mzetti I : SCRUBA-DUB!

Michael Collins : they're not even using amplifiers. That's how metal they are.

Dillion O'Hardy : I want a Duality parody "I push my socks into my DRAWER!"

Julio Cervantes : we need this in spotify

Brennholz Verlei : If slipknot would be in series for children

A .T. : the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!

DTPS 2002 : And the thread will tie us all Give that cat a yarn ball But no-one else can see The entertainment of the puppet in me *PUPPETSOCIAL!* *PUPPETSOCIAL!* *PUPPETSOCIAL!*

Æ : I just headbanged to a sock. I've seen everything.

Mr. SarcastiBlaster : It would have been enough to just be clever and funny, but it had to go and be a genuinely great sounding parody as well. This is like Weird Al level quality.

Papi Johns : I love the little nose jerk that the cris puppet does

Death Claw : I was Headbanging to a sock...what has this world came to

Pfeffi Langstrumpf : still better than nickelback

DONVITO_817 : Sock Slipknot is better then nickleback.

Father Night : SOCKOSOCIAL!!!

Drummerboi77 : Inside the dryer. Disturbed

cláudiando : this is so cute i will die

who am i? I don't know : The teenagers version of Muppets

DarkMoon : I wanna see Corey react to this

elevationu2paul : My favorite lyrics is when he yelled GET OUT A RAG!!!

sid vexy : if you're bra bra bra then im sock! sock! sock!

Porplee : *Tiembla plaza sesamo*

Death Claw : Scrub a dub😂😂😂

Andy Price : Scrubadub I just died!!😂😂

Frank Martinez : This Rock's... Or should I say this socks 😏

Manny Flo : Show this to my grandma she thought it was the cutest thing

karina Partida Hernandez : que cositas mas tiernas love SLIPKNOT

emil tucker-orr : I lost it at "scrubadub!"

Ali Mix : ахахах, сука носки, гениально!

Miguelizk00l : I headbanged to this hard!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Aristóteles. : Make System Of a Down.

Nathan Drouin : I burst out laughing went that sock yelled "SCRUBBA-DUB!!"

Master Chief323 : How do you come up with this

Jesús Tolentino : Pero que buena song :v

Cody : We need to show Corey Taylor this!!!!

Keiko σ : This is just awesome so funny lmao Wheww!!!~

Arctic Gorilla : Nothing is more heavier lyrically than "I'm a wasted sock."

Shisui : This song is about a sock being used to clean... tf

well i do were just a moment : Is it bad if i like this more than the original

Z Wolf7 : This channel deserves much much more

Rociio Coronel : :3 <3 me suscribo

chris magaleoun : Before I forget my socks.

Orion loves Metal : The Bleach Exists

Brutus The Dog : Wow. "Claps Very Slowly"

Maya Graphicart : This is epic

Alo Sol : I love this song..yall jus made it better lmfoaoaoa

Too Glam To Give A Damn : "SCRUBADUB" 😂😂😂😂😂 i'm dying of laughter