Picking on Rockstar Games
Picking on Rockstar Games

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Veritas Calivmeir : Grand Theft Auto? More like Time Theft Lobby

Asma Asmaton : "Ay, you there?" "No."

Nafi n : You forgot the players in FLYING CARS that shoot HOMING MISSILES that kill everyone. Oh and don’t forget that if you blow up their flying missile machine you have to pay them your money.

Harry De Cat : The conversations taking place in the car is the only thing entertaining during the car drive

Yabatron And Factness INC. : Does anyone else want to hear the rest of the story about Dunkey and Goongalar?

Earth Is A Donut : *Niko! Let's go bowling*

A Dragon Milkshake : You should've just done a whole video on GTA Online, since that game has fallen so far from grace. Never have I ever seen a game that's so severely pay 2 win.

Soundwave : GTA V may have had thr bigger map, But gta sa had the better map. I actually wanted to explore because its like they realized that states wont have just 1 city in them.

Merlin Merlout : Car dialogue works really well in God of War

Classy Glassy : I disagree on the car dialogue point. That's something I've always really appreciated about the Rockstar games. Driving isn't just dead air—you're getting more engagement as you travel. And real people do talk when they're in the car together, so from the point of realism it adds a lot. You can make the argument that hardened killers wouldn't have such a carefree conversation, but these games always have walked the line between contemplative and absurd. I don't know. Not everyone will like it, but I do. I feel like it adds more humanity to these characters, so we sympathize with their stories more.

Phoenix : Another thing that you forgot to mention is that Rockstar are not fully aware of themselves. They are always comfortable making satires and poking fun of other GTA clones, but when other games or shows, parody their games they start throwing lawsuit tantrums. while the quality of the spoken games may be varied, they still look like complete hypocrites .

oldcracker : dont forget rockstar's abismal anti cheat in GTA Online and the amount of griefers is insane and everything is p2w

Milky_Shakez : Red Dead Redemption is probably the best Rockstar game I've ever played.

Abbreviated Reviews : So can we get the end of the Uncle Gungalar story? Or is that the new Sea of Thieves DLC?

Sam Whalen : Dunkey could be a Lovecraftian writer

grimwatcher : I'm so glad they solved all those issues for red dead redemption 2 and how amazingly fun and not tedious the online compo... I'm sorry I was choking in own sarcasm there.

Chris Carter : I like car dialogue.... Michael and Trevor could know what hipsters are lol. Thats def possible. But I hate how it stops on dime like you said.

Soles x Toes : The casino should have been utilised, not because I have a gambling problem. Just.. I’d like to waste my wads of cash on roulette or poker 🤭

dragonball slayer326 : Also can't forget GTA sa and bully and vice city red dead redrmption their my favorite rockstar games

JustAYouTuber : You forgot how some games just don't work well at all anymore like GTA 4/LC. Those games are so buggy even if you have a good computer.

The Wolf : GTA:SA probably one of their best games, especially because the multi-player servers are made by the community

alphacino : >blizzard >quality title every time

Yingwai : Let's not forget the following: - Rockstar will ban you for being in a lobby with a troll - Rockstar will send you a cease and desist if you are a modder - Rockstar increases their prices on Steam before sales so their game prices remain the same - A game that is 5 years old still has a retail price of $60+ dollars - (Edit) A full price game with microtransactions

Dylan M : Watching this video a year later "Ah shit here we go again"

Marcel Margielewski : Blizzard - "Diablo Immortal" "Always quality games" Yikes

TheXpender : Yeah... I think you should remove Blizzard from that list

P C : (((kojima))) puts out quality content everytime


ChronicScrub : Grand Theft Auto? Nah bruh, its all about that new *Underwhelming Return Manual*.

Baati Nagawo : You know what game had good car dialogue Mass Effect Andromeda

BorkBark : Respawn deserves to be on the list of devs that actually gives a shit about their games. Digital Extremes too.

Joax Arkus : All the gta games besides v has had dozens of songs removed because of how cheap rockstar is to paying loyalties.

X E H A N O R T : You forgot to mention that they haven't made any games since 2013 when they discovered microtransactions.

ZEKESNAKE : Couple years later, they did it again....with disconnect timer in Red Dead Online

Anton Ellot : 3 minutes? My gta boots longer than 10...

pee pee goblin official : What's that piano background at 0:23 Found it, it is the gta 3 theme

RapidTv Gaming : I love the car dialogue I Acc wait in the car before starting the mission just to hear it

LoudSoda : Bruh, those conversations in the car are great.

fukka : dunkey you sometimes become too close minded and too focused on mindless gameplay the car dialog is nothing like you described it, it's actually really needed part of their games, and it should always stay in my opinion. for other stuff i agree on of course.

Fernando Pereira : Hey, i love the car chats

Wonder Lamb : *Rockstar releases RDR2*

B N : When I pick on Rockstar, it is because of the obnoxious online mode that has become an advertisement for shark cards.

LAZERBEAM : One year later and nothing has happened to neither matchmaking or the servers themselves

dragonball slayer326 : Red dead redemption 2 and gta 5 are my favorite rockstar games

Some Guy Paragon : Yet to play bully dunkey...

Caleb Sevick : The League of Legends Champion Select screen was the best part

Pergmen : Hey, staying in GTA Online for more than 8 minutes without being disconnected by a "connection error" is impressive.

ten4r : But still the BEST video game company ever

Nicholas Jones : Gasp, that's Scourge of Fleets from Magic the Gathering @2:22