Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Sock Puppet Parody)

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SockPuppetParody : Get a Socknot shirt!

KidBehindACamera : pretty awesome... loved your creep cover as well... subscriibeedddd

A .T. : the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!the whole thing I think is socks!

Donkry : I just headbanged to a sock. I've seen everything.

Sensel3ss : I'm not even mad. That's amazing.

DONVITO_817 : Sock Slipknot is better then nickleback.

J DI : the drums twisting omg that had me laughing

Julio Cervantes : we need this in spotify

Chris Wildman : lmao I'm done with the internet today

Dead Bro : Omg I've never had so much faith in humanity

emil tucker-orr : I lost it at "scrubadub!"

Jason Voorhees : oh Corey Taylor sock puppet is so cute!

Rociio Coronel : :3 <3 me suscribo

SharDarksoul : Haha, this is fucking awesome. They are rocking harder than the real band. xD

Ti'zu Yasashisa : Sockillion Sock behind The sock in I Socktic The Socks exists The heretics Socks Sockality People = Socks Sockslap Get this socks Be prepared for socks All socks is gone The socks of life... ..Ok ok, i already stop XD

rayman672 : Sockosocial Sockur (Soc) The Sock In I Sockless Sockmillion Pulse Of The Socks So many possibilities

Matt Terrell : The vocals are spot on

mzetti boi : SCRUBA-DUB!

fleshbcm : that turning drum ahahahah. it was so cute.

Monsters In The Woods : thank you internet....thank you

JustARegularManiac : Sockosocial

Karlos López Martínez : YouTube recommend wins again

Zeidi Zesley : this vid made my day

Captain Cheesecake : [soc] Sockless People = Sock Left Behind Sock Sock It Out Disastersock The Sock Exist Sockosocial Sock in I My Sock Pulse of the Socks Socksers

Jackie O'Reilly : funny as hell lmao

Jarren Crist : Down with the sock-ness. It needs to be done. Trust me.

Maya Graphicart : This is epic

Bill Cowart : Brilliant!

Malachite 850 : SOCKOSOCIAL!!!

DahTrueDerpKingDraws : I love the little nose jerk that the cris puppet does

chris magaleoun : Before I forget my socks.

DarkMoon : I wanna see Corey react to this

canal jovem napoleão!!? oficial : Panic at the disco the next

Part Time Ninja : I am... Ok with this.

Jesús Tolentino : Pero que buena song :v

Kate :v : It's just me? They look adorable ❤️😂

Economics101 : Do the devil in I

Esteban F.L : SCRUBA-DUB!

Karina Partida Hernandez : que cositas mas tiernas love SLIPKNOT

CacaPooPooPeePeeShire : DragonForce sock albums Valley of the Sock Sonic Sockstorm Inhuman Sock Ultra Sockdown The Sock Within Maximum Sockload Reaching into Socks

Psychostick : Oh man. Don't show this to our dogs.

Dani Alcantara : c ñora

Propaganda University : Awesome!! The Spinning drum kit was a cool add.

Keiko σ : This is just awesome so funny lmao Wheww!!!~


Too Glam To Give A Damn : "SCRUBADUB" 😂😂😂😂😂 i'm dying of laughter

lapi : what a cute dolls :D

Metalhead 200 : Scruba dub?! I'm a big Slipknot fan and this is fucking genius. How the heel did I not find this sooner?

Pork Pie : well done

TheMostWanted_ 111 : This so cute :D