Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Sock Puppet Parody)

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SockPuppetParody : Get a Socknot shirt!

KidBehindACamera : pretty awesome... loved your creep cover as well... subscriibeedddd

Æ : I just headbanged to a sock. I've seen everything.

DONVITO_817 : Sock Slipknot is better then nickleback.

A .T. : the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!

Dorito Dude 360 : Got some ideas for ya: .People= Sock .Sockosocial .Before I Sock-get .Cleanless

rayman672 : Sockosocial Sockur (Soc) The Sock In I Sockless Sockmillion Pulse Of The Socks So many possibilities

Mzetti I : SCRUBA-DUB!

Michael Collins : they're not even using amplifiers. That's how metal they are.

DTPS 2002 : And the thread will tie us all Give that cat a yarn ball But no-one else can see The entertainment of the puppet in me *PUPPETSOCIAL!* *PUPPETSOCIAL!* *PUPPETSOCIAL!*

Mr. SarcastiBlaster : It would have been enough to just be clever and funny, but it had to go and be a genuinely great sounding parody as well. This is like Weird Al level quality.

Papi Johns : I love the little nose jerk that the cris puppet does

DrummerJay78 : Inside the dryer. Disturbed

Julio Cervantes : we need this in spotify

DEVILMAN666 : Genius.

Brennholz Verlei : If slipknot would be in series for children

im not trendy,asshole : still better than nickelback

well i do were just a moment : Is it bad if i like this more than the original

Malachite 850 : SOCKOSOCIAL!!!

Arctic Gorilla : Nothing is more heavier lyrically than "I'm a wasted sock."

cláudiando : this is so cute i will die

sid vexy : if you're bra bra bra then im sock! sock! sock!

Orion, o Inútil : The Bleach Exists

Braeden Schaefer : I had a genius idea Disturbed Down with the sock-ness

DarkMoon : I wanna see Corey react to this

elevationu2paul : My favorite lyrics is when he yelled GET OUT A RAG!!!

H3lt0nbr : Make System Of a Down.

Alejandro Ramos : Jajaja great Lyrics jajajaja

Porplee : *Tiembla plaza sesamo*

Jorge Zamora : I can't tell if this is scary or adorable?

Rociio Coronel : :3 <3 me suscribo

シリアル : Me encanto, tienes mi lof

Brutus The Dog : Wow. "Claps Very Slowly"

chris magaleoun : Before I forget my socks.

markeith clarke : who else thinks the thumbnail is really cute😂

Death Claw : Scrub a dub😂😂😂

Keiko σ : This is just awesome so funny lmao Wheww!!!~

Manny Flo : Show this to my grandma she thought it was the cutest thing

Psychostick : Oh man. Don't show this to our dogs.

who am i? I don't know : The teenagers version of Muppets

Jesús Tolentino : Pero que buena song :v

Shisui : This song is about a sock being used to clean... tf

J Gamer Drax 2.0 : Que episodio de los muppets perdido es este :v

JustARegularManiac : Sockosocial

Master Chief323 : How do you come up with this

Death Claw : I was Headbanging to a sock...what has this world came to

Max Louca : Drugs

Avery Robinson : This couldn't be better except that its missing the mask

Snorting my grandma's ashes : The backup screaming in the verses is majestic

kurt hectic : hahahaha