Elton John and the Royal Wedding - SNL

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Rebecka Svensson : The auidence sucked! No reaction whn Elton entered the room!! WHAT!?

Dattatray Shingan : "My name's the Queen and this is not a democracy!" 😂😂 dead

magare lanalan : Is there anyone there? I swear this audience is sooo dry. This was funny!

Clothilde : "Shut up" lol that always kills me. Thank God for YouTube as they don't screen SNL in the UK. Bill Hader and the other chap (sorry!) do the Sex Pistols / Clash sound really well considering they're American. And Hader's cockney accent is impeccable.

Wadjet : Long live the Queen of England *Elton John* 😍

ASB : I thought people would scream or something when they saw Elton but they didn't.Wtf is wrong with our society.

Abdul Rafay shaikh : the way he says shut up it's so funny Long live Fred armisen

Franklin MacGillacuddy : One of the best SNL sketches EVER. Sir Elton won a whole new level of respect from me with this one.

DebDarling : "This is a nice affair, with fancy jellies and the like" Love these characters!

Tan D : kills me when the queen gets her gash out. XD

goborn : hahaha Elton John singing punk

hereisthe news : This is possibly he funniest thing I have ever seen! Shows that Elton isn't the pretentious precocious star some think. (I don't always write like Julie Andrews)

Muhammad Hanafi Mahdi : no one's clapping when Elton came out?? seriously??

scorchedcandy : I lost it once the queen started playing the drums! 😂

jptnepz : They need to do more royal family skits since harry and megan are getting married very soon 😂😂

Jerminator 356 : I miss Fred and Bill on SNL every week they were always awesome together

youtubeyouser : Very surprised Elton was invited to Harry Markle's wedding after this treasonous skit.

Yoshiki G : 0:55 Elton: Your majesty, I understand you will like me to play something at the wedding and I'll be honoured to take part in this beautiful union Queen: Shut up....LMAO!!!


SirQuiffKuffs of marsbars : This isn't actually acted out this is a documentary on the royal family....(Also living here would be much more enjoyable if these two where in charge) 💂

Gabriel Fernández : This is one of my favourites. Fred is a legend.

lorddiosliving : bill at the guitar and fred really hitting the drums i thought it was a recording

nicoicko : Bill Hader is a natural playing guitar.

Alisher Pistonchiev : Elton's English accent is terrible

marlene g : Watch "democracy now" on netflix. It's Bill and Fred at their best! Your welcome

Liza Tanzawa : Rock on, Sir Elton! (Not the craziest queen in the room, AHAHA!!)

bottleshopjoshwh : This was way better than the Katy Perry one.

Anna Marie : This is soooo funny, I love Bill Hader and Fred Armisen! LOL @ "candle in the wind"

wickandde : This is really funny, why didn't people scream for Elton and laugh? Weird crowd.

Rose Stewart : tough crowd

marie soper : love this I'm British the Queen going for Elton hilarious hader sound bit like riff Raff from rocky horror

Adam Bellamy : The guy impersonating Elton John is terrible.

miap : Prince William jumping around at the end! lmao

fail_lip : You're gonna change the lyrics of Candle In The Wind again...

Charlotte Witts : Bill harder is hot

Alex Landherr : Is it the actual Elton John ?

mqabandi : Something's coming out of Prince Philip forehead !

nikko Chatzisomething : Great song BTW :)

Kyrie Irving : #bringFredandBillback 2017

Ameya Phansalkar : These actors are incredibly talented!

Suq Madiq : "Shut up." lmao

Martin Gattuso : Seen this 100 times, and it kills me every time!

Francisco Marin : Elton John is such a good sport. And a hell of a punk front man. So fun!

Jazhua Vanboven : God I wish the queen was like that in private.

Lenny H.W : Bill with guitar !!!

The Beatles Church : How does it feel to not be the craziest queen in the room? It’s quite refreshing actually.

ida yg : So basically they behave themselves when Prince William is around otherwise they go crazy :)

Gemini Girl : this is genius

Merrill Warnick : Does Fred Armisen actually drum? It's really convincing if he doesn't

Kapitol Kitties : "Hey Rod Stewart here's a kick in the balls!" Elton killed it. : )-"